Video: Lead SEC writer for CFN likes Bama, not ‘HeisManziel’




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  • That guy is a clown. He makes the argument that Alabama’s defense is what will win the National Championship this year and how tough they are, and then fails to give that consideration as a credential for Manziel? He harps the 2 losses for Manziel, but puts the Alabama win in same ballpark as La Tech? I guess 3 road wins in a row didn’t register for Russ, 2 of those being against teams claiming great Defenses, Miss St and Ala. I think he has a real issue with a Freshman winning this thing, so he’s allowing his bias against that to make him sound like a clown.

  • I once again disagree with Russ Mitchell. He thinks Bama can just simply show up and win, and he thinks Manziel shouldn’t win the Heisman. While I think Bama wins, it could go either way. He doesn’t give UGA a chance. And not sure how you couldn’t vote for Manziel for the Heisman.

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