Tennessee fans going nuts over Jon Gruden rumors


If you’re a Vols fan without an internet connection, you’re probably curious about how the Vols will fare against the South Carolina Gamecocks on Saturday. If you are a member of the web-savvy group of Vols fans, you’ve probably forgotten who Tennessee plays this weekend. The reason of course is the flurry of Jon Gruden to Knoxville rumors circling the web.

Like essentially everyone else, we have no information on whether this is happening or isn’t happening. Some folks on message boards are claiming its a done deal. I’m pretty sure I read at some point that Gruden was a done deal to Miami and Florida at various times, too.

While I would love to see Gruden in the SEC, I remain very skeptical. Gruden is a star at ESPN and likely enjoys the much easier schedule he has at his current gig when compared to being a head coach of a major college football program in the SEC.

Gruden has a history in Knoxville. He served as a Graduate Assistant for the Vols from 1986-1987. His wife is also a graduate of UT.

I love college football for a number of reasons, but one of them is that there’s always something to talk about. When your team is in the dumps, rumors like Jon Gruden and Pete Carroll (I’m looking at you, Arkansas) are easy ways to keep you busy and distracted from every day life.



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  • I would love to see Gruden in Knoxville! I’m just skeptical. The Gruden thing gets mentioned for any coaching vacancy these days.

  • UT is a great job, but I doubt Gruden is even looking to leave his cushy, well-paying job at ESPN. If the Vols let Dooley go, they will get their man.

  • Gruden’s name has come up for every premier job opening over the past 3-4 years. Absolutely zero chance this happens.

  • Gruden has said many times that he is very content with the job he has and has no interest in going back to the coaching ranks. However, just like anyone else, for the right amount of money anything is possible. I think he would do great at Tennessee.

  • Gruden can’t leave the NFL… he too in love with his players on Monday football. Every player is the absolute best at something! He has some serious man crushes.

    • I always wonder how Gruden has the opportunity to sit down and chat with virtually every person on the field before a game. The third string punter come into the game, without a doubt John Gruden will say something like “now I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with this young man. And let me tell you, he is a gamer. His Alma Mater Northwest Mountain Technical College knows how to train their punters.”

  • Every major coaching vacancy stats with the name ‘Jon Gruden.” However, Gruden has a soft sport for UT in his heart… It was his first ever coaching job, his wife graduated from UT, and he has family in the East TN region… Now these things alone would not sway him. Dave Hart (UT athletic director) would have to throw a huge contract at him which Tennessee boosters would be willing to do. Jim Haslem, new owner of the Cleveland Browns, is one of the biggest Tennessee Vol fans on the planet and he would make sure a big named coach restored this once great program.

    Gruden + TN facilities + great fanbase = wins

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