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Ticket Prices for Conference Championships dominated by the SEC

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Tickets for the SEC Championship are in high demand, and the average requested price for the game is $602, according to Yes, this year’s SEC Champion not only gets to play for a national championship, but it further gives Alabama or Georgia the opportunity to beat Notre Dame in Miami. What a beautiful thing it will be.

StubHub has the cheapest ticket for the Georgia-Alabama game at $350 for end zone seats in the upper deck. By comparison, it blows the socks off the cheapest tickets from other conference championships. Check out this comparison:

  • $350 – SEC (Alabama vs Georgia)
  • $75 – Pac-12 (Stanford-UCLA)
  • $25 – Big Ten (Wisconsin-Nebraska)
  • $3 – ACC (FSU-Georgia Tech)

This price difference is getting some media attention today and it is fun to see the AJC and pointing out the SEC domination. It doesn’t hurt that Alabama has one of the best fan bases in the country and will travel to Afghanistan, or the fact that Georgia will be playing essentially a home game in Atlanta. Plus this is essentially a National Championship semifinal game or even the true National Championship itself:

The national championship average ticket prices have continued to rise since it was becoming increasingly obvious that Notre Dame will be playing for all the marbles in Miami. The average StubHub price rose from $1,209 to $1,596 in a week.

This will be the most watched national championship in quite some time, and the ticket prices will continue to increase when we know which SEC team will be playing the Domers, just because the power of Notre Dame. (Did I just say that?!) But let’s face it, the Notre Dame game will not be close:

Behold the power of the SEC.

Photo Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

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Comments 3

  1. Guess that’s a good thing…but then again…it definitely prevents those of us that hafta play Santa this time of year from even considering going to the game

  2. Register on the SEC website as I did back in 2005. It’s a lottery if you get tickets but once you do you get them you always have the chance to renew them. I get (4) uppers every year @ $90 ea.