SEC Power Rankings: The Big 5


We have some major changes in the Big 5 SEC Power Rankings this week when compared to last week. Not only a change in the rankings, but the emergence of a new top five team.

Currently, three teams control their own destiny in the SEC. They are Alabama, LSU and Georgia. With the Tide visiting Baton Rouge this Saturday night, that number will drop to two (assuming Georgia beats Ole Miss).

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (8-0, 5-0)

Alabama showed the world that they are the clear number 1 team in the country this past weekend with an easy dismantling of the Mississippi State Bulldogs. I think this game said more about the Tide than the Bulldogs. I believe the Bulldogs are a good team, but they were no match for Alabama.

What is scary is that AJ McCarron is showing he’s not just a game manager which is what we’ve typically expected from a Nick Saban quarterback. McCarron is becoming a major weapon on this team. His numbers are incredible, and he’s doing exactly what he needs to do in order to take this team to a national title. If he continues his trend this week at Baton Rouge, he should easily be at the top of many Heisman lists.

Ranked wins: #15 Mississippi State

Key games remaining: #5 LSU, #16 Texas A&M

Did you know: AJ McCaron leads the country in passing efficiency with 18 touchdowns and 0 INTs and a 182.4 rating.

2. Georgia Bulldogs (7-1, 5-1)

Georgia has had a few ups and downs this season, but the team pulled together and won the biggest game of the year last week against the Florida Gators. Other than a few sloppy INTs by quarterback Aaron Murray, the team played exceptionally well. They have talent all over the field, and when this team comes to play, they can beat almost any team in the country.

Georgia just needs to get past Ole Miss at home and then at Auburn, and they’ll play the West Champ in Atlanta. A BCS birth (either in the BCSCG or another BCS Bowl) is the Dawgs’ to lose.

Ranked wins: #7 Florida

Key games remaining: No ranked teams

Did you know: Jarvis Jones averages 1.42 sacks per game which is highest average in the SEC and 2nd highest nationally.

3. LSU Tigers (7-1, 3-1)

During last week’s shake up, the Tigers were the beneficiary of having a week off. No dice this week, as the Crimson Tide roll into town. This game will make or break the season. Alabama has surely “looked” better in their wins, but LSU has still won the games they needed to especially South Carolina and Texas A&M. Can LSU bring the swagger and a rowdy home crowd to knock off the Tide? We’ll find out Saturday night.

Ranked wins: #8 South Carolina, at #16 Texas A&M

Key games remaining: #1 Alabama, #15 Miss State

Did you know: Saban has won 39 of 48 league games since 2007.  Four of the nine losses came in Saban’s first season at Bama and three have been to the same coach: Les Miles.

4. Florida Gators (7-1, 6-1)

Florida’s game is about securing the football, running the ball, field position, and a good kicking game. When turnovers occur, the game plan unravels. The offense isn’t explosive enough to compensate. Going into Georgia, Florida had 4 turnovers all year. Against Georgia, they had 6 turnovers. The game was a mess and truly should have been a blow out in favor of Georgia.

The Florida defense is still one of the best defenses in the country and will keep the Gators in any game. The running game and kicking game are also above average meaning Florida can beat a lot of teams. While the SEC East race is likely out of reach, Florida still can back into the BCS with a win over Florida State (potential ACC Champ) and if Georgia loses in the SECCG.

Ranked wins: #5 LSU, #8 South Carolina, #16 Texas A&M

Key games remaining: #9 Florida State

Did you know: Florida’s passing game is rated 118 out of 124 in the country.

5. Texas A&M Aggies (6-2, 3-2)

We’re putting the Aggies in over the Gamecocks. Both South Carolina and Texas A&M lost to Florida and LSU. The Gamecocks lost these on the road, while the Aggies lost both at home; however, the Aggies kept both games extremely close. They don’t have a blow out loss.

Moreover, with the loss of Marcus Lattimore, the Gamecocks definitely take a step back not only in talent, but in leadership. As Johnny Manziel gets mentioned in the Heisman race, we’re putting the Aggies in the five spot, but it’s a close one between the boys from College Station and the boys from Columbia.

