SDS Readers: Make your SEC Championship prediction here

SDS Readers: Make your SEC Championship prediction here

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We’ve looked at every angle of today’s big game. The 2012 SEC Championship brings two teams to Atlanta, both with loads of NFL talent and incredible balance on both sides of the ball. The last thing to do is make your predictions. You’ve seen ours. Now, it’s time to make yours.

Add a comment below with the following:

  1. What is the final score of the game and who wins?
  2. Who is the MVP of the game?

Let’s do it!

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Comments 26

  1. Score: 31-28 Georgia
    MVP: Jarvis Jones with a fumble scoop and score!
    Go Dawgs!

  2. 23-17 Bama
    MVP AJ McCarron

  3. Dawgs 24-Bama 14

  4. Dawgs – 31-17

    MVP – Aaron Murray
    Defensive Player of the Game – Jarvis Jones

  5. 38-20 Alabama
    MVP AJ McCarron
    Roll tide!

  6. Alabama 31-17 Georgia
    MVP: A.J. McCarron

  7. 17-14 Georgia
    MVP Jarvis Jones

  8. Georgia 28-21
    Aaron Murray MVP.

  9. Dawgs 28 – Alabama 17
    Aaron Murray 17/38 229 2 TDs 1 INT
    Todd Gurley 19 attempts 79 yards 1 TD
    Keith Marshall 12 attempts 28 yards 0 TDs
    Malcolm Mitchell 7 catches 113 yards 1 TD
    Jarvis Jones 16 tackles 1 sack 2 FF 1 INT
    Baccari Rambo recovers a fumble in the fourth by Yeloden (forced by JJ) and returns for a TD to put the Dawgs up 11 with less than two minutes less
    MVP – Jarvis Jones

  10. If UGA wins, the MVP will almost assuredly be Murray as it will take a mistake-free game and some big plays on offense. Bama is harder to pick an MVP for, so I would guess McCarron solely because he is the QB, but Nico Johnson or Dee Milliner could easily prove to be the difference. The UGA defense is more loaded with talent (J.Jones, A. Ogletree, B. Rambo, etc.) while Alabama is more of a team defense that’s biggest advantage is the team unity.

    Final Score from my head/wallet: 24-17 Bama
    Final Score prediction from my heart: 27-20 UGA

    Go Dawgs!!!

  11. JakeT
    Commented : 1 year ago

    SEC 49, Notre Dame 10

  12. 24 – 20 Bama
    MVP Amari Cooper

  13. Dawgs 33-28

    Todd Gurley – 124 yds rushing, 2 TDS

  14. 27-24 uga, Bama has a last minute drive for a chance to win but gets picked by Rambo

    Player of the game Jarvis Jones, with Murray a close 2nd

  15. 24-20 Georgia – on a late 4th quarter TD drive.
    MVP – Alec Ogeltree. 15 Tackles. 3.5TFL. 2.5 Sack. 2 FF-1 FR. 1 TD

  16. 24-10 Alabama
    Barrett Jones is the MVP.
    Can’t wait to see Barrett Jones vs Jenkins

  17. Alabama 31 to 21. AJ MVP

  18. Score: 34-28 UGA
    MVP: Jarvis Jones

  19. 24-21, UGA. MVP honors go to Jarvis Jones for making a critical sack/forced-fumble to stop a late Bama drive.

  20. 31 – 28 Bama
    Bama stops GA on 5 yard line to end the game.
    MVP – should be Bama’s O-line
    Wonder if I’m right….