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Florida Advertisement in UGA Student Newspaper

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Earlier this year, Mizzou turned some heads with a kind advertisement in the UGA Newspaper.

Well, now it’s Florida vs Georgia week and the rivalry took another step with the UGA student newspaper selling out an advertisement spot to a group of Florida Gators fans. Here’s the ad that ran in the paper this week:

Florida Georgia Jacksonville UGA Newspaper Advertisment

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Comments 6

  1. Pretty funny but I feel like this was planted by the UGA coaching staff.

  2. JakeT
    Commented : 1 year ago

    More money in our pockets.

  3. $20 says was an in-house publication to motivate the Dawgs.

  4. I agree with everyone else. No way this wasn’t planted by the coaching staff. The guys really need some motivation going into this huge game. It’s always a rough game against Florida, they need to step it up and show they belong.

  5. Kevin
    Commented : 1 year ago

    I agree. Looks like a plant.

  6. Don’t you FLA students feel about as small as a snail right about now? KARMA, hahahahahhaahhahahahahha!