Week 13 Bowl Projections


With the shake up in other parts of the country, the SEC is back in business with regards to the BCS National Championship. Here are the updated bowl projections.

Arkansas, Auburn, Kentucky and Tennessee will not be bowl eligible. Missouri and Ole MIss need wins this weekend to get into a bowl game.

Be sure and check out and the week 13 BCS rankings.

BCS National Championship: Alabama
Sugar Bowl: LSU
Capital One Bowl: Georgia
Outback Bowl: Florida
AT&T Cotton Bowl: Texas A&M
Chick-fil-A Bowl: South Carolina
Gator Bowl: Mississippi State
Music City Bowl: Vanderbilt
Liberty Bowl:  Ole Miss



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  • So you’re predicting Florida to lose to Florida State?

    • And Georgia to lose to Alabama?

      • Yes, he is. I agree with both predictions. Florida has been terrible the past 4 weeks, even with Driskel. Not sure how they win in Tallahassee. UGA looks great against weak competition but it’ll be a different story against Bama. It’s pretty absurd how UGA got a cakewalk to the SECCG for the 2nd straight year. Didn’t have to face LSU, Bama or A&M from the West and split their games against the only 2 good teams they faced all year (crushed by USCe 35-7). I’m not impressed.

        • You can’t blame Georgia for playing the SEC slate they were given. While USC and Florida did have harder SEC schedules, Bama did not. Georgia played two great opponents (USC and Florida) and lost to one. Bama played two great opponents (LSU and A&M) and lost to one. I’m not saying that UGA had a difficult schedule or that they will beat Bama, but don’t pretend the circumstances surrounding Bama’s title run are any different.

  • Still crossing my fingers that SC beats Clemson and FSU upsets Florida. Would mean Gamecocks in the Outback instead of Cow Bowl.

    • As a Carolina fan I disagree. I would much rather play in Atlanta at 7:30 on New Years Eve rather than Tampa, FL at 1:00 on New Years Day. Plus who cares about playing a crappy Big 10 Team? Bring on Georgia Tech or NC State

      • Also, I think the loser of our game against Clemson goes to Atlanta. So if we win I see Outback even if Florida wins. Clemson would be out of a BCS game and the Peach bowl gets 2nd pick from the ACC which is obviously Clemson at this point.

    • You know your team isn’t a top-tier program when you actually care what mid-level bowl your team plays in. The only bowls that matter are BCS bowls.

  • At this point…UGA should at least be favored to beat ‘Bama.

    • Why’s that? I’m not trolling, I would just like to hear the argument for.

      • Georgia has been on a tear the past few weeks after losing terribly to the Gamecocks (allowing just over 12 PPG since). They are the only team in the FBS to be ranked in the top 25 of total offense (25th with 471 YPG), total defense (20th with 329 YPGA), scoring offense (21st with 37 PPG), and scoring defense (18th with 18 PPGA). Alabama conversly is ranked 44th in total offense, 2nd in total defense, 19th in scoring offense, and tied for 1st in scoring offense. Obviously a good team, though a tad bit overrated on offense. Alabama has also been letting AJ get sacked much more than last season (20 on the year and UGA gets at least 2 sacks per game), and is fumbling the ball a good bit (10 on the year tied for 68th, while UGA is tied for 7th with recovering 14 on the year). That is why.

        • Impressive stats but look at who they played. UGA padded stats against UK, Ole Miss, Auburn and Ga Southern. Bottom line is they’ve have had by far the easiest road to the SEC title game. They’ve played TWO good teams all year. One you lost 35-7, the other you won by 9 on a neutral field. I just don’t understand how you can be excited about that. Wasn’t UGA “red hot” leading up to last years SECCG too? Look at who they played in that stretch. Look familiar? How’d that season end?

        • 1) This isn’t 2011. Two completely different teams.
          2) And who has Alabama played that is much more impressive? In fact we will have faced 4 of the same teams (Mizzou, Tennessee, Ole Miss, and Auburn). After that Florida > LSU, and South Carolina = Texas A&M. Really, they have about the same schedule and both didn’t have to play the opposite division’s hardest teams. So SOS doesn’t really work that well.

        • Alabama has beat an LSU team that is much better than any team Georgia has faced. Let’s keep in mind what team and quarterback we’re talking about here. Georgia consistently implodes when facing any decent team. The only exception was Florida this year and they still tried. How do you not put 40 on a team that turned the ball over 6 times? Georgia is by far the most overrated team in the SEC.

        • Since stats apparently mean SO MUCH, let’s consider THESE:
          Prior to Georgias’ “marquis win” over then # 3 Florida, you have to go back to a 2009 victory over Ga. Tech, # 7 at the time, to find Georgia’s most recent victory against a Top 10 opponent. Aside from that, the Bulldogs have lost to every such team they’ve faced in the past 4 ½ seasons: Alabama and Florida in 2008; Oklahoma State, LSU and Florida in 2009; Auburn in 2010; Boise State and LSU (SEC title game) in 2011; and South Carolina in 2012.
          Do THOSE mean anything, or is this going to turn into a “throw the record books out the window” discussion now ?
          Just curious…………

        • LSU sorta lost to that Florida team we beat…

  • To all the UGA haters: (1) STFU about UGA’s schedule. The East has proved they are superior to the West this year. (2) Bama didn’t play UGA, UF or USCe this year. That by far is the easiest schedule in the SEC. (3) USCe fans are just bitter b/c they will at home again watching UGA play for the SECCG. Take care of YOUR business before worrying about UGA. You can make stats say anything you want but the fact remains UGA is the 2012 SEC East champ again….

  • From the AJC:
    Oddsmakers have UGA as underdog vs. Bama, favorite vs. Notre Dame
    5:28 pm November 19, 2012, by Tim Tucker
    Georgia would be an underdog against Alabama in the SEC Championship game but, if the Bulldogs pull an upset there, would be favored over Notre Dame in the national title game.

    That’s the early word from oddsmakers.

    Todd Fuhrman, former sports oddsmaker at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, said Monday that he projects Georgia as a 7-point underdog to Alabama in the Dec. 1 SEC title game. But if the Bulldogs beat Alabama in the Georgia Dome, they would be a 4-point favorite over Notre Dame in the Jan. 7 BCS title game in Miami, said Fuhrman, now senior market analyst for betting information services provider Don Best Sports.

    RJ Bell, of sports betting news website pregame.com, sees it similarly. He projects Georgia as a 7-point underdog to Alabama but views the Bulldogs as 1-point favorite if they play Notre Dame.

    All of this could be altered by what happens Saturday, of course.

    Notre Dame, No. 1 in this week’s BCS standings, closes its regular season at USC and needs a win to secure a spot in the national title game. Alabama, BCS No. 2, plays Auburn and needs a win to clinch a berth against Georgia in the SEC title game. And BCS No. 3 Georgia plays Georgia Tech, which could knock its arch-rival out of the national-championship picture with an upset victory.

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