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NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Alabama

On hiring Butch Jones at UT…

Jones won big at both of his previous stops. Cincinnati wanted desperately to keep him. Colorado and Purdue both tried to hire Jones. Those are all good signs.

On the other hand, Jones followed Brian Kelly at both Central Michigan and at Cincinnati. Is he capable of rebuilding a program on his own? That would be my primary concern about the hire. Are Jones’ accomplishments real?

We will find out in time, of course. That’s the way this works. Jim Mora was a terrible hire at UCLA a year ago. Now, he looks like an inspired choice.

So give Jones a chance to flourish or flounder. If you think you know which way it will go, you’re fooling yourself. As Hart said in a moment of truth-telling: “A press conference fades quickly with success on the field.”

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A few minutes with Bobby Hebert…

Did LSU football coach Les Miles deserve his raise and contact extension?

Based on his teams winning 10 or more games, in six of his last eight seasons, you would have to say yes. He brings stability and keeps money rolling in. With that being said, I’ve never seen a coach with that much success and not have a lot of fan base not being on board.

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What’s a Heisman worth to a football program?

Baylor received unprecedented exposure for the university last season when Robert Griffin III was awarded the Heisman Trophy. It also brought in lots of money as a result.

Sports Business Journal reports Baylor estimates the Heisman was worth $250 million in “extra donations, increased ticket sales, licensing fees, sponsorship deals (and) an expanded deal with Fox Sports Southwest,” according to Michele Steele of ESPN.com.

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On big time coaches jumping to the SEC..

If FSU fans don’t think Fisher would leave Tallahassee for an SEC job, they are delusional. That’s what Wisconsin thought, too, before Bret Bielema suddenly and shockingly bolted for Arkansas earlier this week.

Why do you think FSU’s administrators are rushing around to sign Fisher to a contract extension? Because they know their coach is feeling underappreciated and might just be vulnerable if Tennessee desperately swoops in and makes Fisher an offer he can’t refuse.

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The dark side of conference realignment

It’s time to put an end to the behind-the-scenes whispering that accompanies these moves. National security is not at stake when Louisville joins the ACC. There is simply no excuse for allowing conference commissioners—employees with no equity stake in their businesses—to unilaterally dictate terms to college presidents and their state-accountable boards.

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