Uncensored Play-by-Play of the SEC Championship Game

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Alabama vs Georgia

15:00 1st

Let’s do this.  The winner of this game gets to crush Notre Dame’s dreams.

2012 SEC Championship12:00 1st

Gary Danielson calls Aaron Murray a Gym Rat, a term usually only associated with white point guards or white wide receivers.  I’ve never heard a quarterback called a gym rat.  This feels important.

11:00 1st

Tebow’s crying!  It’s not SEC Championship Saturday until we see a clip of Tim Tebow crying.  It won’t be the last.  Tebow crying has replaced Antonio Langham’s interception in 1992 as the go to SEC Championship clip.

9:33 1st

Jarvis Jones!  Suck it Manti Te’o!  The actual Best Linebacker in America hits a frozen A.J. McCarron and forces the ball lose and it’s grabbed by Christian Robinson.  Georgia ball on the Alabama 40.  Let’s see if Georgia can do something here to take advantage of Jarvis Jones being so nasty.

Imagine how filthy Jarvis Jones is going to be when he gets to the NFL and gets all that “Adderall”.

In unrelated news, Mark Richt is a strange color today.  He’s yellowish.  He looks like he has Jaundice.  Urban Meyer would retire if he was that color.

6:22 1st

Marshall Morgan pushes a 50-yard FG wide right.  Georgia Missed Opportunity: 1

3:56 1st

Whoa! Alabama goes for the fake punt on 4th-and-1.  They pick up the yard but only after a delay of game whistle, negating the first down.  Alabama punts.  Alabama Missed Opportunity: 1

:40 1st

Alabama’s front seven looks nasty today. Their secondary looks soft.  If Murray gets time, like he did on that 33-yard completion to Tavarres King, we could see some quick strikes.

End of 1st Quarter Alabama 0 Georgia 0

The first quarter was defined by huge defensive plays and costly penalties.

14:54 2nd

Fake!  Georgia Fakes the punt and picks up 4th-and-10.  Arthur Lynch hits Sanders Commings for the first down.

Sanders Commings sounds like one of Scarlet O’Hara suitors.  Sanders Commings can’t wait to lick those Yankee Bastards!

13:59 1st

Touchdown Georgia!  Aaron Murray hits Jay Rome for a 19-yard TD.  Very nice throw by Murray.  He looks sharp.

Georgia 7 Alabama 0

The Georgia Dome is looking a little rough.  Maybe it’s the lighting but the turf looks like lime green crushed velvet.  It’s not a good look.

12:45 1st

A.J. McCarron looks overwhelmed right now.  Georgia is in his face and in his head.  He hasn’t been the same since crying after the LSU game.  I think he is really self-conscious because of that.  Probably because he’s seen how often CBS pulls the Tebow crying footage.  He knows that crying makes you immortal.

11:25 1st

There is the first terrible Georgia drop of the day.  Arthur Lynch drops a nice pass on 3rd down.  It would have been short of the first, but drops happen to Georgia receivers in big games.

11:06 2nd

Is that Amari Cooper or Julio Jones?  I’m being serious.  That was an NFL caliber catch by a freshman, for a 44-yard gain.  Bacarri Rambo had nice coverage, but Cooper simply went over him and made the catch.

Gary Danielson said, “It’s not like Bacarri Rambo didn’t see it coming.  Georgia wasn’t fooled.  He was standing back there and jumped for the ball but one Great athlete out jumped another Good athlete.”

Damn, Bacarri, Gary just called you just a good athlete.  Did he have to be that honest?

CBS just showed Julio Jones on the sideline dressed like a member of One Direction.  That is exactly what I would do if I didn’t want people to know I was pretending to be Amari Cooper.  It’s almost too easy.

8:34 2nd

A.J. McCarron overthrows Christian Jones in the end zone but Alec Ogletree hit McCarron in the head with his helmet after the throw.  Personal foul every time.

CBS shows Mark Richt on the sideline yelling at the ref, “That’s Bull Crap!”  Careful, Mark, there are children watching.

6:54 2nd

That was SEC Football at its finest.  Eddie Lacy is met by Alec Ogletree on the goal line.  It looked like two rhinos colliding.

One play later…

McCarron makes a bad throw and plantation owner Sanders Commings intercepts the pass in the end zone.

Mr. Commings, you sir are no gentlemen.

6:34 2nd

Danielson: “The word that keeps coming to my mind, this is vicious football.  You need to be a man to come out on the field today.”

Verne: “This is grown man football.”

Danielson: “Vicious.”

