Former SEC Coaches Urban Meyer & Lane Kiffin Do Agree On One Thing: SEC Speed

Lane Kiffin

Former Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin, now at USC, and former Florida coach Urban Meyer, now at Ohio State, both agree that SEC speed is for real and there is no fake phenomenon.

First Kiffin:

“I believe there is a difference of speed in the SEC,” Kiffin said. “The difference to me is in the front seven, especially the defensive line … Out here (in the Pac-12) you don’t have as many dominant front seven, and specifically defensive linemen. That’s not a knock on anyone. That’s just studying the NFL Draft.

“The draft will show you that … where out here, you get better passing games sometimes with quarterbacks and wide receivers. You get different things in different areas of the country.”

I don’t believe a word that Lane Kiffin says because anything that comes out of his mouth is utter nonsense and garbage. However, for once, I believe he is in fact right.

Second, Meyer:

“I think the SEC’s speed is legit,” he said. “Certainly, the defensive front seven is at a different level in the SEC. We went and recruited a bunch of good guys for our front seven this year for Ohio State, so I hope we can catch the SEC.”

Meyer would know better than anyone about SEC speed.

It’s not phenomenon folks, and we’ve been trying to tell those people up north and out west it’s for real for six years now.

Actually, former Auburn defensive coordinator Ted Roof does not agree with Kiffin and Meyer, and he thinks that the Big Ten can run with the SEC. Roof, of course, is now the defensive coordinator at Penn State, after walking away from Auburn (AKA getting canned).

“The SEC is certainly a fast, fast league but we’ve got teams that can run in the Big Ten, too. And when you get on a national scale and talk about winning championships, you have to have a team that can run … But we’ve got guys who can run here, too, and we’re going to recruit places in the Southeast to get more of them.”

So, Roof thinks that SEC players aren’t necessarily faster than other conferences; however, he just wants to recruit more of them.

That makes sense…



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