The SEC embarrasses the ACC

NCAA Football: Florida at Florida State

It may have been a holiday week, but the Atlantic Coastal Conference didn’t have much to be thankful for. Earlier in the week, Maryland – a founding member of the conference – decided to bolt the league despite a thought-to-be impenetrable $50 million exit fee driven by the recent partnership with Notre Dame.

Saturday, the SEC showed the world that the gap between the best football league in America and the ACC is as wide as ever.

  • Florida 37, Florida State 26
  • South Carolina 27, Clemson 17
  • Georgia 42, Georgia Tech 10
  • Vanderbilt 55, Wake Forest 21

Two teams that didn’t even win their own division in the SEC beat the top two teams in the ACC in Florida and South Carolina – both games on the road in ACC territory. The Gamecocks were without their starting quarterback. It didn’t matter. Georgia and Vanderbilt smoked their respective rivals.

It’s yet another reminder that the SEC brand of football is second to none. Meanwhile, either Georgia or Alabama will likely be favored against Notre Dame in the national championship game. Johnny Manziel from the 10-2 Aggies will be a Heisman finalist at a minimum.

2012 has been a stellar season for the league. While we won’t have an All-SEC BCS Championship (we can’t have one every year can we?), the year was far better for the league as a whole compared to 2011. Compare the top half of the SEC with the top half of any other league and you’ll laugh. The SEC remains strong and will continue to dominate in the years to come.

Photo Credit: Kevin Liles-US PRESSWIRE




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