Vegas spreads: Who is favored around the SEC today


Game Day. Let’s check in on where today’s games are sitting with regards to how the almighty Vegas is predicting these games will play out.

We start with the game of the week. South Carolina at LSU. This game opened with LSU as a 4-point favorite. The line has since moved down to 2.5 points, but LSU is still favored over what most perceive as the better team. What does this tell you? Death Valley at night is dangerous. Will the LSU defensive line get to play the same role that Clowney and Co. got to play last week in front of their drunk, maniacal home night crowd? We’ll see. Read more.

Next up, we look at Florida at Vanderbilt. Florida opened as a 8.5 point favorite despite being the road team. The betting public has bought into it and pushed the line up to 9 points. In some situations, this warrants betting against the public on a heavily favored road team, but I like Florida to cover here. Read more.

A fascinating line is the Auburn at Ole Miss game. Ole Miss opened as a 1 point favorite, but the public is bailing on the War Eagle. Ole Miss is now a 6 point favorite – the line has moved a full 5 points. It seems that the public thinks Ole Miss is about to snap their in-conference losing streak courtesy of the Auburn Tigers this week. Read more.

Somebody told me this week that Missouri is the new Vanderbilt of the SEC. If that’s true then Alabama maybe should be favored by more than 21.5 points this week. The Alabama at Mizzou line opened at 17.5 and has since moved up 4 points. Not a surprise since Alabama lines usually move in favor of the Tide. Pinkel and Saban have a history together, however, so I don’t think Saban wants to run the score up too much. The Tide won’t be going for the end zone late if they’re up big, so the question is: can they cover the 21.5 in the first three quarters?

In perhaps one of the more interesting games of the week, Tennessee at Mississippi State currently favors the undefeated Bulldogs. The line opened at 1.5 early in the week and now has Mississippi State as a 3 point favorite. This has the potential to be a job saving or job killing game for Dooley while having the potential to be another big win for Mullen’s program. Read more.

After winning handily last week against Auburn, the Hogs currently are an 18.5 point favorite in Kentucky at Arkansas. That’s up from a 16 point spread fro earlier in the week. Undoubtedly, John L. went big on the Hogs pushing the line up a couple points.

Johnny Football and the Texas A&M Aggies are playing Louisiana Tech (rescheduled from week one) and they might regret it. This La Tech team is good. The Aggies are a 7.5 favorite. The game is being played in Shreveport. Watch this game if you like offense. Read more.

Here’s the full schedule today with TV information. Be sure to follow @SDS for all day commentary via Twitter.

If you’re reading this before noon kickoff, you can get in on the SEC fantasy contest for today here.



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