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Vandy, LSU lead SEC in graduation rate

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The latest graduation success rate (GSR) scores were released by NCAA yesterday, and Vanderbilt and LSU led the SEC.

Here’s a little snippet about the GSR:

The GSR includes transfer students and student-athletes who leave in good academic standing, unlike the federal graduation rate, which does not include transfers. The GSR measures graduation over a six-year period from initial enrollment. These latest figures are a four-year average for freshmen who entered school between fall 2002 and fall 2005.

Here’s the GSR numbers for the SEC:

Vanderbilt – 85%

LSU – 77%

Alabama – 75%

Florida – 75%

Missouri – 73%

Georgia – 69%

Texas A&M – 69%

Kentucky – 65%

Auburn – 64%

Mississippi State – 60%

Ole Miss – 59%

Tennessee – 58%

Arkansas – 55%

South Carolina – 55%

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Comments 2

  1. JakeT
    Commented : 1 year ago

    It’s no surprise the most academic school in the SEC and the only private one is on top. But LSU as number 2? Now that’s interesting.

  2. That’s because LSU specializes in Weed Control…..