SEC out of top three in latest BCS poll


The latest BCS poll is out and as expected the SEC is out of the top three. The latest rankings are as follows:

1. Kansas State
2. Oregon
3. Notre Dame
4. Alabama
5. Georgia
6. Florida
7. LSU
8. Texas A&M
9. South Carolina

10. FSU
11. Clemson
12. Oklahoma
13. Stanford
14. Nebraska
15. Texas
16. Oregon State
17. UCLA
18. USC
19. Louisville
20. La Tech
21. Michigan
22. Rutgers
23. Texas Tech
24. Oklahoma State
25. Washington



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  • Polls make so much sense. Georgia loses…drop 10. Alabama loses…drop 3. Florida loses…drop 4. LSU loses…drop 4. So much sense made.

    • You’re comparing the BCS to the AP Poll. Georgia dropped 10 spots before the BCS even came out.

      Even so, at that point in the season, there were more undefeated teams, so one loss would have a bigger impact (LSU lost the same week, so look to the next paragraph to answer the question that undoubtedly raises). At this point, there are less undefeated teams, and one loss teams with tough schedules will tend to stay toward the top so long as they lose to a strong opponent (like A&M).

      Lastly, the manner in which you lose carries weight, especially in the AP Poll. Losing 35-7 is much different than losing 29-24. Also, LSU’s loss to Florida didn’t warrant a massive drop, but a drop nonetheless. Again, leave that question to the AP voters, who clearly took into account the shellacking the Dawgs took in Columbia.

      I don’t know what you’re so upset about. Y’all sitting nicely at number 5 and are on a collision course with the team you clearly think you should be ranked ahead of. Just let that be sorted out in Atlanta.

    • When Georgia lost, they were blown out. Earlier in the season, there is more volatility in the AP poll also because we’re still dealing with a smaller sample of games. Single wins and losses tend to move teams more earlier in the year.

  • Alabama is probably the best one loss team, but Georgia really should be ranked ahead of them seeing how Bama lost yesterday and Georgia lost like five weeks ago. Doesn’t really matter with the SECCG coming up anyway, we’ll see who’s the better team.

    • Yeah, it doesn’t matter. It’s a 4 vs 5 SECCG either way. The winner will stay a top 5 team and get into the BCS. Honestly, Georgia can beat Alabama. Alabama will still be favored, but it’s not going to be by a touchdown anymore.

  • How is K state first. If Auburn had there schedule they’d have a winning record its pathetic. Same with ND. The only top 3 team i appreciate is Oregon they put up numbers like its going out of style.

    • I think K-State or ND would give anybody in the SEC a tough fit…Both teams have pieces of them that I SEC-like…K-State has a huge offensive line with Tebow-esque QB in Klein…ND has a very fast, athletic, and physical defense…Don’t let ND’s close games fool you…they play to their competition..all of their big games, they have dominated…

      • Maybe if ND had a conference instead of making up a random schedule then i wouldn’t mind that they’re so high but they don’t. I honestly think that if you’re a independent school you shouldn’t be BCS eligible.

    • That makes no sense. You critisize KStates schedule, yet you praise Oregon for putting up the numbers they put up. Did you know they haven’t played a top 30 defense all season? My high school could put up numbers against that schedule

  • Even if we dont make it to the NC game just look at those rankings. 4-9 are all SEC teams, thats not something to scoff at. Those are also the teams that’ve been playing round robin all year long with each other. We may not make it all the way this year (we still got a few weeks left to see) but I think the nation knows not to scoff at the SEC.

    • I’ve been thinking that it seems all the SEC teams get knocked around by each other not by someone else the ATL is where the National champs play. And i cant wait to watch Bama and Georgia.

  • I think this is sort of what the commissioner was afraid of when they first implemented the SEC Championship game. But this year it happened earlier in the season. The SEC is basically tearing itself apart much to the delight of the PAC12 (Oregon fans/Chip Kelly) and so on, and with the level of talent in the conference that surely doesn’t look to change anytime soon. That’s not to say that most SEC teams wont win/dominate in the bowl games, but our shot at getting to the National Championship is going to require a tough as nails team to run the gauntlet every season. This poll is evidence that the SEC is not the conference to mess with, and I think that if you put any other team in the country to play an SEC schedule, most will walk away with at least 1-2 if not more losses. I also think that a playoff system will help with this, but not entirely, which is why I wish we would at least push it to include more teams rather than having just the top 4. Anyway, Roll Tide and such.

    • I agree. It should be 8 teams. I think 16 would to much, but 8 would be just right. They should change the rules though to you can’t have more than three teams in the playoff from the same conference, and you can’t jump a team that won their division even if they lose in the Championship Game (ie, Georgia or Alabama, who are the best two teams in the SEC). Basically, let’s say Georgia wins, they would get the first nod for a playoff spot, then Alabama. Not Florida, LSU, or TAMU. Teams should not be penalized for having to play an extra game to compete for their conference championship.

  • What would life be like without College Football? some serious talkin goin on in here. But I love it. GO Gamecocks!!

  • The top 3 (Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame) are going to lose a game. K State plays Texas, Oregon still has Stanford, Oregon State and probably USC (for the second time) in the PAC-12 Champ Game. Notre Dame has USC. Not that these teams are menacing and intimidating, but they are worthy opponents, capable of beating the top 3. PLUS…. they are going to be busy looking in their rear view mirrors. Not THOSE are some menacing AND intimidating teams sneakin up on them

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