Video: Texas A&M vs. Alabama highlights

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Comments 4

  1. i bet they can’t beat an NFL team huh??? Laughable

    • You do realize no one from Alabama said that. It was Spurrier. I guess he was sadly trying to do some ‘mind game’ on a bunch of teenage boys???

  2. Low_IBU
    Commented : 1 year ago

    The early scores on BAMA took them out of their grind it out offense and put all the weight on McCarron – they are not used to playing from behind – that is apparent. Defensive schemes by the Aggies caused confusion on the BAMA O-line all night, but seeing a Sabin team have to take time outs because they couldn’t keep up with the no huddle offense of the Aggies was the highlight for me.

    Don’t forget the Aggies have had ZERO weeks off because of the hurricane, and this was the third straight road game – any discussion of hangover or fatigue needs to include those facts.

    Great games are only great because of great opponents – all respect to the Tide – they are the class of the SEC. Gig’em Aggies!

    • Congrats to A&M (even though my dad was a Longhorn). Didn’t get to see the game so just saw the highlights above. Was a bummer to see the under throws to Cooper and Bell both of which would have resulted in TDs. Instead those deep drives ended with a fumble and INT. It was the Aggies’ day, not Bama’s.