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Top 10 colleges for licensed merchandise sales

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According an article over at, the SEC has five schools that are in the top 10 for licensed merchandise sales.

Here is the top 10:

1. Texas
2. Alabama
3. Kentucky
4. Florida

5. Michigan
6. Louisiana State
7. North Carolina
8. Georgia
9. Notre Dame
10. Oklahoma

Likewise, they also listed the top 10 college vanity license plate sales:

1. Texas
2. Texas A&M
3. Oklahoma
4. Oklahoma State
5. Alabama
6. Arkansas
7. Louisiana State
8. Auburn
9. Mississippi

10. Texas Tech

T-shirts and apparel are always the most popular, with license plates being more of a novelty item for fans.

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Comments 8

  1. Vanity license plates must be a southern thing. 6 of the Top 10 are SEC schools and all 10 are SEC or Big 12 schools…

  2. Kentucky is a basketball crazy state. They are not selling that merchandise because of football.

  3. OK, I’m guessing you were a lineman – “the SEC has four schools that are in the top 10 for licensed merchandise sales” and the list includes FIVE? Is that new math? I don’t know, I graduated from MSU and our players can’t even get out of the fog machine…but if we win this weekend, we have a chance to start 7-0 (wow – talk about Georgia’s schedule) ….now, back to work.

    • Ronda
      Commented : 2 years ago

      Five schools are on the list above and on Would you like to check again or is this the new math at MSU? ; )
      2. Alabama
      3. Kentucky
      4. Florida
      6. Louisiana State
      8. Georgia

  4. Does this count vanity plates not sold in the same state? Because I know of a few Arkansas themed plates right here in Vegas…