SEC Power Rankings: The Big 5


You can make the case for either Alabama or Georgia for the top spot in the power rankings. The interesting thing is that these teams have only 3 top 25 BCS ranked wins between them. They both have had rather weak schedules. Regardless, they are the top two teams in the SEC and will likely meet in Atlanta in a few weeks.

1a. Alabama Crimson Tide (9-1, 6-1)

Alabama fans should be concerned regarding the last two weeks of football. The Tide defense has been exposed giving up over 400 yards of offense each game at the hands of LSU and Texas A&M. It was a reminder that this Alabama team is good, but the defense is not as good as last year’s team.

Ranked wins: #7 LSU, #21 Michigan

Key games remaining: #5 Georgia (assuming Alabama beats Auburn)

1b. Georgia Bulldogs (9-1, 7-1)

Georgia is playing good football in recent weeks, but the opponents haven’t exactly been stout. Ole Miss and Auburn have clearly been overmatched against the Dawgs, but does this mean Georgia looks this good in the SECCG? Probably not. With that said, Alabama looks beatable, and you have to give Georgia as much of a chance to win the SEC as the Tide.

Ranked wins: #6 Florida

Key games remaining: #4 Alabama (assuming Alabama wins the West)

3. LSU Tigers (8-2, 4-2)

If you’re an LSU fan, you’re really encouraged right now by the play of Zach Mettenberger. When he is on, he absolutely passes the eye ball test. He has a very strong arm and is capable of making throws all over the field. His last two games give evidence to the idea that it just took Mett a half a season to get settled in as the leader of this offense. LSU could steamroll the rest of their competition and roll into the 2013 season as the national favorites.

Ranked wins: #9 South Carolina, at #8 Texas A&M

Key games remaining: #21 Miss State

4. Texas A&M Aggies (8-2, 5-2)

The Aggies are riding high right now after the huge win in Tuscaloosa. Sumlin has this team playing great football, and he has a superstar quarterback leading the charge that might go all the way to the Fiesta Bowl. There aren’t enough things to say about how impressive the Aggies first year in the SEC has been. With Sam Houston State and Missouri left on the schedule, the Aggies should finish 10-2.

Ranked wins: #4 Alabama, #20 Louisiana Tech

Key games remaining: None

5. Florida Gators (9-1, 7-1)

Florida is one of the strangest 9-1 teams that I can remember..The Gators had an extremely impressive first half of the season with wins against current top ten teams like Texas A&M and LSU. The team has indeed regressed since the big win over South Carolina a few weeks ago. A turnover fest against Georgia has been followed up with two very ugly games against Missouri and LA-Lafayette. Florida was lucky to win both of those games. While they only have one loss, you have to drop Florida behind LSU and A&M with the way these teams are playing right now.

Ranked wins: #7 LSU, #9 South Carolina, #8 Texas A&M

Key games remaining: #10 Florida State

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  • I agree wholeheartedly with each. Great Great Great article.

  • I would maybe even consider putting Georgia ahead of Alabama at this point. Georgia is playing very, very good football right now.

  • I think Alabama and Georgia are both a bit overrated. Both definitely have holes that can be exposed. I’m not sure that Alabama or Georgia wouldn’t get embarrassed by a team like Oregon if they played in the BCS.

    I think LSU is getting better each week and will be a nasty foe for somebody in a bowl game.

  • Let me get this straight… we’re putting Alabama and Georgia on the same level after two weeks which saw Alabama have to battle LSU and Texas A&M and Georgia got the JV squads of Ole Miss and Auburn? Yeah, that makes sense. We’ll see in Atlanta what any non-biased college football fan knows. Alabama is going to smoke Georgia.

    • Ha. Right…so let me get this straight. We shall ignore the fact that ‘Bama is struggling (granted against to solid teams), and ignore the fact that Georgia is playing near perfect football. I would get your argument if Georgia wasn’t winning by 20 or more…but they are. This isn’t October 1st, you need to catch up on where each team stands and who playing hot when they need to.

      • Georgia will get clobbered by Alabama…just like they got clobbered by Carolina…

        • But we can always count on the Gamecocks to choke every year! Thanks dude, for having a team that just can’t find a way to win the east.

        • Exactly…thanks to us, we lay the brick for UGA to get to the SECCG once again.

      • The ranked team UGA has beat is Florida, who struggled to win its last 2 games against…right, teams they should have smoked. The SEC is a mess this year. It always seems to work out for UGA, though. We’ll see who steps up on the first weekend of December.

        • Right… typical belly-aching from a fan of a team that folded up, yet again, for some strange reason. I don’t understand that one either. It is obvious that SC beating UGA was a fluke. SOOOO obvious. I mean who has SC beat since then.

