UGA OC Mike Bobo commits recruiting violation, banned from off-campus recruiting for a month


Georgia’s offensive coordinator Mike Bobo recently had the audacity to escort a recruit and his mother to the NCAA Tennis Championships on UGA’s campus and did not make them pay the $8 admission (gasp). This was clearly an attempt to unfairly sway the recruit to play for the University of Georgia. We can’t have recruits getting free tickets to awesome sports like tennis matches now, can we?

Thankfully the Georgia athletic director has self-reported this egregious violation to the NCAA and subsequently banned Bobo from off-campus recruiting for a good month. Let’s all hope and pray that Bobo learns his lesson and never commits such an offense again.

From the AJC:

“To prevent similar violations of this nature in the future,” McGarity wrote, “the compliance staff met with the coaching staff as well as the ticket office and event management staff regarding the provisions of NCAA Bylaw and reiterated that prospective student-athletes may not receive complimentary admission to NCAA Championships or other postseason contests.”

Of course, I’m being sarcastic. This is yet again, another example of how ridiculous the NCAA and recruiting has become. Common sense left the building a long time ago.

Not only is it completely absurd that this “violation” was actually punished, but it is absurd that the Georgia athletic department has to take the time to write the repentant letter to the NCAA masters hoping that they agree with the judgement and sentence and that no further penalties will be enforced.

What a joke. This and all the other ridiculousness that comes with the NCAA bylaws will be the downfall of the NCAA.

Recruits, watch out for free admission to those tennis matches.



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  • I’m looking forward to the day when the major college football conferences kick the NCAA out of the sport and re-write the rules. The only worse organization than the NCAA is Congress. Kick em all out.

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