Quinton Dial should have been penalized for hit on Aaron Murray, per SEC official


SEC coordinator of officials Steve Shaw said Alabama defensive lineman Quinton Dial should have been penalized for his hit on Aaron Murray in the SEC Championship game.

After reviewing the footage, Mike Slive will decide on whether Dial will be suspended in the national championship because of the hit, Shaw said. Slive has already suspended two players for one full game because of helmet-to-helmet shots earlier this season.

The hit took place in the first half after an Aaron Murray interception by HaHa Clinton-Dix. During the return, Dial hammered Murray in a helmet-to-helmet contact that left Murray de-cleated.

Here’s the play in question:

AL.com had the story today on Shaw’s reaction.

“We missed the call,” Shaw said.

“As you’ve noticed, Commissioner has been vigilant on this and he did it (suspend players) when warranted and didn’t when it wasn’t,” Shaw said. “I’m not sure the upcoming opponent is ever a condition in the decision. I think it’s more based on the facts in the play.

“By rule, you can’t hit a defenseless player above the shoulders,” Shaw said. “What the determination needs to be is was this a defenseless player and was contact initiated above the shoulders? When we go through video review of it, that’s what we’ll have to determine. And then you as you break it down, did he lead with the head or lead with the shoulder? From game action, it was a personal foul regardless of how we break it down frame by frame.”

It was indeed a vicious hit, and it appears to be helmet-to-helmet. It would have been justified as a personal foul on the play at game speed.

As a quarterback, you’re taught to keep your head on a swivel after an interception, and Murray let his guard down. Glad Murray was okay and glad he was able to come back in the football game.

Do you think there should have been a penalty called on Dial during the game?  Furthermore, should Slive bring down punishment on Dial and suspend him for the national championship?

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  • It was a dirty hit with malicious intent. No doubt about it. Helmet-to-helmet should have been called, and it wasn’t. Tough to penalize players for the national championship, but a hit above the shoulders is warranted. Slive did it to Swearinger and he did it to Elston earlier in the year. We’ll see if Slive protects his babies against Notre Dame.

    • So I guess they need to suspend the Goergia player that hit McCarron too.

      • Or the eye gouge that milliner took right before he was flagged for pushing the uga player away. This was a dirty game but my my the focus is only on the one team.

      • No. As Alec Ogletree’s hit wasn’t vicious. He was penalized even though he hit with his shoulder and obviously momentum was carrying him.

        • We can say Georgia should be penalized for the eye gouging…in which milliner was penalized for swatting his hand away. But really? Is that really going to hurt Georgia? We all know they are going to bomb in their bowl game.

      • If you look at the replays, the GEORGIA penalty was not helmet to helmet, and GEORGIA was penalized. There was a ref, 5 foot behind Murray, and facing him, and he didn’t call the penalty. But went over to him afterwards, and asked if he was ok???? YES HE SHOULD BE SUSPENDED, just saying.

      • No they shouldn’t Sc-7, there was a penalty called for that one. So take that crap outside and stop the holier than thou crap! Your precious ALABUMMER players did something wrong, the ref (who by the way was standing less than 10 yrds away and saw the whole thing) but didn’t make the call. I would like to say he missed it but that close and looking right at it, there was a choice there and he made the wrong one. If there had been a penalty this conversation would not be taking place and the possible suspension of the THUG DIAL would not be in question!!!

    • if your going to go back and flag someone than you shouldnt stop with alabama because ga was playing just as dirty if not dirtier! people are just upset because their team didnt win so their trying to ruin bamas chance.

      • Who are these “people” you speak of…UGA has moved on and doesn’t care if he gets suspended

      • Wait, you don’t think a cheap shot on Murray could have hurt our chances? You know that’s a 15 years personal foul and Alabama scored as a result of that possession. Add that penalty then take into account that UGA would have had a chance at a game winning field goal in the final minute of the game. So before you think about who’s chance is being ruined, think about how you got that chance.

        • 15 years – that’s one HELL of a penalty. Seriously though, Dial should have drawn the flag. However, the interception would have still stood. The officials also missed two penalties on UGA, One was a block in the back (I know they got called for one, but there were two…), and the pass interference call. That ball was NOT tipped at the line of scrimmage, and resulted in the blocked FG attempt that was returned for a TD. THAT should have never happened. That much being said, I believe Dial should probably draw the suspension – it should have been a personal foul EVEN IF it was not helmet-to-helmet.

