Rapid Reaction: Vanderbilt beats Tennessee 41-18

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Vanderbilt

An impressive win for James Franklin, Vandy likely provided the last nail in the coffin for Derek Dooley’s campaign in Knoxville.

What It Means: James Franklin knocks off the Vols in Nashville for the first time since 1982. The win gets Vanderbilt one step closer to an 8-win season for the first time since ’82. It’s also Vanderbilt’s first 5 SEC win season since 1935.

The Vols drop another SEC game to move to 4-7 (0-7). It likely means Derek Dooley’s finished in Knoxville. Many speculate it could be announced this weekend.

It’s a stunning look at the direction of both of these programs. While few believe Vandy is poised to become an SEC power, you can’t deny the success that James Franklin has had in Nashville in just two seasons as coach. On the flip side, to say that the 2012 season of the Volunteers is disappointing is a huge understatement. After a promising win against NC State to start the year, the season rapidly deteriorated and amazingly, the Vols are winless against SEC opponents.

What’s Next: Tennessee plays Kentucky to finish the season. A win bring the Vols to a 4-8 season, 1-7 in-conference. Vanderbilt plays Wake Forest and should be favored to get the win and finish 8-4 (5-3).

More than anything, we’ll be looking for headlines out of Knoxville regarding the status of Derek Dooley.

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  • I never thought I would live to see the day that Vandy blows out my Vols and take the victory formation at the end of the game. Kudos to Vandy for playing a great game and to Coach Franklin for making the adjustments at halftime to stymie UT. This has to be the lowest point in Tennessee Football history. I like Coach Dooley. He seems like a decent guy but he just doesn’t make any adjustments at halftime. The defense looks lost and now the offense decided to check out and not play. It will be merciful to all involved to let Dooley go with his 5 million dollar buyout and to bring in a new Coach and staff to turn UT around. We have to move forward because going 0 for the SEC is just not tolerated at any member institution let alone Tennessee. I know better days are ahead for my Vols but I don’t know how long it will take to get us competitive again in the SEC. I hope it isn’t too long because these past 5 years have been painful.

  • I think this is proof positive that this is not your father’s SEC. We all knew that the Dooley regime would end badly, though I never imagined that, at best, they would go 1-7 in the league. That’s way ugly. But I think another question involves James Franklin. Now that he has made Vanderbilt football relevant, will VU be able to keep him? Surely some ‘larger’ program will come after him. I mean, if he can recruit at Vandy, what kind of players can he get at, say, Auburn?

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