SEC Football Daily: May 9th


Les Miles says he is in favor of division games deciding division champs, as opposed to overall SEC record. Miles said, “I’m for the Western Division deciding the Western Division champion and the Eastern Division deciding the Eastern Division champion.” I am too, Les. And Mike Slive needs to get on board with this. I think divisional records present a fairer opportunity for everyone. []

Aaron Murray was among two other Georgia football players to graduate this Saturday. Murray, along with Tavarres King and Clint Boling, will walk across the stage and really be able to concentrate on football this fall. Murray has two years, including this fall, remaining at UGA, but something tells me if he plays well this year, he’ll have a year remaining forever. All three are among 68 graduating student-athletes.[AJC]

Derek Dooley is probably holding his breath a little bit right now. Spring semester ended yesterday with exams, but Dooley expects an upgrade next year. Tennessee had a bad team GPA, which it makes it harder to sell the university and the academics portion. “It’s final exams now, so it usually takes another week,” Dooley said. “There’s several guys we’re always concerned about every year going down the stretch. The reality is you lose one or two every year.” [Go Vols Extra]

Texas A&M AD Bill Byrnes officially stepped down yesterday. Byrnes has been there for the last 10 years, and he can leave on a high note, knowing the Aggies are in great hands in their new conference. His only wish would have been to win more football games…but isn’t that everyone’s wish? [Aggies Sports]

Missouri received a commitment from a possible ready-to-play defensive tackle. Antar Thompson is a two-way lineman in high school, but he’ll be a big-time defensive tackle at the next level. Thompson played at 295lbs last season, but he has slimmed down some because of track season. He should be back there around the 3-hundo mark by the time season rolls around. SEC football is won in the trenches, and Missouri needs all they can get. [Columbia Tribune]



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  • I personally do not like the idea of divisional games to decide a division champion. I perfer the system they have now, where the teams that are the best in the East and West go to the SEC Title game and leave it at that. The system with the BCS is fine the way it is as well.

  • If cross-division games won’t count towards a teams overall SEC record then why play them?? They will be just like regular non-conference games. Everyone could load up on a bunch of directional schools and go 10-2 every year.

    “If the system ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – The SEC has the finest most competetive conference in all the land. Please don’t mess around with a good thing. Games like UGA-Auburn, UF-LSU, Bama-Tenn won’t mean a thing if they decide to go down this road.

    Aaron Murray will play all four years at UGA. He is too short and has too weak an arm for the NFL. He is the next David Greene without the 40+ wins.

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