      • We Georgia fans are not sore losers like you say. I don’t think a cheap and dirty shot to the quarterback, in hopes to take him out of the game, is the honorable way to earn your spot in the National Championship. Someone was a little desperate for a win. Aw..was little little Bama’ scared of the big bad Bulldogs. I believe the potential best team in the country is better than that. And I’m sure the honorable and respected NIck Saban would agree. Good luck in Miami, cheaters.

    • Ahhhh… Jec, once again, you see things thru red & black glasses.
      1st. The hit on Murray was, IMO excessive and deserved a penality. Whether or not it deserves a suspension is up to folks above our pay grade. I don’t believe it was malicious. Mainly because, after watching Dial all year, there have been plenty of opportunities to “Take Out” opposing QBs. And he normally checks up. Not excusing this time by any means. But with at least one of the afore mentioned suspensions, there was a history of penalties for similiar hits.
      2nd. Ogletree’s hit, tho not intentional, was a H2H. Momentum may have carried him. But, it was still a bad hit. Watch the replay. McCarron’s head went back at initial impact, then came forward.Penalty called, penalty served.
      3rd, The eye-gouge WAS intentional. But wasn’t seen by officials.

      So that makes 2 calls(and there’s probably more on both sides of the ball). Both potentially harmful, but, thank goodness, neither were!

      • Have to agree with you about the eye-gouging. Watching the replay I said to myself,”UGA just dodged one, because we initiated that ‘interaction.’ ” But all in all, everyone needs to admit that bad/missed calls did not drastically sway the outcome of the game. They went both ways and never at critical moments. Dix’s interception would have stood and I believe with their run-game going, Alabama still would’ve picked up the 3 before the half.

    • What a huge steaming pile is coming out of all this. The hit on Murray came AFTER THE INTERCEPTION, which makes him after that moment, eligible to be blocked. Murray could have done one of 3 things. 1.) Move away from the play for safety. 2.) Try to make a play on the ball carrier or 3.) Stand around like an idiot waiting to be blocked out of the play. Murray chose #3. There was nothing dirty about the hit. It was not hemmet to hemmet. It was a perfectly legal block on the defender. Slive doesn’t know his arse from a hole in a doughnut. This is tackle football. Somebody call the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMBULANCE !!

      • Mo Natty, What a “richard” to say an assinine thing like that. There was malice in that hit. Thug Dial didn’t even know the pass was intercepted. It was a cheap shot and you know it. Although you aren’t man enough or classy enough to admit it.

        • No malice in the hit! Dial outweighs Murray by 100lbs. It looks worse than it actually was. If Murray had NOT have been making a move TOWARD the ball carrier, he is in no danger of being blocked. The NCAA rule for blocking says: You can use “ANY” part of your body to block any part of the defender.” Cheap shot? No. That was a football play. The eye gouge by Dawson…NOT a football play. Was that done with malice?

      • Whats a hemmet damn you are from alabama

    • Malicious intent? Sure, I’ll grant you that one… but aren’t ALL good hits in football done to “leave a mark”? As far as being a dirty hit: I think Steve Shaw is just pandering to all the people crying about it, and the rulebook agrees. Apparently Shaw himself needs to consult the rules he’s supposed to be enforcing because A) Murray was moving toward the play in the direction of the ALABAMA sideline and so was in no way a defenseless player, and B) The helmet-to-helmet contact was incidental and the hit was clean.

      If you doubt me, I welcome you to read Article 3 of the rules on personal fouls:
      ” a. No player shall initiate contact and target an opponent with the crown (top) of his helmet.
      b. No player shall initiate contact and target a defenseless opponent above the shoulders.”

      The very first QB criteria for a defenseless player is this: “• The quarterback moving down the line of scrimmage who has handed or pitched the ball to a teammate, and then makes no attempt to participate further in the play;”

      Well, he had just thrown an interception and was moving toward the opposing team’s bench with his eyes on the guy running it back, and when he was hit he was 6 yards away from Clinton-Dix AND was directly in the path of the return.

