What happened to you on Saturday: Week 5


What happened to you on Saturday? This is the must read for every SEC football fan on Monday morning right here at Saturday Down South. Pulling no punches as we recap a weekend of SEC football action…

Is Alabama Beatable?

Alabama is the unanimous #1 team in the country after their easy victory over an improved Ole Miss team.  In a week full of ridiculous point totals, Alabama seems above the childish fray.  They are sitting at home with a loaded defense at a time when most of the country seems to have given up on the concept.  They have balance on offense both in their play calls and their overall philosophy.  They are like noble Indians from the movies who only hunt what they need and take nothing more (I have no idea if real Indians are like this).

It’s not really close at this point.  They don’t have a real threat.

How Should Georgia be Feeling?

Georgia has a lot to be excited about.  Aaron Murray might be the best quarterback in the country and the Baby Backs combined for 294 yards and five touchdowns.  Exciting stuff.  But what is going on with their defense?

Tennessee scored 44 points?  Tennessee had 197 rushing yards?  That doesn’t even make sense.  That’s more than twice the points and yards Tennessee put up against Florida two weeks ago.  Alec Ogletree and Baccari Rambo were back for the first time all season and this happens?

Georgia should be more concerned about their defense than they are excited about their offense.

LSU Can’t Coast Anymore

What is a Towson?  I watch a lot of sports and I feel like most colleges have come across my radar but I’ve honestly never heard of Towson.  I’m assuming it’s a truck driving school.  LSU looked confused, too.  They were on the sideline thinking, “Who is Towson, and why are we losing to them in the middle of the second quarter?”

If LSU is in their self-discovery phase, they might want to wrap that up before flying down to Gainesville.  The Gators were among the big winners of the weekend despite not playing a game.  Tennessee marched all over Georgia.  They didn’t do that against Florida.  Johnny Manziel ran wild on Arkansas for a full four quarters.  He didn’t do that against Florida.  Those two offenses combined for 102 points on Saturday.  They combined for 37 against Florida.  The Gators don’t have the most dangerous offense, but they are a lot better than Towson and don’t have Kiehl Fraizer at quarterback.

LSU is traveling to play a talented defensive unit that has already been tested this season by teams with more offensive fire power.  If they come out like they have the last two weeks, they are going to lose.

Johnny Football and Dr. Evil

Texas A&M is an very entertaining team, and they are going to really piss some people off over the next few years.   Quarterback Johnny Manziel was unbelievable against the corpse of Arkansas, putting up 557 total yards and four touchdowns, living up to his Johnny Football nickname.  What was more interesting was the message head coach Kevin Sumlin was sending by airing it out up 51-10 with less than three minutes left in the game.

Arkansas is like a child whose house burnt down and is forced to live with a mentally-handicapped uncle that is only there to cash in on the government assistance check.  Do you really need to run up the score on that kid?  Hasn’t life already beat him up enough?

Plays That Mattered

Ole Miss actually led this game for the amount of time it took Christian Jones to run from the 2-yard line to the opposite end zone.

Representing Georgia’s Baby Backs this week Keith Marshall, who is only 7 years old.

The fourth quarter was one where Marcus Lattimore ate.  In a close game at Kentucky South Carolina needed the old Lattimore to run out the fourth and he did just that.  He’s getting better each week.

The first of four touchdowns on the day for Johnny Football.  His numbers are staggering.

What They Meant to Say

“We’re actually a traffic school in Maryland.  We were shocked to find out that we could field football teams, but if you have some points on your license that you want removed and still have some eligibility left.. come on over to Towson, suit up, play some football, then take a short test on traffic laws.” – Rod Ambrose, Head Football Coach, Towson Traffic School

“I’ll let you in on a little secret.  The university has been funding a secret project for the last 25 years where we are breeding Herschel Walker with athletic young women.  The goal is to create a group of Universal Soldier-like running backs that we can just plug in and go 75 yards at any given moment.  We’ve recently had a break through and what you’re seeing now with Gurley and Marshall is a culmination of years in the lab.” – Greg McGarity, Director of Athletics/Genetic Manipulation, University of Georgia

“I’m ashamed of you boy.  Not for losing but for those stupid pants.” – Vince Dooley, Former Georgia Head Coach, Disappointed Father



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  • Arkansas forgot to send the pre-game memo to A&M indicating at what point differential they’d give up and bench Tyler Wilson (they never benched Wilson). All that “airing it out” by A&M was with their 2nd and 3rd string players (Manziel left in the beginning of the 4th).