Ranked wins: #25 Louisiana Tech

Key games remaining: #1 Alabama, #15 Mississippi State

Did you know: Johnny Manziel (29 TDs) has accounted for more TDs than 6 other SEC teams – Arkansas, Florida, Missouri, Vandy, Kentucky & Auburn.



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  • I agree, I think second best is a bit of a tie between Georgia and LSU. And fifth best is tied between South Carolina/TAMU.

  • I see you back pedaled quite a bit since last week on your ranking for Florida. I wouldn’t sell them short.

    I think you’re right in your assessment of the MSU/Bama game in that the game said more about the Tide than about the Bulldogs. I look to see TexAM removed from this list a week from now, as they lose in Starkville to a reconfigured and ready team of Bulldogs.

  • Im not trying to sound like a homer but i feel USC should get the edge at five. Both teams have the same record, lost to the same teams, however USC lost both games in hostile road enviorments during primetime television in a top ten matchup, and A&M lost to both team at noon at home. Also USC’s ranked win is over a top ten team while A&M snuck one out agains a team from a non BCS confrence while giving up 57 points.

    • On top of that we lead lsu most of the game, and then we had to travel to the swamp while recovering from the lsu game. We dismantled A top 5 team on top of that. We somehow pulled out a win against a very desperate Tennessee when NO ONE wanted to be out there in the second half playing. I mean really guys? Come on.

      • Gentlemen,

        You have to take into account that SC lost the best RB in the SEC. With that loss, TAM gets the edge over them. That makes complete sense to a non-biased perspective

        • We went 11-2 last year playing the whole backend of our schedule without Marcus last year. Our only qualty game remaining is Clemson who we demolished without Marcus last year. TAM has at least one if not two losses left on the schedule. Kenny Miles has proven he can step up, and we are not losing Marcus’s leadership as im sure he will continue to be a large presence in the locker room. TAM has choked in every big game they have played this year and in no way has shown the can stop a formidable offense. We blow out number 2 on the list, almost beat number 3 in the countries greatest home field advantage, and we are still behind the team that’s greatest accomplishments so far are not being Missouri and having a freshman that dismantles weaker oppenents? C’mon man.

  • I actually agree with these rankings. I think South Carolina is overrated in the BCS where they are as two-loss team. I think Texas A&M would eat their lunch. Also, I think Kevin Sumlin’s done a hell of a job in his first year. We’ll find out these week who the third best team in the West actually is – TAMU or Miss St. In addition, I still think Florida gets to the Sugar Bowl if Alabama goes to the national championship because after we dismantle FSU in Nov., we’ll jump a two-loss Georgia team.

  • You rewarded UGA far too much for their ugly win over UF. The “Biggest game of the year”? What about that USC game where they got slaughtered, wasn’t USC ranked #3 and wouldn’t that game be every bit as big at the time? You said yourself that the UGA vs Florida game should have been a blowout. UGA IS NOT in any way the second best team in the SEC and I’m sure if there were a rematch with Florida or USC you’d cast your winning vote against UGA in both cases. I also think TAMU is better than Georgia, which would put UGA at #6 on my list. Yeah, I know, they beat Florida or was it that Florida really beat themselves? Drop Georgia to 6th and Throw USC in at 4th behind Florida and I can agree then.

    • Yes. Cause that makes sense. UGA wins…and they still are worse than Florida. And of course, UGA didn’t actually takeaway the ball…Florida was trying to lose, or give UGA a handicap, or didn’t really want to go to the SECCG or NC. Doesn’t it all make sense now? UGA isn’t actually good. In fact, while we are at it we should just have Mississippi State ranked above UGA. Hell, let’s just put Ole Miss above UGA too.
      I mean it isn’t like Florida played an ugly game against LSU and TAMU. In fact, Florida is obviously the best team in the nation. We should just count that loss as a win. In fact, you know what? We should just award Florida the crystal right now. Sound good everybody? Florida is your new SEC Champions and National Champs! Hooray!

      • So by you’re reasoning shouldn’t South Carolina be higher than Georgia? I mean we completely beat y’all like a dead horse didn’t we? There’s this thing called a big game hangover that even happens to the best teams. Georgia wouldn’t know what that is though since they only play about two a year that are at least a month apart. Georgia is STILL overrated. I really hope ole miss beats y’all just so we can stop praising you fools.

