SEC Week 12 bowl projections


Texas A&M shocked the world this weekend. Georgia punched their ticket to Atlanta, and they will likely play Alabama in the SEC Championship, assuming the Tide do beat the Auburn Tigers in the Iron Bowl.

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Sugar Bowl: Alabama
Fiesta Bowl: Texas A&M
Capital One Bowl: Georgia
Outback Bowl: Florida
AT&T Cotton Bowl: LSU
Chick-fil-A Bowl: South Carolina
Gator Bowl: Mississippi State
Music City Bowl: Tennessee
Liberty Bowl:  Vanderbilt
BBVA Compass Bowl: Ole Miss
Independence Bowl: Missouri

To clarify Texas A&M to the Fiesta… at large teams don’t have to be the next best ranked team. So, Florida, Georgia, LSU can all still be ranked ahead of the Aggies, and the Fiesta can still take Texas A&M. And they will. It’s a better fit geographically. Johnny Manziel is going to be a Heisman finalist (at least). A&M fans will travel in droves to this game. LSU, Florida, Georgia? Not as much.

If Georgia beats Alabama in the SECCG, A&M still might still be the at large team over Alabama. Both would be two loss teams, and Alabama fans aren’t going to be excited about playing in the Fiesta. Not as much as A&M fans will be.

Fascinating developments, no?

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  • This sucks. Not you Kevin. The system sucks. LSU and Florida will have beaten TAMU, but one win is able to propel them above everyone, and we forget about their loses.
    Georgia loses one game and no one forgets about it.
    IT SUCKS. The BCS should only be able to take the Division winners. Not just another good team from the conference.

    • Does it really matter if you’re not in the BCS Championship? You have to win. That’s what it is all about. The Aggies aren’t playing for a national title. They’re going to get an at large bid which is just about getting the most people to travel to the game. If you’re Georgia, you need to win the SECCG. If you do that you’re in the Sugar Bowl at a minimum.

      • Because. If we lose, then TAMU (the fifth ranked team in the SEC standings) while the SEC East division winner is stuck in the Capital One Bowl. At best.How is that fair?

        • Because they beat Alabama and you didn’t?

        • Good grief man. If you want fairness, go talk to Obama. The Bowls have the freedom to select the teams they want within the selection guidelines. It’s not about who wins what division.

        • No. Because TAMU will have finished as the fifth ranked team in the SEC. Georgia will be the SEC East division winner. Are you telling me that a team that is fifth its conference, should finish ahead of a team that won their division?

        • The bowls aren’t tied to division winners, especially for an at large bid like the Fiesta Bowl. TAMU makes more sense than Georgia if Alabama wins the SECCG. I still think that if Florida beats FSU they should get the at large if Georgia loses but I suppose A&M will do.

        • Sorry dude but Sabanite is right…and if we do not beat Bama we dont deserve a BCS bowl anyways. Id say a two loss A&M team is more impressive at that point but would be straight pissed if UF got in. Go FSU!!! haha

      • You think its fair we had to go to death valley and the swamp back to back? No it sucked. Oh well though. You think its fair we bent Georgia over and went to town on them yet we have to watch them play in Atlanta? That sucks even more. But that’s football for you. If it was “fair” where would all the excitement be?

        • Here’s what I think. Because people are lost in the translation. UGA and Bama
          BOTH still have a shot to play for the NC. The season isn’t over yet. Oregon and
          K-State both still have 2 games PLUS their respective conference championship
          games to play. Oregon is most likely going to have to play USC again, but they
          have to get past Stanford unscathed. KSU has a tough test in Texas to get through
          yet everyone is closing the door on the SEC. If there is only ONE undefeated team
          at the end, then the SEC will be in the NC game. PERIOD!

        • JPDawgFan1, What do you mean you will be pissed if UF gets a BCS bowl berth?
          Look at the BCS right now. Who in the top 10 has 3 wins over BCS teams?…4 if they can some how be FL State. They are more deserving than any other team in the top 10 in the BCS standings. A 6 turnover game against UGA and we still had a shot at the end! UGA gets the living heck beat out of them by SC and they deserve a BCS. Also, UGA did not win the SEC east, there is a 3 way tie and because of how the games played out they get to represent the East. One ? to all, if all 3 undefeated teams loose, then who gets to play for the BCS?

        • G8R: Actually UGA did win the East. South Carolina has lost to conference games, putting them solidly in the third place, with no argument for a share of the division crown at all. Florida has a single loss…but to UGA. Giving UGA the tie-breaker and making us the sole division crown winner. Not some “three way tie”. Granted you beat 3 top 10 opponents, but you offense is terrible. I mean horrid. Like I have never seen one that bad. And because it you require you defense to hold opponents to no more than 20 points, as you struggled to put even that on board. Obviously Florida was getting lucky, as evident by the two back to back games where they failed to impress against much lesser opponents.

        • The good thing is we can always count on the gamecocks to choke. The outcome of the game is starting to become less and less important because you always find a way to get 2 losses anyway. Go Dawgs. Beat Bama

      • It matters a lot… Payout to national championship game to each team is $18 million and to all other BCS bowls $17 million. This is on avg. approx $15 million more than the next best couple of sec bowls. Not to mention the recruiting attention a team receives when they go BCS. You should try thinking a bit before you state something.

    • As a Georgia fan you shouldn’t be complaining about anything. Look at your schedule. Maybe if you actually showed up against South Carolina you might not be complaining at all.