        • I really do feel bad for Scar and dont get the UGA arrogance. Again the west won the East for you. last year scar lost to auburn, this year lsu. While uga drew the worst auburn team in 60+ years and ole miss….Not saying uga cant compete but the arrogance needs to stop.

      • “Georgia is playing near perfect football”………….. if you don’t count 6 turnovers as any indication of their awe-inspiring dominance.

        • We still win our football games. Our defense steps it up when it needs to, unlike Bama. You guys have your fair share of turnovers, and you guys paid the price. Face it Bama fans, you guys were exposed in your own home court by a freshman quaterback and a mediocre SEC/ex-Big12 team. You guys don’t deserve to even play in the SECCG. I’d rather play Texas A&M or LSU.

        • Officially less than 16 days of trash-talkin’ left for ‘dem dawgs…………….. enjoy.

    • All I know is that if Georgia does win I am going to lose my mind because I have about 20 arrogant Alabama fans waiting to hear from me. Not gonna say that we are gonna smoke them or anything like that because I dont know, but I do know Alabama is beatable. LSU and A&M proved that for us.

      • How did LSU prove they’re beatable by playing them at their highest level and still losing despite the fact Alabama was having a shit game and missing its #1 wide receiver? That makes absolutely no sense.

    • Seriously? You’re going to smoke us? Look how you’ve been playing lately, and look at us. Our offense is comparable to A&M’s, and our defense is better right now. Not saying the dogs will win, but it’s really a toss up

      • Dawgs will win. They are better than LSU and A&M. Besides, there will be 1 undefeated team at the end of the season. UGA is gonna beat Bama and play for the NC.

        • HI-LARIOUS. Good stuff.

        • Even if you win the SEC title there is no way in hell you’re going to the BCS game. Not happening. No voter in the world will vote Georgia #1 or #2 after losing 35-7 to what is now a 2-loss USC team.

        • Really? Neither would ‘Bama.
          And if we do and win…have fun eating crow.

  • UGA is good, but I think UGA fans are feeling themselves like last year and look what happened… It’s not their fault about their schedule, but if they played in the West they’d surely have 2+ losses. They are worse than their record. Alabama is tested. Not saying they cant beat Alabama, but to be so confident when you’ve honestly struggled vs your only good teams youve played is arrogant and drinking the UGA Kool-aid. Besides haven’t you guys learned not to trust Murray in big games yet?

    • Hey Tigers 2007! Leghumper fans are among the most arrogant and for what reason I will never understand. I mean its been 1980 in Athens for a long time now. Here is the thing, they have to hope and pray for others to do what they simply cannot. I do not recall the last time UGA played 3 top ten teams in a season let alone 3 straight. But it is what it is. They won the East. But to the delusional dawg who said SCs win over UGA was a fluke? LOL!!!! Trust me I know. Anytime anyone beats UGA the refs helped the other team or it was by the grace of god. UGA can make fun of SC choking mid season and rightfully so. All I can tell you is we will certainly appreciate the favor when y’all once again play SC into a better bowl. See, the circle comes back around. Oh! And please convince Murray to come back for his senior season. I want to whitness this 4 time fluke first hand.

      • Have fun watching UGA in the Sugar Bowl, while you are stuck in the Chick-Fil-A…at best.

        • Which neither of them matter, bc they aren’t the national championship.

        • Actually it does. See the Sugar Bowl has a payout of around 10 or 15 million. The Chick-Fil-A will pay you (should you win) about a million. 5 at the most.
          Yeah. It matters a lot.

  • You know, its funny that Alabama fans still think UGA is not as good as they are. Well, if you really have that kind of mentality, and you still think your unbeatable, if you still think we are over-rated, for any reason, well keep on thinking like that. We’re glad you won’t take us seriously, because once December 1st, 2014 rolls around, you guys are going to be more shocked than what Texas A&M caused in Bryant-Denny stadium.

  • I hate the Gators as much as anybody but they have wins over LSU, South Carolina AND Texas AM. That’s the best resume you will find in the country. Are they playing their best football right now, no way, but based on their body of work you have to put them above three teams they already beat on the field.

  • @ Tigers2007 – Alabama is tested?? They didn’t play UF, USCe or UGA from the East. That my friend is the easiest schedule in the SEC.

    • All their East division games were on the road, as were the LSU and Arkansas games. Let’s compare some common competition: Alabama held UT to 13 points on the board in their own stadium. Georgia let them score 44 on them at home.
      You Georgia fans… always setting yourselves up for heartbreak and disappointment.

      • Then watch us destroy Ga Southern this weekend while you scratch your heads wondering why you couldn’t do that with a better defense from last year. We scored more point and allowed fewer points against Ole Miss than you. And I’m not saying we will beat the tide! I’m just saying the transitive property doesn’t really apply to football. We beat Vandy 48-3 while S. Car only beat them 17-14…. See what I mean

  • Texas A&M also beat Miss St. (Missing from ranked wins…)

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