2:55 2nd

After a Georgia punt Freshman T.J. Yeldon runs through a lot of Georgia defenders for a 14-yard first down.  Alabama is starting to get some push on the Georgia line, which could be bad news for Georgia.

2:00 2nd

Big Boy’s coming!  Eddie Lacy, who is built like a He-Man action figure, runs though the Georgia line for a 41-yard Touchdown.  He was running through Georgia arm-tackles like a child runs through a sprinkler.

Alabama 7 Georgia 7

We’ve got an SEC battle going on in Atlanta.

1:15 2nd

Aaron Murray has been spectacular… until that throw.  Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix is handed a gift and returns the interception all the way to the Georgia 47.  A good throw there and it’s a touchdown for the Bulldogs.  I don’t know if Murray has that throw in his bag, though.

To makes matters worse, Murray got jacked up by Alabama lineman Quinton Dial on the return, away from the ball.  Total cheap shot directly in front of an official.  No flag.  Murray got up slow.  He looks more pissed than hurt.

1:05 2nd

CBS is having a field day with Dial’s hit on Murray.  This is becoming the new Zapruder Film.

:35 2nd

No time out from Alabama?  They pick up the first down on Georgia’s 36 with :35 left  and three timeouts. By the time McCarron runs out of bounds after a 9-yard gain one play later there is only :14 left on the clock.

:05 2nd

What is going on right now in the Georgia Dome?  Is that Michael Vick playing Quarterback for Alabama?  McCarron breaks a 22-yard run down the middle of the field to the Georgia 5-yard line.

Alabama only has :05 left instead of :15.  Decision time…

Alabama kicks the short field goal.

Saban choked on that one. He knows those two unused timeouts don’t carry over to the 2nd half, right? No?

End of 1st Half Alabama 10 Georgia 7

Kevin Costner came in during the CBS halftime show and brokedown Dial’s hit on Murray in a poor southern accent.  “Watch his head.  Back, and to the left. Back, and to the left.  Back, and to the left.”

12:30 3rd

Georgia comes back in the second half and pounds it right down Alabama’s throat.  Georgia seems to have realized that Alabama’s defense isn’t very good.  Murray is starting to pick on Alabama defensive back Deion Belue.

Is Aaron Murray the best quarterback in the country?  It looks like it today.  I don’t see much difference between Murray and Matt Barkley, and Murray has played against more good defenses and with less talented receivers.

12:09 3rd

Touchdown Todd Gurley!  The Baby Back had 45 yards in the first half and 44 yards on that drive.  That is a bad trend for Alabama.

Georgia 14 Alabama 10

Remember those four points Saban gave away at the end of the first half?  Yeah, me too.

11:43 3rd

Eddie Lacy picks up 17 yards right up the middle.  He’s over 100 yards already.  Both defenses are getting gashed.

This wouldn’t be happening against Florida…  I’m just saying.

9:45 3rd

3rd-and-13 and McCarron hits Cooper who picks up the 1st down.  Saban might want to keep feeding that youngster.


Georgia gets a break after a pass interference on 3rd-and-long gets erased after the refs say the pass was tipped.  Replays show the pass wasn’t tipped.

And one play later…

Corrnelious Washington blocks the Alabama field goal.  Alec Olgetree picks it up and flies 65 yards for a Georgia touchdown.  The same linebacker who went head to head with Eddie Lacy earlier in the game is now running like Usain Bolt towards the end zone.  What a freak.

This game has just turned.

Georgia 21 Alabama 10

CBS said the refs looked at the tipped-pass replay and said it was inconclusive.  They are wrong, it clearly wasn’t tipped.

Alabama’s been moving the ball fairly easily the last few drives.  They can score quickly here.

4:25 3rd

And the Tide rolls.  Yeldon with a 27-yard run, a pass interference and a Yeldon 10-yard run later and Alabama is in the end zone.

All of that was easy.

While Georgia’s defense is totally gassed Saban decides to go for the two point conversion.  If they pick it up, it’s a three point game.  If they miss and Georgia gets a field goal they are up 8.  Ballsy call.

Yeldon goes right up the gut and easily gets it.  That was interesting.

Georgia 21 Alabama 18

Both of these defenses looked gassed.  Florida’s defense doesn’t get gassed.  I’m just saying… but, Florida can’t complete forward passes… I don’t know what my point is.

2:52 3rd

Dude, Eddie Lacy is a man.  He intimidates me through my television.  He also intimidates Bacarri Rambo who tried to avoid tackling Lacy at the end of a 32-yard run.  I get it, Rambo.

Georgia’s defense is out of gas.  This feels like the Florida game against Florida State last weekend.  FSU had a big 3rd quarter and had nothing left for the 4th.