      So again, vicious hit? Sure. Unnecessary hit? Maybe. Illegal hit? Not by any means.

  • several several calls were missed. no, its over. if you go back and start dishing out “traffic tickets” you better get ready because there are several! poking in the eyes i say is not legal…

  • Classic Alabama reaction. Willing to take credit, but never blame. Ogletree got flagged (correctly) during the game. When your man did the same thing, no flag was thrown. If you don’t want to be subject to game tape review, either don’t go head-hunting, or don’t play on television. Deal with it.

  • Here’s the poking of the eyes:

  • First place so-called official Steve Shaw is a Alabama hater. I have recorded games from when he has so-called officiated them. The proof is there but the higher ups don’t see it. So what is ” Dirty “. How about the face mask everyone had to see ! No, everyone see’s only what they want to see.

  • well lets me explain why it was not a dirty play …. when a qb throws the football and gets it intercepted .. and the qb moves towards the ball carrier who caught the ball , the qb turns from a qb to a defender …then its open season on him like any other player on that field …. it would have been a penalty if he stood there and dial hit him

    • Where on that video did you see him defend himself? Eyes aren’t a defensive move. There’s a reason they say defenseless player.

      • He moved towards the ball carrier. That makes him fair game.

      • Defenseless means that he has NO opportunity to protect himself. No opportunity! It does not lend credence to the ignorance of NOT protecting himself. I bet the next fifty interceptions that Murray throws, he stays his butt AWAY from the play.

    • Regardless of weather Murray was being regarded as a QB or a defender that was a spear to a defenseless player. Dirty call, The only ones saying it wasn’t dirty are biased bandwagon Tide fans.

      • What game were you watching? There was no spearing.

      • LOL, pot… meet kettle. You’re so biased you’re calling it a spear when it was no spear. Spearing is only leading the crown of your helmet: nothing else.
        If you even try to tell me that was a spear, I’d say you’re either ignorant or just outright lying.

    • Tank, your are a “richard” also. Your boy “THUG DIAL” didn’t even know the ball was intercepted!!! Come on, he hit Murray as quickly as he could turn around, and much to your’s and all those other Alabummer whiners need to man-up and accept it. But, nooooooooo, you can’t stand to have a fault pointed out about those reprobates called the tide. hahahahahaha Hopefully Mr Slive will make the correct call since the ref couldn’t. heh heh heh suckers!!! Go DAWGS!!!

      • Come on! Clinton-Dix had returned the ball forty yards. Murray ran 15 yards TOWARD the play! I know it’s tough….but stop being the applicator on a douche. A spear….really!?!?!?!

  • Suspend him for the BCS game. He knew what he was doing. He could had crippled that young man.

    • Skirt comes off when QB throws an interception so Murray was not considered a defenseless player. Those wipe out blocks happen all of the time on returns and no one would have said a thing if it had been a Ga lineman or running back that got hit by Dial. Good no call by the ref and he should not and will not be suspended!

    • Did Ogletree get suspended? No! He got a six yard penalty. Suspend Dial? Then you have to suspend your left tackle for the illegal chop block that messed up Jesse Williams knees. Then, you have to suspend Dawson for trying to rip Dee Milliner’s eye out of his head! Then, look at the comparison to Ogletree and Dial: McCarron was a QB when Ogletree hit him in the face with his helmet. Murray was a CB when Dial made him blow snot bubbles. RTR

  • First of all, Alec Ogletrees hit was a clean hit square to the numbers, no helmet-to-helmet contact. It might’ve been a little late but a flag was thrown and justice was served. What Dial did was a move we haven’t seen since Nick Fairly terrorized QB’s with his vicious late hits. Dial was clearly hitting him just so he could get a hard on and maybe a pat on the back from one of his coaches. Flag should’ve been thrown, one that could have potentially changed the game. But what’s done is done so he should at least taste justice with a BCS game suspension.

    • So, Ogletree’s hit was clearly in violation, so he gets flagged, and plays the next down? Dial’s in NOT in clear violation, yet he should be suspended? Explain, please…..

