SEC Power Rankings: The Big 5


Despite LSU losing to Alabama, we keep the power rankings the same this week. Let’s dive into the teams to explain further.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (9-0, 6-0)

Alabama secured the biggest win of the year in probably the best SEC football game in recent memory. What a game. Anyone using the game at LSU as potential evidence that Alabama isn’t that good is nuts. Alabama is that good. LSU is just very good too. And Death Valley is unreal.

The close game benefits Alabama greatly. They were exposed just enough on defense to fix a few things and become all the more formidable for future opponents. The Tide should win out and play for the national championship. They should win the national championship.

Ranked wins: #21 Mississippi State, #7 LSU

Key games remaining: #16 Texas A&M

Did you know: At 9.1 points/game, Alabama is the only team in the country holding opponents to under 10 points a game. 

2. Georgia Bulldogs (8-1, 6-1)

Georgia continues in the #2 spot with its recent win over Ole Miss. The game was sloppy at times, but Georgia proved they’re a much better football team. As we’ve said all year, this team is as talented as any team in the country. They’re just inconsistent. You’re not sure which Georgia team will show up each week.

Can they compete with Alabama? Yeah, I think so. I don’t think they can beat them, but they can play with them.

Ranked wins: #6 Florida

Key games remaining: No ranked teams

Did you know: Georgia’s offense averages 6.94 yards per play which leads the SEC and is 5th in the nation

3. LSU Tigers (7-2, 3-2)

LSU looked like LSU on Saturday against Alabama. They were physical, fast and confident. Even Zach Mettenberger was confident. This LSU team in its current form could probably beat any team in the country.

As I said weeks ago, the loss against Florida was the wake up game for this team. It hasn’t looked pretty continuously since then, but I think they’ve put it together. Despite having two losses and Florida beating LSU weeks ago, I put LSU ahead of Florida. I think if they played five times, LSU would win four of them. With Florida regressing offensively and LSU hitting on all cylinders, LSU stays at #3

Ranked wins: #8 South Carolina, at #15 Texas A&M

Key games remaining: #21 Miss State

Did you know: LSU is 115th in the country and last in the SEC in penalties committed with 75 total

4. Florida Gators (8-1, 7-1)

After Florida’s ugly win against Missouri, I started looking at numbers comparing the 2012 team to the 2011 team. Statistically, the two teams are extremely similar save one important area. Turnovers. -12 turnover margin in 2011 to +11 this year.

The Gators outstanding defense, the turnover margin and the toughness instilled by head coach Will Muschamp has banked an 8-1 record after 10 weeks. With two cupcakes ahead, the Gators are essentially guaranteed ten wins. It’s an amazing turn around and shows how small things can be a huge difference in the win/loss column. If I had to guess, this team isn’t as good as the record shows and last year’s team wasn’t as bad as the 2011 record showed. Regardless, the Gators are sitting at 8-1 and if they knock off the Seminoles, they might back into the BCS.

Ranked wins: #7 LSU, #8 South Carolina, #15 Texas A&M

Key games remaining: #10 Florida State

Did you know: Florida is 3rd in the country and 1st in the SEC in punting – averaging 46.08 yards per punt.

5. Texas A&M Aggies (7-2, 4-2)

Are the Aggies that good or is Mississippi State that bad? Probably both. If the Aggies lose out, this season has already been a success. The Aggies are a legitimate SEC team and have a legitimate star quarterback in Johnny Manziel.

Most don’t expect the Aggies to win in Tuscaloosa on Saturday, but “looking good” while losing (if there is such a thing) could be important.

Johnny Football vs the Alabama defense is must watch television.

Ranked wins: #21 Miss State, #20 Louisiana Tech

Key games remaining: #1 Alabama

Did you know: The Aggies are averaging 559.6 yards per game. No SEC team in last 5 years has finished averaging 500 yards of offense per game.

Photo Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE



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  • Here are my rankings:
    1. Bama
    2. LSU
    3. Georgia
    4. Florida
    5a. Texas A&M
    5b. South Carolina

    Big one between TAMU and Bama this weekend. AND we return with Louisiana Lafayette…maybe we can score more than 14 points Saturday. Would be a welcomed surprise.

    • Tigers should be below the Dawgs considering they have two loses. Whether or not, LSU may win if they played doesn’t at this point matter. Besides Georgia could win. LSU and Florida are extremely similar teams with great defenses and good run games. That was the first time Zach Mettenberger resembled anything close to a starting QB, but considering it was under the lights at Death Valley, and he and his team have had months to stew over that loss in the national championship, but still lost.

  • I think this is right. Though Florida beat LSU earlier in the season, most would say that LSU is a better team right now than Florida. If the Gators can knock off the Seminoles, I’ll adjust my opinion.

  • The game was sloppy for…a quarter and a half? At most.

  • 1. Bama
    2. Florida
    3. LSU
    4. USC
    5. UGA

    Im sorry but until Georgia can consistently show that they can beat top 25 teams, I can’t put them any higher…

    I also don’t see why TAMU is higher than USC…USC beat Georgia and lost to the same two teams TAMU lost to..

      • Nope…just calling it the way I see it (UGA)…and asking pertinent questions (TAMU>USC)

        • Ha right.
          Problem with UGA #1: They can’t play defense!
          Answer: Not counting the UT and USC games, they Dawgs average 15 PPG per game.

          Problem with UGA #2: Aaron Murray is so inconsistent!
          Answer: Murray has had 6 games of numbers like 55%+ completion, 250+ yards, 2+ TD, and 1 or less INT. Only in 3 games has he completed less than 60% of his passes.

          Problem with UGA #3: They can’t beat ranked teams!
          Answer: They just beat #2 Florida (in Jacksonville , I should add).

          Problem with UGA #4: The run game isn’t that good!
          Answer: Todd Gurley has just two games that he hasn’t averaged at least 4 yards per carry, and only 3 games where he didn’t have a TD or 100+ yards. Against the three best defenses he faced (Missouri, South Carolina, and Florida), he averaged 17 carries, 75 yards, but 4.3 ypc, and a TD.

          Problem with UGA #4: They are just inconsistent.
          Answer: They are as inconsistent as any other team. Or have we forgotten South Carolina has lost two games, and struggled with Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Or that Florida wasn’t exactly “beating their opponents into the ground”. Plus LSU had those three games against Auburn, Towson, and Florida, that everyone wants to forget about.

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