SEC Football Daily: May 31st


Alabama graduate assistant coach arrested for Mary Jane. Derrick Crudup was arrested for marijuana possession on May 22nd. The athletic department is aware of the situation and will act in due time. Crudup has been an offensive graduate assistant since 2010, and his future remains uncertain at this present time. [AL]

Missouri Coach Gary Pinkel believes Mizzou should play Arkansas and develop a rivalry. Pinkel is new to the game, but he realizes that neither Arkansas nor Missouri currently have any enemies or rivals in the SEC. A border state rivalry between Mizzou and the Hogs could develop over time, and this would be a beautiful thing to watch develop. [AL]

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is no longer the boss everyone listens to. That belongs to Mike Slive. Slive is the mover of the power chair around the country, and all the cards are in his hands moving forward. Delany has argued against Slive no matter what direction he wants, with the big one being how the four teams are chosen in the new playoff system. Delany wants all conference champions, while Slive wants the four teams that are ranked the highest. [Arkansas Sports 360]

Will Muschamp and Les Miles disagree about the future of the Florida-LSU rivalry. Muschamp wants to keep it. Why? UF will sell this game out every year. LSU, on the other hand, is still licking their wounds from their loss to Alabama. When it comes right down to it, both teams probably don’t want any part of each other every year, because they are two of the powerhouses in each half of their division. But for money purposes, Florida wants to keep this game. [Palm Beach Post]

Les Miles explained that he would have called the same plays in the BCS championship if he had to do it over again. Really, Les? We all know you’re stubborn and such, but I tell you want I would have done – I would have taken Jefferson out at halftime and brought in another QB to run the show. Jarrett Lee got you there, and you still didn’t use him. LSU hates playing this game over and over in their minds. [CBS Sports]



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  • It’s pretty easy to see why LSU doesn’t want to worry about playing an annual game with Florida…..why should either UF or LSU have to play each other when KY is playing Miss St or Ole Miss is playinng Vandy every year. UGA gets Auburn every year….is that FAIR scheduling? No, but that’s what makes college football exciting.

    Winning in any league is tough but, winning in the SEC is tougher and having marquee (read difficult) match ups every year is not friendly towards winning MNC’s.

    I wonder what the other teams would say if the league rotated the “permanent” matchups every 4 years? Imagine LSU getting Vandy for 4 years? Or Bama getting KY for 4 years as cross-division rivals?
    Or UGA getting Ole Miss for 4 years instead of Auburn?

    “Permanent” rivals might look different then….

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