Overseas military overcomes terrorists to watch SEC football


For most of us in SEC land, only weddings and power outages can ruin a fall Saturday down south. While the invention of the DVR box has blunted the misery associated with missing football games due to scheduling conflicts, Twitter and text messages make experiencing the game after the fact an impossibility. We’ve all missed a game, some of us may have missed two or three. But what would you do if you woke up tomorrow and you couldn’t watch another game all season?

That’s a predicament one SDS reader found himself in this past June, except in his case neither ESPN 3 or fall nuptials were to blame: terrorists literally blew up the military facility where he and his fellow soldiers watched games. And you thought Tyrann Mathieu had a rough summer.

1st Lieutenant Robert Wright, a lifelong Georgia fan and SDS reader was stationed at FOB Salerno in Khost, Afghanistan until last month. While his friends call him ‘Rob,’ he is known by fellow SDS commenter’s as ‘Rowdy Rob.’ We couldn’t be more proud to call him one of our own.

Upon his return to the United States, we caught up with Rob and he explained how terrorists drove a truck packed with explosives into the outer wall of his base. The resulting blast destroyed the mess hall and damaged part of the wall protecting the base. It didn’t occur to him until later that summer that he would need to get creative if he wanted to catch any UGA games.

“By the Missouri game, we found a way to get an ESPN feed. I had to get to a facility about 15 minutes away from where we lived, but I was able to watch the whole game,” Rob said. “Other than that feed, we had dial up internet so we could get to SDS and sometimes follow games on ESPN’s game cast.”

I emailed Rob this week and asked him about being home: “I don’t know about the best thing,” he told me, “but beating Florida was pretty nice.”

Welcome back, Rob. We’re all proud of ya.

1st Lieutenant Robert Wright Georgia Fan Afghanistan



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  • Welcome back, Rob. Thanks for serving our country and good luck in the SEC Championship game…

  • Go Dawgs!

    We’re proud of our troops, especially Georgia fans. Welcome home, Rowdy Rob.

  • Great story! Rob, you are the definition of a DGD and we’re so proud of you and thankful for your sacrifice. Welcome home, God bless and GO DAWGS!

  • DGD! So proud of all y’all who are out there fighting the good fight! Thank you for serving our country – welcome home Rowdy Rob! Go Dawgs!

  • Kevin/Drew/Todd – I’m currently at FOB Masum Ghar here in Helmund Province southern Afghanistan. I wrote UGA articles for SDS last yar before the guest contributor section was taken down. I’ve had the good fortune of being able to watch all the UGA games so far this year via the internet and ESPN3. I’m 7 mos into a year contract. I’m a retired Navy Chief and now as a Govt Contractor still work overseas. Except for the USCe game, life as a Dawg fan has been good so far. Unfortunately my yearly SEC Champ game tickets will be going to friends and family this year and I’ll be stuck cheering on the Dawgs from here!!

  • Thank you Rob for your great service to this country. Welcome back and GO DAWGS.

  • Thanks Rob, and GO DAWGS!

  • Thanks for the response guys. I appreciate. Go Dawgs!

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