Week 12 Predictions & Discussion


We’re going to do the predictions a bit different this week. With so many cupcake games, we’ll do some predictions on the three in-conference matchups and open up the discussion on which teams will look good and which teams have potential to be upset during this unusual week of SEC games.

Arkansas at Mississippi State

Arkansas still has a chance to get to bowl eligibility, but it’s going to require a win on the road against Miss State and a win at home against LSU next week. In other words, it’s going to be difficult. The Mississippi State team has looked bad in recent weeks especially on defense. I think they bounce back a bit this week and get the win at home against Arkansas. Miss State 28, Arkansas 26.

Tennessee at Vanderbilt

It’s probably too late for Dooley, but Vandy can likely put the nail in the coffin for Dooley’s tenure in Knoxville. Unfortunately for Dooley, Vandy is a 3.5 point favorite. This Vanderbilt team is tough, and I tend to think that overmatches the playmaking ability of a not-so-tough team in Tennessee. Sorry, Dooley, but I have Vanderbilt 31, Tennessee 30 in a close one in Nashville.

Ole Miss at LSU

I continue to believe that LSU is rolling right now. They’ve put it together and are playing good football. I think they overmatch the Rebs on both sides of the ball. LSU will play well early and get a decent lead at half. Ole Miss will be overwhelmed in the second half with the ground game of LSU. LSU 35, Ole Miss 17

The other games:

  • Syracuse at Missouri
  • Georgia Southern at Georgia
  • Wofford at South Carolina
  • Samford at Kentucky
  • Jacksonville State at Florida
  • W. Carolina at Alabama
  • Alabama A&M at Auburn
  • Sam Houston State at Texas A&M

Questions for readers:

  1. What will be the biggest blowout?
  2. Which team is the most likely to be upset? If you pick Missouri, what is the next most likely team to be upset?
  3. Which player shines the most against a weak opponent?




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  • The biggest blow out will be Alabama-Western Carolina. W. Carolina has the 119th ranked total defense and 75th total offense. While Mizzou is obviously the most likely to be upset, Georgia and TAMU both are taking on two of the best FCS teams (both are ranked in the top 25 of total offense and total defense)…so them. And I will say…Jadeveon Clowney will have something like 5 sacks against Woffard. So I will take him.

  • 1. Alabama
    2. Mizzou or Auburn
    3. Johnny Heisman

  • I think Georgia could get upset against that triple option and looking ahead to next week and the SECCG. How about Kentucky too?
    Johnny Heisman is gonna tear up Sam Houston.

  • My facial hair will beat every FCS foe this weekend! The other SEC teams get a free bye week to prepare for rival weekend. You better eat your Wheaties, BAMA, cause I’m coming for you!

  • 1. Alabama
    2. Mizzou or Auburn
    3. Todd Gurley

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