2012 SEC bowl games are set


All the SEC bowl games are set, and the endless speculation and jockeying for team selections are now complete.

Here are the SEC bowl games:

BCS National Championship Game: Alabama vs. Notre Dame
All-State Sugar Bowl: Florida vs. Louisville
Capital One Bowl: Georgia vs. Nebraska
Outback Bowl: South Carolina vs. Michigan
Cotton Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma
Chick-fil-A Bowl: LSU vs. Clemson
Gator Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Northwestern
Music City Bowl: Vanderbilt vs. NC State
BBVA Compass Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Pittsburgh

Realistically, the SEC should go 9-0 in their respective bowl games.

The early winners are the Cotton Bowl and the Chick-fil-A Bowl, as both are compelling matchups.

What do you think about the matchups?

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  • my dvr will be working overtime! lots of good matchups worth watching there! if not by record, then by name alone…..michigan is what, 6-6? smh

  • Early thoughts: Bama will punish Notre Dame. Florida will punish Louisville and Charlie. Georgia will run for 400-plus yards against Nebraska. Jadeveon Clowney will sack Michigan. The two best games are Texas A&M-Oklahoma and LSU-Clemson outside of the national championship. Miss State, Vandy and Ole Miss all should win, too.
    Should be some great games to watch, but should go 9-0.

  • The top 4 games should all be trounces in the SEC favors along the lines of winning by 3 or more scores. But Florida seems to play down to opponents…so…maybe they win by TD, but still a win nonetheless. The next five should also be wins with the best matchup being Texas A&M vs Oklahoma or Vanderbilt vs NC State.
    Biggest Blowout: Georgia or South Carolina
    (I seriously doubt that as good a head coach as Brian Kelly is he won’t have his players ready for ‘Bama, while it is a win, I think it will be 21-17 or something in there)

  • This is pathetic. The SEC gets to play against either over-rated or craptastic high school teams. This is absolutely sad. No good matchups. It’s going to be a blow out for most SEC teams. I wish we could play more decent opponents…Oregon, Stanford, FSU anyone?

  • The SEC should go 9-0, but on a good day, NC State could give Vanderbilt some fits.

  • Almost pulled the trigger on tickets. Being a College student with a seasonal job sucks. lol. Here’s hoping UGA finishes the year with a strong showing.

  • I’m still torn up over UGA’s loss, but since I live in Jacksonville I’ll definitely be attending the capitol one bowl.

    The Sugar Bowl is going to be hilarious, poor Louisville.

  • Look, I know rules are rules, but having a 5-loss team (Wisconsin) in the Rose Bowl while UGA, LSU, TAMU, and Carolina get minor bowl games is beyond ridiculous. That being said, I will be watching everyone of these games and pulling for the undisputed (realistically) conference in NCAA football! ROLL TIDE!!! SEC!!!!!

  • The bowl setup shows that the SEC is awesome and the rest of the country is getting suckier. Seriously, the Big East and Big Ten champs are laughable. What a joke.

  • Really like the SEC to go undefeated in bowls this year. Cant stand how restrictive the bowl selection process is though. Wouldnt it be great to see, say, South Carolina vs Oregon St; LSU vs UCLA; or USCw vs Vandy??

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