        • No. Because South Carolina lost to games already. That is why they are lower. And I can’t believe how bitter all the other East teams are. Just give us credit. We beat a team that everyone was saying would demolish us.

      • Are there any Georgia fans out there that are over the age of 12 who can actually comprehend a sentence as well as form one? The attempt at logic and/or reason in the paragraph above is pathetic. Who are the bitter one’s here? By the way, UGA lost to a “2 Loss” team, got slaughtered and manhandled in every category. Far more a convincing win than the stink fest in Jax.

        • This is crazy. You are mocking my logic? Let me rephrase your argument:
          Georgia isn’t as good a team as Florida even though they beat Florida, because they lost to South Carolina.
          The “my team beat a team that beat you” argument barely works before the teams play the game, much less after the teams have played. You are just bitter, and jealous due to Florida losing the game and are trying to cope with the fact that

        • (not sure what just happened, my computer posted the comment before I was ready) you lost to a team that you went around claiming you would demolish. And now, instead of acting like a gentleman or accepting you defeat with honor, you have to try to take away from Georgia fans the obvious victory in beating Florida.

        • #1 Jecmoore, that is not my argument (have you always had trouble with comprehension skills?)
          #2 I’m not bitter nor jealous, sheesh boy, I’m in my late 40s, I don’t play my daddy your daddy crap like you youngins.
          #3 I never claimed Florida would “demolish” Georgia” so why do you insist on pulling crap out of @$$?
          #4 The author himself said “the UGA win over Florida should have been a blowout and it wasn’t even close to a blowout.
          #5 Just because Team A beats team B does not inf act make Team A a “better team” nor does it signify team A is even a “good” team, it just means they won that particular game.
          #6 You mock your own logic young man. You contradict yourself for one and you also base far too many conclusions on what was simply a “lucky” win and showed mostly imperfections, not skills and great execution. Go argue with the other kids, I prefer intelligent discussion and debate!

        • 1) Georgia won. End of discussion. Doesn’t matter if they won by 100 or by 1. They won the game.
          2) You used as a case for your argument that Georgia losing to South Carolina was reason to believe that Georgia wasn’t as good. In your own words “What about that USC game where they got slaughtered, wasn’t USC ranked #3 and wouldn’t that game be every bit as big at the time?” I can’t understand how it is relevant, considering they have since dropped two games, and Georgia didn’t lose again.
          3) About your below argument concerning, USC-Arizona or FSU-NC State. This isn’t the same situation at all. Arizona and NC State both had dropped 2 or more games by the time they had played their respective teams AND won on fourth quarter touchdowns. They did not dictate the pace of the game like Georgia did to Florida. They did not limit either USC or FSU to just 88 yards on the ground. They did not FORCE 6 turnovers. They do not have the talent or the coaching that Georgia has. So obviously, trying to use two other teams to help improve your already pathetic case…well…doesn’t help.
          4) LSU won an ugly contest with Auburn. I don’t see you fighting for Auburn saying they must be better than LSU. Florida won an ugly game against LSU, yet do you or did you see LSU fans claiming that because it was close, LSU was better? No. Or how about TAMU? Did you see them claiming they were better than you? Or South Carolina better than LSU? No. We saw none of that with other close/ugly games. Only in this case. Only with Florida. Only when you lose, get manhandled, and want to retain some kind of pride, but only lose it in the process.
          5) Georgia has a lead in the following catagories:
          Points per Game
          Total Offense
          Passing Offense
          Pass Attempts
          QB Sacked Per Game (Georgia’s 1.5 to Florida’s 3.2)
          Rush yards per Attempt (UGA’s 5.1 to UF’s 4.4)

          Florida is marginally better in these categories:
          Rushing Offense (Florida’s 196 to Georgia’s 195, while UF rushes 8 times more)
          Turnover Margin (UF’s +1.0 to UGA’s +.4)
          Sacks per Game (UF’s 2.0 to UGA’s 1.9)

          Hopefully, you see the point that UGA’s offense is leaps and bounds better than Florida’s, while Georgia will continue to close the gap between our defenses. Obviously, you forgot to do your homework.

