Destination Jerry World: A plea for Texas A&M and Texas in the Cotton Bowl


What was once considered a pipe dream for Texas A&M fans is becoming a reality with every passing Saturday: Texas A&M could face Texas in the Cotton Bowl. It was a shame for all college football fans that this rivalry and November staple disappeared from the 2012 schedule. It’s just too important to fans in Texas and college football as a whole to bury the rivalry forever.

However, the chance of rekindling the rivalry was drastically improved by the Aggies’ dominant 38-13 performance against Mississippi State and Texas’ 31-22 win over Texas Tech Saturday.

You think Aggie fans are excited to take on Alabama this week? No doubt they are, but it doesn’t come close to the excitement of the potential matchup against hated rival Texas in the Cotton Bowl. It’s becoming an unbridled excitement sweeping across the state of Texas as this game looks like it will happen more every week.

Forget the Aggies or Longhorns wanting this game to happen – and it’s likely Texas does not – but what about Cotton Bowl president and CEO Rich Baker salivating over the potential matchup? He was quoted below last November just after the Longhorns kicked the game winning field goal in Kyle Field. You don’t think he’s thought about it since then, do you? Talk about a revenue generator.

“I think we’d have to have two or three stadiums worth of seats for all of the demand,” Baker said last November only a few minutes after last year’s game.

One of the most bitter rivalries in all of college football ended when the Aggies moved into the premier conference in the country this past season, but no doubt the Cotton Bowl could revive the Lonestar State’s greatest rivalry, of which Texas currently leads 76-37-5.

Can you imagine Johnny Manziel running circles around the Longhorns’ defense? Can you imagine Damontre Moore eating David Ash’s lunch in the backfield? Texas A&M would want nothing more than to pound the Longhorns in their home state with that SEC on their chest and finish what Oklahoma started with the Mack Brown hot seat talks.

For the love of college football, this game has to happen in Jerry World January 4th.

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  • This has been one of my favorite college football seasons. Some of these bowl scenarios look like they could really be amazing! I vote for Texas and Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl!

  • I think you’ll find the majority of Aggies aren’t interested. They had their chance to play us on Thanksgiving and bailed. It will happen again someday (after Dodds is gone), but for now, Aggies are so happy to be clear of any forced interaction with the most arrogant fan base and program on the planet, the mere thought of it is nauseating. Their program is reeling. Trying to call themselves an SEC-like team. Squeaking out wins against teams like Kansas. Coach is constantly whining about the LHN and now the downward horns hand sign. Fans calling for his head. Meanwhile, A&M is the feel good story of the ’12 season and the sky is the limit. Recruiting momentum is swinging rapidly towards College Station. They need us a million times more than we need them. No thanks.

    • Disagree 100%.
      The transition is going better than we could have reasonably hoped for this summer. We are in the SEC, We are competing. We are recruiting. Meanwhile.. texas is trudging along with an inferior product. The LHN, while making them rich, certainly isn’t making them happy. And.. to top it off, our “gonna-be-so-much-better” replacements are in the bottom half of the Big12. We have already won. The only thing we didn’t get our way was the ability to join the SEC, while still playin texas every year. And don’t kid yourself… while it may not be a necessity for aggies anymore, it’s still desired. Texas is doing their thing and forcing us to think about what we did wrong by not playing us for a few years.. So how effin perfect would it be for Texas to not get their way and be forced by the bowl gods to play us anyways. Icing on the cake to an already glorious season. And to top it off… who here doesn’t think we wouldn’t destroy them? Hello !! Recruiting !! SEC’s Aggies pounding the hell outta the longhorns at a top tier bowl !!! Like I said.. We’ve already won this whole realignment thing here… but in the words of Mortal Kombat… “Finish Him !!!”

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