    • I agree with Jecmoore. It’s ridiculous. Why would a two loss Aggie team get the nod over a two loss Georgia team? It’s like we are getting punished for winning our division. Since we won our division, we get to go to the SEC Championship and IF (which btw is most definitely not a sure thing) we lose to Bama, we should still get the at large. We were in our conference championship for gods sake

      • Try going undefeated within your division one year, and not even getting a chance to play in the SECCG…Why do Georgia fans beg so much for stuff they don’t deserve!

        • Carolina fans always seem to forget that this division has existed longer than the three to four years they’ve been relevant. Carolina is not the first team to ever feel they got shut out of the SECCG, they’re just now caring for the first time because they finally feel they have some claim to it.

          I’m not debating that South Carolina is a great team (I was in Columbia, and I know they are), but really, don’t get on to UGA for whining while you bring that argument in here. UGA didn’t make its SEC schedule any more than Carolina made theirs. Moving on.

        • Haha I feel like if Carolina was going to the dome you wouldn’t be whining as much

        • Let me say it like this.
          At the end of the year, the SEC standings will probably look like this,
          West: 1. Alabama (11-1) 2. LSU (10-2) 3. TAMU (10-2)
          East: 1. Georgia (11-1) 2. Florida (11-1/10-2) 3. SCar (11-1/10-2)
          Not sure if SCar and Florida will win, but they should.
          Either way, the final combined standing will probably look like this:
          1/2. Alabama (12-1/11-2) or Georgia (12-1/11-1) 3. Florida (11-1/10-2), 4. LSU (10-2) 5. TAMU (10-2) 6. SCar (11-1/10-2)
          Either way, Alabama or Georgia will be the #1 or #2 teams as they are the division winners. But Georgia or Alabama will get snubbed of a BCS bowl due to geography for TAMU. Even though, TAMU will be the fifth ranked team in the SEC.
          Now how does that make sense?

        • I guess there are worst things to be arguing about when 6 teams within the top 10 of BCS are all in the SEC with comparable records…pretty amazing stuff…

  • Ole Miss won’t be going to a bowl this year..lost the chance after this week

    • You can beat Mississippi State. Easy.

      • I sure do hope so. For 3 years in a row though, State has played their best game of the year in the Egg Bowl. Hopefully for the Rebels they’ll continue this horrible run they’re on now

        • I’ve got my Egg Bow tickets, but I’m nervous about that game. I thought seriously about selling them so I could sit at home and scream and cuss in private. It’s definitely winnable, but can we keep competing in the 2nd half? That’s been our problem all year. We run out of gas in the 3rd and 4th quarter and our opponents know this. They also know Jeff Scott is gonna run toads the sidelines every time he is handed the ball. Seems its become his routine.

  • I think you underestimate the value of the A&M/UT series. That will generate a ton of buzz and will be a great game. UT will want to prove they still dominate the Aggies and that the SEC is overrated, and A&M will want to atone for all the disdain UT has shown the Ags all these years. It may appeal mostly to those of us in Texas, but for those of us in Texas…wow.

    • @Sacrebleu …SEC- Overrated?? Have you looked at the polls lately, all year as a matter of fact. Am I understanding your comment correctly?

    • Are you assuming that Texas would make the Fiesta? Dream on! Believe me Texas wants no part of TAMU…TAMU would crush them like Oklahoma did earlier this year…

    • I’ve got to agree with Michaelgibson and CarolinaFanatic. A&M has experienced the SEC West “trial by fire” and they’re not the same team anymore. Next time A&M and Texas get the chance to play again, I wouldn’t look for the traditional outcome.

    • I agree with you Sacrebleu! My husband is an Aggie and he was sincerely torn after the win Saturday. “WE BEAT BAMA!! But, now we probably won’t go to the Cotton Bowl and trounce UT …” It was a difficult thing for him. He’s never wanted UT to play better in his life, but he desperately wants that match-up to happen!

      I think it’s something most of the rest of the SEC doesn’t understand because nearly all our rivals are in conference and the ones that aren’t we still play every year. The A&M/UT rivalry is as old as most in the SEC and just came to a screeching halt when the Teasips started acting like the crazy ex in a bad break up. Is it hard to believe that Aggies want to prove that UT is washed up while they’re thriving?

      • from a rivalry standpoint and just to throw a big “screw you” to texas, i think it would be a great matchup if they play each other. plus, tamu fans will finally get their chance to chant “SEC SEC SEC” after they stomp em. on another note, as mad as i am at them for ruining the SECs lock on a 7th title, i gotta hand it to them for coming into the conference and proving they belong.

  • so many top ten teams and so few decent bowl games. after the cotton and capital one, nothing else is worth getting excited about.

    • Tell me about it…we will be a Top 10 BCS team playing in the stupid Chik-Fila Bowl…

      • im really hoping for the SEC champ to stomp the other team so the second loss will drop them down behind us and hopefully florida loses to fsu.if the cards fall right, we could very well be back in the capital one.

        • if dealt a perfect hand Notre Dame loses to USC, Oregon loses to one of the tougher teams they play next, Carolina beats Clemson + what you said = Bama back in title game and Carolina in the Sugar

  • At least next year you will finally play someone decent from the West Division…but once again USC gets schedule screwed…only SEC team with three consecutive road games (2 of which are the long distance Ark and Mizz) without a bye week in between any of them…

    • Are you seriously complaining about long distance road games?? Look at A&M. Their first year in the conference and they have to go to Auburn, Miss.St. and Alabama in back to back to back weeks. But THEY find a way to win. So stop complaining.

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