End of 3rd Quarter Georgia 21 Alabama 18

Eddie Lacy just became the world’s largest bullet.  Touchdown, Alabama.  Waaaaaaaay to easy.

Alabama 25 Georgia 21

Georgia needs to get back to picking on Alabama’s secondary.

And there you go.  Murray to Malcolm Mitchell for 17 yards.  Two plays later he hits Tavarres King for 45 yards.

Alabama’s defense is fresh, just not very good.

Gurley pounds it in from 2 yards out.  That was waaaaaaaay to easy.

Georgia 28 Alabama 25

In the words of Will Muschamp, “What is this, the F’ing Pac-12?”

Is this going to come down to which team has the ball last?  Both teams are moving at will.

8:00 4th

Georgia stops Alabama short on 3rd down leaving Alabama with a 4th-and-4 at their own 48.  They have to punt because their defense isn’t good enough to keep Georgia out of the end zone from mid-field.

ESPN’s Mark Schlabach on Twitter:

“@Mark_SchlabachThis drive might end up defining Aaron Murray’s career. Can’t go 3-and-out and give it back to Bama. Need at least a couple 1st downs”


3:54 4th

3rd-and-five at mid-field.  Alabama needs to make a play.  Naturally, you go to you true freshman running back.  Yeldon makes men miss behind scrimmage and muscles out the five yards.  Ballsy play call and gusty effort by the kid.

The guy who missed the tackle at scrimmage was Shawn Williams, the same Shawn Williams who called his defense soft before the Florida game.

And one play later…

Wow.  That just happened.

A.J. McCarron makes the best throw of his career to Amari Cooper for a 45-yard touchdown.

McCarron has seemed out of it for most of the game but that was an absolutely perfect pass.

Alabama 32 Georgia 28

Amari Cooper looked like he was jogging on that play because he actually stopped running, thinking the play was dead, relized the ball was coming and started running again. Georgia DB Damian Swann still couldn’t catch him.  That’s like stopping for beer half way through a 100M race and still winning.

I’m not sure Alabama knows exactly what they have here with Cooper.   He’s the best player on the field.

3:15 4th

Aaron Murray and Georgia have three minutes and 75 yards.  This is what dreams are made of…

Sacked.  Adrian Hubbard gets to Murray as he looked up field for an eight yard loss. Huuuuuuuuuuge.

Georgia doesn’t move and is forced to punt on 4th-and-18.

1:15 4th

Alabama doesn’t get the one first down it needs and punts control of the game back into the hands of Aaron Murray and the Georgia Bulldogs.

Georgia will need to go 85 yards in 1:08 with no timeouts to play be SEC Champions.  This is what dreams are made of.

1:08 4th

Murray will need to do his best A.J. McCarron impression here.  McCarron did this earlier in the year against LSU.

:51 4th

Georgia gets two quick first downs but hasn’t covered much ground.  They’ll need to take some chances.

And one play later…

Murray throws an interception…or did he.  It’s ruled an interception on the field but it looks like it may have hit the ground.  This is a loooooooooooooong review.  The world has stopped… except for Twitter, which is going nuts.

The ball hit the ground, incomplete pass.  The Dawgs live another day.

:45 4th

After all that, it’s 2nd-and-10.  Georgia still needs to go 71 yards, though.

:38 4th

First Down Georgia.

:30 4th

Aarron Murray hits King for 23 yards to the Georgia 34-yard line.  This is getting interesting…

:15 4th

Holy shit!  Honestly, this is amazing.  Murray hits Arthur Lynch for a 26 yards gain down to the Georgia 8-yard line.  15 seconds left.  No timeouts.  Honestly, holy shit.

Wait, a second, what are they doing…

Murray is asking if he should spike it and they appear to be telling him to run the play.  WHAT???

Spike it, Spike it, Spike it.  They’re not spiking it! THEY’RE NOT SPIKING IT!!!!

Murray drops back, throws and it’s tipped!  Chris Conley caught it on the 5-yard line… in bounds!  He’s down.  It’s over.  The game is over.

Breathe… Wow.  Alabama is going to play Notre Dame for the National Championship.


You have to spike the ball there; you just have to spike the ball…

Where the hell was Mark Richt on that one?!  That’s why they pay you $2.8 million dollars a year.  When everyone is going crazy you have to be the calm guy saying spike the ball.  Give us three plays instead of one.

Wow.  What a nightmare.  What an amazing finish.  It wasn’t amazing football, but it was amazing drama.

The Tide Roll, again. Have fun in South Beach.

Alabama 32 Georgia 28 Final

Photo Credit: Dale Zanine-US PRESSWIRE



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