What happened to you on Saturday: Week 10


What happened to you on Saturday? This is the must read for every SEC football fan on Monday morning right here at Saturday Down South. Pulling no punches as we recap a weekend of SEC football action…

The SEC at its Finest

Had this game been played in last season’s BCS Championship game, the BCS wouldn’t be getting dismantled.

There is a great line in the movie version of Moneyball, where Brad Pitt handsomely says to Jonah Hill, “How can you not be romantic about Baseball?” That line came to my head as I watched the fourth quarter of Alabama at LSU.

It was the best of so many things. History, rivalries, toughness, fanaticism, alcohol, team work, leadership, the South.  Had this game been played in last season’s BCS Championship game, the BCS wouldn’t be getting dismantled.  Instead of SEC fatigue, we’d have SEC withdrawals. Nobody would have anything to bitch about. This game was more than anyone could have hoped for.

“Alabama has a chance now, but I must tell you. Based on their performance in the second half I don’t know how you can be very optimistic. They’ve not done anything with the football in this half. McCarron is one for seven for zero yards. 94 seconds to go, both teams out of time outs.” – Verne Lundquist.

Come on?  That is how the table is set for the final drive?  Masterful, Verne. Aaron Sorkin, who I’m assuming wrote the line from Moneyball (it reeks of Sorkin), could not have done it better himself. He was critical, but he was right.  McCarron was struggling bad. 43 seconds later, Alabama had the lead.

A.J. McCarron, who seemed so uncharacteristically rattled for the entire second half settled down and just played throw and catch with Kevin Norwood for 44 yards, before hitting future millionaire T.J. Yeldon for the go-ahead 28 yard touchdown. He became the emotionless robot we saw in last year’s title game… until the clock stopped, then every bottled up emotion from his entire life flooded out of him. It flooded out of him because what he just did was so hard.  94,000 crazy humans screaming at the top of their lungs for four hours can break a man. So can the expectation to have a perfect season.

Everything was going LSU’s way. They outplayed Alabama to that point, and they deserved to win this game. Zach Mettenberger had the best game of his career when the spotlight was the brightest.  It felt like LSU’s night, and A.J. McCarron knew he was the guy who had to prevent the upset that seemed so inevitable.  He could have quit, but he fought and he won.

The moment reminded me of Tim Tebow crying after the 2009 SEC Championship loss to Alabama. Tebow wanted it so badly and lost. McCarron wanted it so badly and won. It’s not the result so much as it was the fight that broke both guys.

How can you not be romantic about college football?

Georgia Holds on to SEC East Lead                                                  

Mississippi showed up ready to play against Georgia. The Rebels even found themselves with the lead late in the first half, and they got really excited.  Way too excited, so Georgia had to teach them a lesson in big time college football.

Bo Wallace was trying to win the game every time threw the ball in the second quarter.  He would spin out of what should have been a sack and get so excited that he wasn’t dead that he’d throw into triple coverage.  I’m actually not sure if that even happened once, but it felt like it happened every time he touched the ball.  He looked like Brett Favre, but the Jets version.

Ole Miss’ pace became so chaotic and unhinged that Georgia felt like they had to match it. Fight crazy with crazy. At one point in the 2nd quarter there were four turnovers in five plays. I’ve never seen anything like it. The chaos was capped off with a 40 yard touchdown pass from Aaron Murray to Tavarres King with only three seconds left in the half.  It never should have happened, but it did, giving Georgia the lead that they never gave back.

Aaron Muarry was sacked hard three times before he even completed his first pass, but he maintained composure and put on a clinic in the second half.  Hopefully, for Ole Miss fans, Bo Wallace was taking notes.

The win means Georgia is one win from clinching the SEC East.  All they have to do is get by, the walking dumpster fire, 2-7 Auburn next week. That should be easy enough, right? We’ll see. Strange things seem to happen in Jordan-Hare…

Johnny Football Can’t Be Ignored

440 total yards and two touchdowns in a 25-point win against a one loss Mississippi State team in Starkville. Huh?  That’s amazing.

The Aggies are very good, folks.  They have lost only to Florida and LSU, two of probably the top five defenses in the country, and probably should have won both games.  A lot of people (cough, me, cough) didn’t see this season coming, but it’s legit.  Kevin Sumlin is legit, Johnny Football is legit, and the best college football team in the state of Texas is playing in the SEC. It remains to be seen if they are Alabama-legit, but they are a solid team.

Saturday’s game against Alabama is must watch television.

