SDS Week 3 “Pick Ten” Challenge


Welcome to week 3 of the SDS “Pick Ten” challenge where you get to prove your SEC football knowledge on a week-to-week basis.

Each week, SDS will put out a series of point spreads and over/under calls for SDS readers to chime in and predict. We call it the “Pick Ten” Challenge because each week it’ll be a combination of ten spreads and over/unders.

The winner each week will get a little love on the website and/or Twitter. Who knows, depending on the response, maybe we’ll even give away a few of these bad boys.

Previous Winners:

  • Week 1: dennisdergunov with 9 points
  • Week 2: Orangepants & Donniekmiec both with 7 points


  1. Login and add a comment at the bottom of this post including your predictions on the below point spreads and over/unders.
  2. Then, click your name above your comment to go to your profile. Select your team on your profile page.

Point Spreads:

  1. Florida at Tennessee (-3)
  2. Alabama (-21) at Arkansas
  3. Arizona State at Missouri (-7)
  4. Louisiana-Monroe at Auburn (-16.5)
  5. Mississippi State (-18) at Troy
  6. Texas (-10) at Ole Miss – Cancelled because the line was wrong while people made picks


  1. Tennessee will have over/under rushing yards compared to Florida’s rushing yards (pick who will have the most rush yards)
  2. Tyler Bray will have over/under 2x the passing yards of Jeff Driskel
  3. Johnny Manziel will have over/under 1.5 rushing touchdowns against SMU
  4. Todd Gurley (TG3) over/under 125 yards rushing against FAU

Let the predictions fly…


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