Irish fans in SEC country? Check out this #WarIrish Auburn shirt


According to the official Notre Dame football Twitter account @125NDFB, Auburn and Notre Dame are joining forces to create #WarIrish, and the student shirts are said to be circulating on Auburn’s campus.

It looks like some AU fans will never be able to root for Alabama, no matter whether conference pride is on the line or not.



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  • Why yes, a rivalry does supercede “conference pride”. The SEC winning the championship does nothing positive for Auburn, especially if Alabama is the one winning it. Why would you want your worst enemy to succeed?

    • Yep, thats their motto. Hate Bama’s success more than loving Auburns success(or lack there of recently).

    • Alabama winning does benefit Auburn because recruiting for the conference grows just to be in a winning conference. What about the money the conference gets for winning the championship, does that over ride the team pride. And no I was not one of the fans that was “roll ducks roll”. I GO FOR THE CONFERENCE!!!!

  • Just trying to picture myself rooting for FSU in a bowl game if they were in the SEC. Nope not happening. Can’t picture a scenario where Auburn fans will root on Bama in the national championship….even if it is Notre Dame.

    • I understand what you’re saying MADGators but rooting for an outside team, especially like ND, to beat your nemisis is stuff other, weaker conference teams do. Everytime UF has a huge game against Bama, LSU, UGA, VOLS, SCAR, you’ll always have a Nole Troll come out and root for the other team, or make their FB profile that team’s logo. I will root for the SEC no matter what. Golden Domers vs. Trailer Homers

  • Well I guess Auburn doesn’t want a chunk of the winnings that would go to the conference from an Alabama victory. That’s ok. We’ll take the extra money. Have fun finding your way back to relevance, Auburn. Roll Tide!

    • Just like Bama fans didn’t want a chunk of the winnings when AU played Oregon.

      • I’m well aware of the “Roll Ducks Roll” saying. I didn’t participate in it personally, but rather supported the Tigers. And as far as I know, the University of Alabama didn’t partner with Oregon to create that slogan. I know this season has been tough for Auburn, but have some Tiger Pride, drop the sore loser act, and support your fellow conference member despite them being one of your most hated rivals. Roll Tide, and Go SEC!

    • Bless their little hearts………….that envy just eats them alive doesn’t it??? Just makes them that much MORE irrelevant. <3 ROLL TIDE ROLL <3 on 2 #15 CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

  • Wow….a team that went win-less in the sec rooting for a non-sec team!!!! How shocking! You can’t beat an sec team so why not hope someone else can lol! Maybe auburn should go to the ACC too. I’m a dawg fan and yes I’m disappointed about the sec championship game but I say go Bama and keep the heavyweight belt in the SouthEastern conference. Every year we beat up on each other while the rest of the country complaintsabout how the sec is overrated and don’t belong, just to end up whooping any team that tries to step on the field in the title game!!!! Go SEC!

    • EXCELLENT post Brettgann!!!! I’m surprised that the rest of the country hasn’t tried to force the SEC out of the mix! WE will NOT apologize for being AWESOME. All the haters need to either step up their game or just sit down & shut the hell up! In the SEC, WE LIVE FOOTBALL!!!!!!!! It’s NOT just a way of life, it is LIFE!

    • Someone please help me find the “like” button. You nailed it man. When AU fans do not have a winning leg to stand on they will stand on hate for winners and success.

  • I remember “Roll Ducks Roll” from Auburn-Oregon… Bitterness between rivalries definitely goes back much further than the recent era of SEC chants. With that said, a good SEC chant with Alabama in victory formation up by 2 TDs against Notre Dame will be enjoyed by this guy.

  • Regardless of who you’re cheering for, this is pathetic. It’s like you’re running to get your big brother to beat up the bully since you can’t do it yourself.

  • Auburn fans have been pulling for the losing team all year…must be hard to break that habit.

  • The whole “SEC, SEC” thing is getting stale. And that’s coming from a fan that has really only had that going for them in the last few years… Ole Miss could go winless and I would still want State to lose by a hundred regardless of their opponent. The SEC is great because of the in-state/out-of-state rivalries. The only time we need to tout the SEC is when other conferences think they have harder schedules. It does absolutely nothing for me if Alabama wins, or any other SEC team for that matter. It would actually help us with recruiting if they fell off for once.

  • Being a bama fan, this makes me laugh. There will always be hate between bama and auburn fans. however there are those (like me) that see a bigger picture. In 09 Bama won the Nati. Since then, no one outside the STATE OF ALABAMA has won the Nati. It seems counter productive to cheer against Bama. If Bama wins, it will be 4 years in a row that the state of Alabama has reigned as college football champions. I can understand some bitterness that it would be bama with 3/4 of the champs and auburn with 1/4. But you better believe that when auburn was playing for the championship, I was screaming roll tide for them. I only hate auburn for one day a year. Iron Bowl weekend. RTR! Bring it home boys!!!!

  • It’s pretty ridiculous for Auburn to “team up” with Notre Dame like that. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t expect Auburn to cheer for Bama, either. My solution: don’t cheer for either team and just laugh at the loser’s misery :)

  • Give me a B-U-T-T-H-U-R-T! What does it spell?! Auburn!

  • Maybe we can kick them out for a better team.. we all know there is only one true team in Alabama anyway.

    • Ah, the short memories! How many green A’s and Roll Ducks Roll did I see on Facebook when AU played the Ducks. Personally I like the green shirt that says Irish for the Day.


    Interesting article from a ND alumni regarding his decision not to cheer for his alma mater on game day.

  • If you didn’t got to or have a strong tie to either school you would not understand. Sore losers come from both sides, big bragging comes from both sides. It just depends on whose season is going better. The t-shirt is hilarious!

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