Plays That Mattered

SCREEN!!!!! A.J. McCarron finds wunderkind T.J. Yeldon for the game winner.  You saw it.  No further explanation is needed.

Apparently, Ole Miss wasn’t aware that quarterbacks are allowed to fake the handoff.  A lot of very pretty girls in very pretty clothes were saying very ugly words after their defense fell for this one.

Is this Marlin Lane game winner the touchdown that buys Derek Dooley one more year? I’m just kidding, guys.  He’s awful and totally getting fired.

What They Meant to Say?

“We’re getting geared up for our game against Transylvania.  That’s not a joke, it’s a real place and a real team.  Coach Cal feels confident that we can hold them scoreless.  In other news, we have a football team.  I know none of you know that but it’s true, we have a team, they have a coach, his name is Joker, also not a joke.  Anyways, I’m firing him… also, not a joke.” – Mitch Barnhart, Athletic Director, University of Kentucky

“Zach Mettenberger was amazing tonight.  He reminds me of Ben Roethlisberger.  From his size, to his ability of having his greatest game on the biggest stage.  Hell, even his treatment of women in Georgia bars is similar.” – Nick Saban, Head Coach, Alabama

“Should I not have tried the fake field goal? I don’t know, should I not swim in my shark tank covered in lamb blood?  Should I not drink battery acid?  Should I not stick my penis in light sockets?  I’m honestly asking you to answer these questions because I’m completely insane.” – Les Miles, Head Coach, LSU

“I’m proud of quarterback, Jeff Driskel. He didn’t single handedly lose this game for us, which after last week is a step in the right direction.” –  Will Muschamp, Head Coach, Florida

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  • Great recap of a great weekend. That game on Saturday night made me very proud to be an Alabama fan, but also very proud to be an SEC fan. It represented everything awesome about football in the Southeast. Kudos to the LSU fans for the killer atmosphere. Their team played great. It was a shame that one team had to lose.

  • No, I think the BCS was gone either way. Even if the Title Game would have been the classic to end all classics, the hatred of the BCS was palpable.

    Now granted, the game may have hastened the collapse, but if there are four undefeated teams at the end of the year, there would have been renewed effort.

    The BCS was on a slow march to death. An instant classic may have slowed the march down, but it would not have stopped it.

  • Once again William Wallace you you bring truths to light. It was a great come back by Bama to dig down and not give up on game I thought was lost 3 series earlier . The fumble by McCarron in the red zone on the hand off , looked like he was practicing his pose for a football card instead of watching the ball in the hands of Yeldon. I almost had my emotional release (aka crying, no crying in Football my dad said Soccer maybe but not FOOTBALL!! ) there instead of at the end of the game. I will talk to my therapist on wednesday about that. LSU out played Bama !!! I only hope it scared them straight and gets them focused on execution .
    Texas A&M is not going to be a walk in the park they can play, as you said the best team in Texas.
    Auburn looks terrible but its the (Iron Bowl)! Dec.2, 1972: Alabama ranked #2 undefeated plays a #9 ranked Auburn 8-1, 16 point underdog. Fourth Quarter Ala 16 Tigers 3 5:30 to go, guess what final score Ala 16 Tiger 17 .Any thing can happen that why we love College Football!
    Roll Tide!!!!

  • I think the BCS was gone right after two SEC teams were in the BCS National Championship and Oklahoma State was left out. Whether or we agree, that is when it ended. Even if Alabama and LSU had played the game of the century then and not now, it was over. It didn’t really matter that the game was bad, it matter that the game was happening at all.

  • Bahahaha….that LesMiles quote just made me shoot sweet tea out of my nose….that’s good stuff!

  • “The moment reminded me of Tim Tebow crying after the 2009 SEC Championship loss to Alabama… It’s not the result so much as it was the fight that broke both guys.”

    I realize you “sportswriters” are still determined to mention Tim “Waterworks” Tebow as much as possible, but there was no fight in the 2009 SEC title game. Tebow went out and got the shit kicked out of him for the better part of 60 minutes. That was no “I fought so hard” cry, that was an “I just got embarrassed” cry.

    • Exactly what I think every time someone mentions that. Tebow wasn’t crying cause he just made a hell of a comeback and saved his teams BCS dreams. He was crying because he got his S*** kicked in and his BCS dreams killed. Toootally different.

  • How about those Wildcats? On behalf of everyone in the state of Kentucky who has ever worn a UK jersey, t-shirt or cap or ever pulled for the ‘Cats, I apologize for embarrassing the SEC in 2012. We should have to play Auburn in the anit-championship game.

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