        • Wow, it must have just shocked the daylights out of you to see you WERE WRONG , So you just had to pick thru the stats to see which ones you could swallow and print. That’s what I’m talking about, you pull crap out of your @$$ when you don’t know what you’re talking about then try to obscure the Truth! Florida leads Georgia in almost eveery single category but 2 and that’s against far better teams.
          You want to post stats, here ya go:
          Kickoff Return Yardage Defense: UF-#20 UGA-#48
          Interceptions Thrown: Florida-3 Georgia-8
          Kick Returns: Florida-47 Georgia-55
          Net Punting Florida-#1 Georgia-103rd
          Kickoff Return Yardage Defense: Florida #20 Georgia #48
          Passes Intercepted: Florida #18 Georgia #58
          Passing Defense: Florida #16 Georgia #26
          Passing Efficiency Defense: Florida #3 Georgia #43
          Punt Returns Florida #50 Georgia #71
          Red Zone Defense Florida #25 Georgia #38
          Red Zone offense Florida #30 Georgia #67
          Rushing Defense: Florida #13 Georgia #58
          Rushing Offense: Florida #34 Georgia #35
          Sacks Florida & Georgia tied at #56
          Scoring Defense Florida #4 Georgia #35
          Time of possession Florida #4 Georgia #84
          Total Defense Florida #6 Georgia #38
          Turnover Margin Florida #13 Georgia #38
          Turnovers gained Florida #24 Georgia #40
          Turnovers lost Florida #20 Georgia #43
          Now wise @$$, the only thing missing is passing offense and total offense which Georgia does lead in. Now you want to explain to me and everyone else again how Georgia is so much better , as you put it so many times earlier? You can’t WISH or LIE them into being a better team than they are! There’s a reason Vegas bookies favored UF to win, they’re all idiots like me! And I forgot, a few other stats…………
          Most whining and crying by a fan who’s team won: Jecmoore #1
          Most made up “facts” Jecmoore #1
          Most posts on this thread: Jecmoore #1
          Most intolerance to other’s opinions: Jecmoore #1
          Now go bother someone else before I slap that silly little sailor hat and smile off your face!!
          And if any of you other DAWG fans want to dispute the facts, go see http: //www.ncaa. com/stats/football/fbs/current/team/ and get em yourselves!!

        • and yet you’ll still probably have to be watching THEM play Dec. 1st from a trailer park in greater metro Waldo………. call it poetic justice.

        • Davetidwell, if Georgia does make it to Atlanta, I’ll actually enjoy watching them get embarrassed by “Whoever” represents the West. Normally I’d root for the East champ or Bama for NCG reasons, but this year I’m almost glad Florida won’t have to suffer the embarrassment. And I’m sorry you’re stuck in that trailer park, I hope its not a camper trailer. I may be at the Beach house but depends it on weather, either way, I’ll be watching and I’ll try to remember how good I was told Georgia was, in spite of all the records and stats.

    • Oh wow…bitter much? …listen I know y’all like to say UF “gave” us that game but if you watched the game you saw that we took that game. Our defense outplayed yours and was just straight gettin after that ass for 4 quarters. LSU couldnt stop ther run…neither could SC …but we did. we forced driskel to pass and blitzed him every time he did. Give credit where due.

      • I’d say holding Florida to 150 yards total offense is considered slowing it down…

      • Georgia “WON” the ballgame!! That’s not the point!! NC State beat Florida State, did they jump them in the polls? Did they all of a sudden become the better team? NO!! Stanford beat Southern Cal, who’s ahead in the polls? Southern Cal. LSU Lost to Florida why are they ranked higher here? South Carolina DESTROYED Georgia, they’re ranked lower though. ITs not about that game. ITS ABOUT WHO IS BETTER, and UGA is NOT BETTER !!

        • You are an idiot. It literally takes less than a minute to go to, and see the rankings. Stanford is ranked higher (14th to USC’s 17th). And how is UGA not better? You keep claiming we aren’t better? But how aren’t we? We have a better run game, and pass game. We have more playmakers on the defensive side of the ball (4 projected first round NFL draft picks, anyone?). We have the more experienced coach, or in all honesty better coach. Congratulation you can scream that Georgia lost to South Carolina, but then South Carolina went on to lose two games. Florida lost to Georgia HEAD TO HEAD, and they both have one loss. You are just ignorant and show it when you claim Florida is better after losing. This isn’t like NC State who had already 2 games, and was being out played most of the game, winning on a 4th quarter surge. Georgia controlled the entire game, never once having to panic like Florida was the entire fourth quarter.