      The hit happened before the whistle. It was done while Murray was making a football move, toward the play. Do you think it would have been as bad or violent, had Murray located Dial just two seconds earlier?

      • That is the most idiotic thing i’ve ever heard. Have you ever heard of unnecessary roughens? Dials hit was UNNECESSARY. He’s probably some thug who was trying to impress people. I cant believe that anyone, biased or unbiased could justify that. You, sir are giving your team a bad reputation. Why don’t you learn a thing or two before you come out here and defend something that is unjustifiable.

  • Mike Slive SEC Commissioner a Residence of Birmingham, Alabama & Steve Shaw graduate of the University of Alabama & we wonder why bama don’t get penalized for holds, block in the back & helmet-to-helmet contact with refs right there in a lot of the fouls & miss spots of the football ask ole miss here is a video.

  • When your commissioner is a resident of Alabama and your coordinator of officials is a graduate…it does lead to questions of integrity. I have seen a few calls (outside of the Georgia game) that were blatantly in Alabama’s favor. The first coming to mind is a first down that was clearly a yard short against Ole Miss.
    What is sad…is Alabama doesn’t need that help. Do you seriously think Alabama wasn’t going to beat Ole Miss? But this hit is just another where it makes you wonder.

  • Nothing to see here move along. Clean hit on a QB getting blown out of proportion. Maybe next time they will just hug it out…wait you can’t do that because they will call holding. So you see it’s a lose lose situation. If you throw a pick I suggest you just lay down. Because if you are still standing and even look like you are moving in the direction of the ball carrier then you are fair game. The man in this case was the QB who got leveled that is all.

  • If you watch the full video (not the shorten version above) you’ll see Quinton goes hunting for Murray. There were other UGA players he could have picked to block that was more of a threat to the run back. But Quinton “Dialed” in and went QB hunting, IMO.

  • Why is it always UGA fans that have to make excuses for a loss? I have heard nothing but excuses from the lot of you fans for losing this game or that game. There are blown calls in every game and each team was playing dirty as hell. Besides, IMO, though it was a huge hit, Aaron Murray should have been more aware of his surroundings. Can’t blame Dial for a big block. If it was an Olinemen you wouldn’t care, but because it’s Aaron “Choke Artist” Murray all hell breaks loose.
    By the way, before i get called a “Mad AU fan” I just want to say this, I have yet to make an excuse for the year we’ve had. We deserved what we got for how we played all year.
    But I’m tired of excuses, Bama and UGA played one hell of a game, why put a smudge on it with all this extracurricular discussion on blown calls and coulda, woulda, shoulda.

    • Agreed. These young men played their guts out, for sixty minutes! Don’t denegrade that fact, with all of this nonsense. It was an amazing game! One play NEVER changes the outcome of ANY game. You show me one that does, I will rewind the tape, and show you 20 more, that were more significant, and would have changed the game….had they successfully converted.

  • Allow me to be redundant by reiterating myself….again….

    What a huge steaming pile is coming out of all this. The hit on Murray came AFTER THE INTERCEPTION, which makes him after that moment, eligible to be blocked. Murray could have done one of 3 things. 1.) Move away from the play for safety. 2.) Try to make a play on the ball carrier or 3.) Stand around like an idiot waiting to be blocked out of the play. Murray chose #3. There was nothing dirty about the hit. It was not hemmet to hemmet. It was a perfectly legal block on the defender. Slive doesn’t know his arse from a hole in a doughnut. This is tackle football. Somebody call the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMBULANCE !!

    • It cracked me up. You can’t expect zebras to win a game for you. Your team should never be in a position that requires the help of the officials. You can’t say that the lack of a call had something to do some kind of favor for one team over another. That’s just B.S. That was one of the best games I’ve seen in 5 years. GA played a hell of a game, and Bama kept getting back up. If Dial gets suspended, great, If he don’t Great. One player can’t make or break a team either. It’s SEC football, The Championship at that. What did you guys expect. Big hits, from big players. Enough. and Roll Tide to you haters Too BTW.

    • Did you go to Bama? I can tell by your spelling you did, so this is a redundant question. (You may have to look that word up. Use a book called a dictionary. Ask your mama.)

      • Dawg2001:
        What did he spell incorrectly? You should look into your ignorant grammar, before trying to correct someone else. Just saying…..

