TCU Head Coach Says SEC Players Have A Different Gene


Yes. We’ve heard it all now. From speed to genetics, we’ve officially heard it all.

TCU head coach Gary Patterson said indeed it’s all in the genetics:

“There are a lot of good players every where else,” Patterson told the Star-Telegram. “If you look at the NFL per capita, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi they put out more NFL players than anywhere else in the country. It’s the body types in the regions of the United States that make a difference, too. You are going to find the skill players, but what we don’t have as much in [Texas] is the size of bodies of offensive and defensive linemen that the southeast part of the United States has. It’s the gene pool.

“Alabama is playing with 350 pound guys. Like the guy who just transferred to Texas; he’s 6-7, 340. They ain’t had 6-7, 340 guy forever that can run like he does.

“(The state of Texas) has skill players. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 1-A or 5-A, they can all run. I’m not knocking what we do here at all. It’s just a different body type.”

One day maybe Patterson and Chip Kelly will admit that while there maybe a different type of ‘body’ or ‘gene’ associated with the SEC football player, a ton of it has to do with coaching. The best players want to play for the best programs and the best coaches, period.

Maybe one day Patterson, and everyone else, will admit the SEC has all the best coaches as well.

However, football games are all won in the trenches, and obviously the defensive line is the entire focus of conversation.

There’s just a different player (and coach!) in the SEC.



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  • If I understand Gary’s comment correctly, I believe he is referring to the number of professional players per person who lives in the state, not the number of players who played their college football at the state university.

  • Its all the beans & cornbread. Nothing better than good old Southern comfort & soul food. The long hot summer practices condition the players to be tough.

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