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NCAA Football: Jacksonville State at Arkansas

The concept of a super-conference goes back to 1990

Raycom’s plan called for the Metro to expand to 16 football-playing schools with two eight-team divisions or four four-team divisions, similar to what has been discussed by the ACC, the Pac-12 and others in recent weeks. It was compelling enough that at one point that spring in 1990, presidents and ADs from all 16 schools met in Dallas to talk it through.

“It would have changed the face of college athletics,” said Dave Hart, who attended that meeting as the AD at East Carolina, and now serves as the AD at Tennessee. “But the presidents just couldn’t get their arms around it. There were several people who understood the vision and were really excited, but they were outnumbered by those who were just terrified of something so radical. Nobody had ever heard of a super conference before.”

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2012 could be a very uncompetitive bowl season

Almost half of the bowl games—17 of 35—currently have point spreads of at least a touchdown, and of those 10 are in double digits and two are at least two touchdowns. The average line on these games is nearly a full touchdown (6.84 points), higher than any year since 2006, the first year we were able to look up.

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Thinking outside the box for how to expand a playoff field

The only way I would want to see expanded playoffs was if it was necessary in a given year. The model is golf, a sport where there is a cut line, but the number of players that can make the cut expands if they are within 10 strokes of the leader. In essence, the leader sets the bar, and can eliminate other players by being more dominant.

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Tyler Wilson’s NFL Draft Scouting Report

Wilson gets a lot of credit for his arm strength. While he can make all the throws he doesn’t possess an extremely strong arm. It would be considered above-average but he’s not an elite arm strength guy. That said, he can make all the throws at the next level and definitely won’t be downgraded due to arm strength. Wilson gets himself into trouble trying to fit the ball into tighter windows than his arm will allow

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