  • Eye gouging, “givin him the business” under the pile and other nastiness is part of the game..it happens on both sides and goes unnoticed most of the time. Intentional concussion attempts aren’t necessarily something thing to look away from but Murray’s probly the toughest QB in the sec so didn’t stop him from bouncing back. This is over people…lets move on and let the commish do his job. All this bs talk is just taking away from the fact we all witnessed the real BCSCG and possibly the best game of the season. Those boys left it all on the field and so did I.

  • For the love of God. At this rate football will be illegal in 5 years. All of these rules are killing the sport. When I played I understood that I might get hurt, injured, or killed. Everyone playing the sport understands this, I’m sure. If they don’t-they’re idiots. Heck, they might as well make it 2-hand touch. Give me a break…

  • Murray’s face right before he gets blasted is priceless. Ouch.

  • Anyone who’s played the game knows what a crack back is. Frowned upon? Maybe. Within the college rule? Yes. QBs are taught to get the hell out of dodge or go to the ground and no matter what NEVER proceed in the direction of the play after a pick. It will lead to exactly what happened. Helmet to helmet was obvious and if Dial gets suspended then so be it. However, in my opinion they must look into the eye gouge and take equal action because an eye gouge unlike some helmet to helmets are all %100 intentional. Brandon Spikes got punished in 08 I think for this at the bottom of a dogpile. It was caught on camera and Slive suspended him. So before we all start handing down judgements to Dial in his upcoming bowl game lets look at all guilty parties.

  • Oh please so many calls where missed in that game. If you actually watched it through out he wasn’t the only defensive player starting a fight. There were many on georgia too. All Alabama was doing was sending a message, “We’re coming for you.” Now I’ll be honest Slive has a bad temper, and I do think Saben should bench him. It shouldn’t be a huge thing, big deal he hit helmet to helmet. It happens. If this where ole miss or an under rated team they wouldn’t be complaining. But since they are SEC champions and National Champions from 2011 everyone is going to pick at what they’ve done wrong. But not every team is completely perfict. Things happen and during the games there is a lot of emotion involved. Also that play came after the ball was intercepted, he was going toward the ball carrier. Slive just took the opportunity to hit him. However, they’re where a few stupid calls for geogia like idk on of their touchdowns? I mean seriously, he had 15 guys on top of him!!!! There was no way he got into the inzone before his knee was down!!! The score should have been 32-21. Not 32-28.

    • if you’re talking about Gurley’s TD he earned every bit of that. His feet kept driving the pile all the way in…you can’t plant your foot and drive with your knee down…try it

  • This is ridiculous! That was a legal clean hit. He led with his shoulder and the only reason there was helmet to helmet contact was because Murray turned his head at the last second.
    At the point of an interception a quarterback becomes a defender. If he doesn’t want to get hit he runs to the sidelines. Murray, being the great competitor that he is, starts towards the ball carrier and was blocked, plain and simple. You dont see all this crying about those types of blocks when it happens to a defensive back or linebacker by a pulling guard. The announcers at the game and apparently Mr Shaw want the quarterbacks to be protected from hits. Well thats why we have cheerleaders.

  • I think everybody needs to see Dial’s personal response on Twitter to a hit which was debatably illegal but definitely in bad sportsmanship. This conversation has nothing to do with the result of a game that could easily have gone either way, as acknowledged by any fan who has any respect for the sport. It is a question of maintaining that respect for the game. Here is his retweet of an Alabama fan’s reaction: https://twitter.com/JessHatfield11/status/275306404548599808

  • Seriously! I love all the Alabama fans crying foul on here is he gets suspended. Remember Nick Fairley? Here is a post from an Alabama fan on whether Nick should have been suspended for the Iron Bowl or not……

    BamaFan 2 years ago

    I totally agree! I hate Auburn more than any SEC team out there. But after watching the game this past week, something should have been done about Nick Fairley. But apparently the coaches encouraged it and was tagging hands with him. Whoever the SEC people are who reviewed the tape and decided not to punish him should be punched in the face. He deserves to be punished for his actions. All I know is I hope to God when Bama plays Auburn that one of our guys will break his legs! :)

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