        • No Punk you’re the “IDIOT” yeah I said Stanford when I meant to say ARIZONA dipstick, I made a mistake, it happens. Also you’re friggin Illiterate or something when it comes to what I actually said when it is IN PRINT right above there to see. I said GEORGIA IS NOT THAT GOOD!! They aren’t as good as Florida, they aren’t as good as USC (use your own logic there) and they aren’t as good as LSU. I also believe they probably aren;t as good as TAMU. Now I might be wrong, but I say Georgia loses again before the season is over and UF and USC won’t. Georgia is NOT “THAT GOOD” period. I won’t change my mind and you can cry and whine and name call all you want. Its about FOOTBALL, not Team spirit!! Man I can’t stand PUNKS like you!

        • And you need to CORRECT YOURSELF..your comprehensions skills suck!! Florida leads Georgia in every category Defensively and also leads Georgia in Rushing, Time of possession, fewest interceptions………….At least get your facts straight sonny boy!!

    • I agree. Florida beat themselves and UGA has the luxury of the easiest schedule in the SEC.

      • Careful Buzz, you might hurt someone’s feelings. In all my rambling replies I failed to mention that “cupcake” schedule Georgia’s been playing. Many people don’t realize how advantageous it is to not get “Beat up” and injured week in week out playing tough teams. FSU, Southern Cal, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan and many others lived on that “padded schedule” theory for many years. Fortunately the BCS has changed that thinking but soft schedules still do exist all over the nation.

  • Sounds like one Fl fan is not a happy camper. Fun thing about college football is that we can all have our teams and our own ideas on where they should be ranked or how good they are. In the end it all comes down to “did they play their best when they needed to”. A team can be LOADED with play makers that blowout every team they play, but if don’t show up to play in their BIG games then they will be watching CG’s from home. In the end it sorts itself out and all you are left with is what you played for in the end. UGA wins out they play for a national title while at the same time if FL wins out they play for Sugar bowl that’s what tells me who is the better team. Heated arguments don’t change the facts.

    • Greg, you’re not delusional. You’re rational and use good logic. Now if I call you an idiot and put words in your mouth (things you did not say) just because I disagree with your opinion, while using made up facts that don’t exist, what would that make me?
      Now since I agree completely with your opinion, let me add that if Florida does win out as you say, but Georgia doesn’t, Florida could very well be playing for a NC and yes, it would tell you who is the better team as well. My opinion is Georgia isn’t good enough to do it, does that make me an idiot? I don’t think Florida is good enough to do it either, but I also in no way believe Georgia is better than Florida, LSU and USC, so does that make me an idiot or warrant disrespect and posting tantrums from anyone? I Typed one paragraph voicing my opinion TO THE AUTHOR and this punk starts throwing a tantrum. In real life I could slap the Dog%^&* out of him but this is the internet and every punk with an attitude can hide behind his computer. I also find it odd that no one who knows better has bothered to correct the punk.

      • Like I said, in the end we are all just fans of our teams. My opinion is that UGA hasn’t showed thier true potenial yet and for all I know we may never do it this season. I think that Fl was and still is in a rebuilding year. Yes they won some tuff close games and showed they are pointing the ship in the right direction but I just don’t see the playmakers on the feild YET (I’m sure some are looking that way after this year) and that isn’t to say there arn’t any now butI just don’t see it yet. I think Ga right now has more playmakers on the field, some who just haven’t opened up yet. Like all thinks this is the opinion of one Ga fan and could very well be wrong. No one can be faulted for loyalty to thier teams, and I’m sure Fl will be waiting all year to get back to Jax. Till then good luck and enjoy the rest of your season. GO DAWGS!

  • At least normalcy has returned to the rankings. Although I understand the motivation of Kevin’s argument the previous weeks for UF’s position at the top of the rankings, I think most readers knew it was a reach.

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