The newest college football recruiting pitch: Babysitters and daycare


Former Georgia and Auburn commit and top linebacker Reuben Foster is back on the market after his de-commitment from Auburn after Gus Malzahn cut ties with former coach Trooper Taylor.

Yep – Foster is the top linebacker in the country who has the Auburn tattoo in the shape of Spiderman.

Foster also has a 3-year-old daughter, and he now says that a good daycare program and babysitters will affect his college decision.

Is that a first?

Here’s the story with quotes on the ESPN Insider UGA page (paid content link):

“The school I pick has to have a good daycare program and good babysitters in case she wants to spend the night with me and I have football,” Foster told ESPN. “The coaches have to have a good bond with her too. My little girl has to like them and she knows who she likes. She likes Auburn — and she likes Alabama. Those are the only two schools she likes, but she has not seen Georgia yet but I plan to take her there to see them too.”

So, now college programs will have a new recruiting pitch to young fathers – “Check out our new daycare facility”.

The surprises of college recruiting are never-ending. It sounds as if his daughter’s decision on a school will actually have a greater impact on where Foster wants to play ball, and right now she only likes Auburn and Alabama. Only a 3-year-old could get away with liking both of those schools, right?

Foster is likely down to Georgia, Auburn, Alabama and LSU, along with Miami, Washington and South Carolina being in the mix as well.

Foster, originally from Georgia, transferred high schools to Auburn, Alabama, after his high school coach was fired. He was then on Trooper Taylor’s son’s team, which is perfectly legal under NCAA rules.

Oh, and he’ll keep that Auburn tattoo in memory of his late cousin who played football at Auburn regardless of which team he suits up for in college.

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  • I have a feeling Foster’s daughter will like UGA and Uncle Tray :)

  • Or maybe she will like Big Al the Elephant and Saint Nick.

  • Why is everyone putting this guy on blast for being a responsible parent? If anything, it’s made me respect him more.

  • I am not putting him on blast. I was just responding to Dawg780

    I was not putting him on blast. Being an Alabama fan, I was just responding to Dawg780’s post. I think it is commendable of him to think of his child and her happiness first.

    • Yeah, like she really can discern which school she likes best. Brilliant!

    • I didn’t call anyone out specifically. The SDS facebook comment on this story is “recruiting is getting more weird” which gives a negative vibe and I’ve heard a lot of other people mocking him or laughing at him for what he’s doing. I just don’t get it. He’s already acting like more of an adult at 17-18 than most people talking smack. I just have a hard time finding the reason to pick on someone who’s taking care of their child.

  • I wish him the best at whatever school he chooses. Frankly, the drama can be a problem. I’d take several 3-4 Star LBs who put the team first and are happy to get a free ride, good coaching about life and football and an opportunity to earn millions in the NFL. He will have that at any of the schools under consideration. But saying whichever school his daughter likes shows his immaturity.

  • 17 with a 3 year old kid, multiple decommits, rash decision to get a tattoo…. sounds like more drama is sure to follow him. He sounds like the next in line of Bryce Brown and Terrelle Pryor drama queens.

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