    One thing Air-Raid type teams believe in is playing with the foot on the pedal. There’s no sense in teaching your 2nd and 3rd string players to come in and not play hard.

    • The fact that it was Showers and Joeckel at the end seems to be getting overlooked, as does the fact that Sumlin did ease up on the pedal. Why would Sumlin want those two, who might very well see some more playing time if Manziel doesn’t learn to slide real soon, to get experience running the offense different than how it’s designed to be run? If he’d left Manziel, then there’d be an argument for Sumlin running it up.

  • LSU looked very vulnerable against the traffic school. I fully expect Florida to exploit the zone read and QB draws against the over-pursuing and aggressive LSU DLine.

  • Whoa, whoa, whoa! We don’t speak ill of Dooley’s pants, the one thing he’s done right since arriving at Tennessee.

  • I’m proud of the way the Vols stayed in the game, but at some point, “staying in the game” isn’t good enough – check that, it’s not good enough, period – Dooley is 0-12 against ranked teams. If Bray leaves after this year, the Vols will go 3-9 next year.

    • TNCodes & VolsJake, Get of the web if that’s all you got. Please let us know your plan to succeed Dooley and return the Vols to prominence. You’re probably on the same bandwagon that got Fulmer fired. Dooley is doing fine and will get us back to where we need to be. When Kiffin left, everybody just wanted a coach that could restore our reputation and get us back on track. Dooley has done just that. All ye how are so knowledgeable about football, go find a youth team to coach and you’ll shut your trap real quick when you realize how hard coaching can be. JG

  • The noble Indian analogy to Alabama is a good one. They are without mercy, but respect the game. It’s like that scene from Last of the Mohicans where the British think they’re badass and are on a nice relaxing walk through the woods, with the Indian guy as their guide. Then he turns around and puts an axe in some Brit’s face. Saban will take scalps.

  • To call Towson a Traffic School, well their coach was insulting the SEC and LSU. While they are a small university. here are their stats.

    Towson University offers a wide range of baccalaureate and graduate programs designed to prepare students for success in today’s rapidly changing workplace. Students choose from 64 undergraduate majors, 45 master’s programs and four doctoral programs.

    They may be small, but they Cater to ex-Military. Where you will find most of them to be EXCELLENT Athletes. LSU player under-rated their opponent Saturday night, and it showed on the field. They do need to Wake Up, or face a lack luster season

  • So, as many of you know, the Georgia and South Carolina both won Saturday. And both struggled. Notably South Carolina’s offense, and notably Georgia’s defense. On the other hand, South Carolina’s defense looked fantastic,as did the Georgia offense. But just how bad was Georgia’s D and just how good was South Carolina’s D? Lets break it down:
    (*counting rushers from Tennessee and Kentucky who rushed for 10+ yards ONLY or what I call relevant rushers)
    Tennessee’s rushing attack versus the Junkyard Dawg’s D
    Rajon Neal – 23 carries 104 yards 4.52 ypc
    Cordarrelle Patterson – 3 carries 55 yards 18.33 ypc
    Marlin Lane 8 carries 22 yards 2.75 ypc
    Devrin Young – 3 carries 14 yards 4.66 ypc
    Rushes of over 10 yards: 3 (1 by CP for 46, 1 by NL for 20, 1 by DY for 12)
    Total: 27 carries 195 yards 7.22 ypc
    Kentucky’s rushing attack against the Cocks D:
    Raymond Sanders: 14 carries 59 yards 4.2 ypc
    Dyshawn Mobley: 4 carries 29 yards 7.25 ypc
    Johnathan George: 3 carries 27 yards 9 ypc
    Rushes for over 10+ yards: 5 (3 by RS, 1 by DM for 12, 1 by JG for 16
    Total: 21 rushes 115 yards 5.47 ypc
    If you break it down by taking out the Dawgs two rushes for over 20+ yards the Dawgs Splits are: 38 carries 131 yards 3.44 ypc (much more manageable)
    If you do the same for the Cocks the Splits are as follows:
    20 carries 91 yards 4.55 ypc (but you would only be taking away one carry as you can plainly see).
    My point in all of this is to show that if they Dawgs D is not as bad is it looks and just not to eliminate the couple of long runs they provide opponents with.

  • Scores can be misleading at times…the UGA D has been hit with some big plays this year but you can only hold UGAs D responsible for 24 of those 44 points…and they came up BIG in the 4th quarter when we had to have turnovers. Look for them to shake the rust and be 100 % in columbia Sat Night.

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