Three from SEC make top 10 coaching jobs in all of football

uspw_6819220 had an interesting article today about the top 10 coaching jobs in all football – college and NFL. And you guessed it – Alabama, LSU and Florida all rank in the top ten, and Georgia made honorable mention.

Here is the summary for the three SEC teams:

6. Alabama
It doesn’t have the prettiest campus, the best stadium or the most populous recruiting base. But what it does have is an aura, a houndstooth history deep in championships. “Roll Tide” isn’t a saying; it’s a way of life. You either believe or you don’t.

Bama isn’t for everybody. Nick Saban has succeeded there because his intensity and expectations somehow exceed those of a fan base that doesn’t take L’s for an answer.

No athletic department spends more on its football program ($36.9 million in 2011) than Alabama. You are given every tool in the box to win. If you do, you become a coaching icon (and very, very rich), as Saban has become. If you don’t, you become an appetizer on Paul Finebaum’s radio show.

7. LSU
Surprised? Don’t be.

In the cutthroat SEC, there’s a lot to be said about an LSU program that almost always gets the best players in the recruiting-rich state. Plus, the Tigers can cherry-pick in Texas, Alabama and, of course, Australia.

Les Miles might be called the Mad Hatter, but he isn’t stupid. He did his square dance with Arkansas, but at the end of the day, he knew LSU could show him the money and give him the best opportunity to win a national title. Plus, there are few places where football matters more than at LSU.

9. Florida
Have you ever spent any quality time with Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley? I have. He basically spends every waking moment trying to figure out how to help his coaches win.

You need better facilities? He’ll do everything he can to make it happen. You need an increased budget for recruiting? For assistant coaches? For support staff? For whatever? Talk to Foley.

Foley is demanding, but the results on his watch have been nothing short of spectacular. So, yeah, you probably want to work for him if you’re a football coach interested in a national championship.

And did I mention there are about a gajillion quality recruits in the state? And that from a financial standpoint, Florida football revenue and overall program value easily overshadow those of Florida State and Miami?

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  • Notre Dame is too high. I’d argue that’s a very difficult job. The expectations of the fan base are huge and recruiting isn’t as easy with higher academic rules, cold weather and a plethora of top SEC programs to choose form for athletes today. In terms of the NFL, how is the Steelers not up there?

    • ND is decent once in 20+ years and its assumed to be top tier in every category regarding to football. Media is licking chops to jump on the coat tail of anything ND does. Sad really.

  • How is Georgia not a top ten? Overlooked yet again.

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