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SEC Tops First BCS Standings, But it Doesn’t Matter

Everyone hates the BCS.  Those three letters rank up there with IRS, Flu, and HIV in fear and hatred in America.  And who can blame them?  There is nothing worse than watching the BCS accurately point out the best two teams in the country.  Just the way the BCS arrogantly values wins over good teams MORE than it values wins over terrible teams sucks.  Ahhhhhh, the worst.  And the BCS skews towards the SEC!  Well, except for the one time the BCS legitimately screwed somebody it was Auburn in 2004, an SEC team.  So when first week of BCS standings came out, of course the world is furious.

The SEC, once again, holds the top two spots.  Undefeated Alabama and Florida hold the top two spots. Florida jumps over Oregon, who is #2 in the AP and Coaches Poll, because the BCS apparently believes Florida’s wins over #6 LSU and #18 Texas A&M are more impressive than Oregon’s wins over number… well, they haven’t beaten anybody in the BCS top 25.  The audacity!

Upset that Florida is #2?  Well, LSU is the highest ranked team with a loss, thus making Florida’s win over LSU the most impressive win of any win this season.  Second, if you think they are a fluke, you’ll only have to wait 14 days to find out if that’s the case.  In the next two weeks Florida plays #7 South Carolina (the second highest ranked team with a loss) and #11 Georgia (the fifth highest ranked team with a loss).  Oh, yeah, you can also toss in FSU and a possible SEC Championship game.  Oregon still has USC, Stanford, and Oregon State.  Hell, even Alabama, as good as they appear to be, still has to prove themselves against Mississippi State, LSU, Texas A&M and the eventual SEC East Champion. That’s why bitching about the early BCS rankings is so pointless:  It will sort itself out.  Stop being stupid.  Wait until it’s over and the BCS once again picks the two best teams in the country to play each other, then start bitching.

LSU: America’s Comeback Team

It seems like just a week ago LSU was bounced from the BCS picture after Florida out LSU’d them with a dominant ground attack and overwhelming defense.  I was at that game and have very little doubt that the deciding factor in that game was the Swamp.  The noise and more importantly the heat broke LSU down physically and mentally.  Seven days later LSU was again playing against a high ranked SEC East power, but this time the game was in Death Valley, and again, home field was the difference.

South Carolina’s star defensive end Jadeveon Clowney said as much, “Some guys came out to play but some guys didn’t.  It may be because they were scared.”  It was loud, LSU was mad and Connor Shaw was shaken.  He didn’t make the correct decisions he’s been making all season.

LSU Freshman RB Jeremy Hill was the difference maker in this one finishing with 124 yards, and two touchdowns, the second of which was a 50 yarder that all but clinched the win for the Tigers.  LSU’s running game looked clunky against Florida, but Hill brought some fresh legs and impressive speed for a guy who is 6’2” 225.

This game doesn’t necessarily determine either team’s future, though.  LSU will still have to take care of Alabama if they want to find their way back to the SEC Championship game and potentially the BCS Championship.  If South Carolina can beat Florida next week they will all but clinch the SEC East.  If they can do that, the computers and voters will have a lot worse to look at than a two point road loss to LSU.  However, if loud noises continue to hamper Connor Shaw’s decision making, then Gainesville might not be the place for him.

Can Johnny Football be Johnny Heisman?

It’s possible; I’m telling you it’s possible.  Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel should be the favorite to win the Heisman.  He’s running away with the Bo Jackson Award after his performance against Louisiana Tech.  On the season he’s third in passing yards and second in passing touchdowns.  Oh, and he leads the SEC in rushing yards and is tied for first in rushing touchdowns.  Braxton Miller is putting up nasty numbers, too, but against lesser completion.  If Johnny Football can do something special against LSU, look out America, because a really good athlete with a really bad haircut will be everywhere.

Plays That Mattered

“Hello, World.  My name is Jeremy Hill.  I play football. ”

Texas A&M needed every single one of Johnny Football’s 576 total yards against Louisiana Tech.  It’s too bad they don’t have a Johnny Defense or a Barkevious Defense, even a Little Orphan Timmy Defense, to help Johnny Football every week.

Jeff Driskel looked more like Percy Harvin than Tim Tebow on this TD run.  He’s pulling away from DB’s.  Sure, they were Vandy DB’s but still, it’s impressive.

Two plays into the game Eddie Lacy curb-stomps Missouri, who drops to 0-4 in SEC play.  Kentucky – Mizzou will be a battle.  Not like a war battle but more like an acappella sing-off kind of battle.

What They Meant to Say

“I know there are a lot of Tebow comparisons floating around out there after I ran for 177 yards.  There may be some similarities on the field, but off the field, we couldn’t be further apart, if you know what I mean, Ladies (winks, starts humping the air, throws hand up to high five reporters).” – Jeff Driskel, Quarterback, Florida

“The SEC is hard, man.  We are really good but we have to travel to play in front of 100,000 swamp people who still think it’s a good idea to live in Louisiana.  Needless to say it’s a rowdy kind of human.  It’s not like playing in front of 35,000 current and future bank VP’s at Wake Forest like those pussies in the ACC.” – Steve Spurrier, Head Coach, South Carolina

“We’re getting exactly the respect/attention we deserve.  Sure, we’re undefeated in the SEC, which is great, but we’ve beat Auburn, Kentucky and Tennessee aka the three SEC teams that will be hiring new coaches at the end of the season.  We are pretty good, but they are awful.  We have a bye against Middle Tennessee something then we play the #1, #18 and #6 teams in the country.  They have a combined three losses this season. ” – Dan Mullen, Head Coach, Mississippi State



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  • Wow … some pretty strong words from Dan Mullen. Does he know TN was one fumble away from very possibly beating them? They’ll beat A&M, lose a close one to LSU, and get destroyed by Alabama. He STILL has some proving to do before he can talk like that. Also, if I’m Middle Tennessee, I’d put that comment about “a bye against Middle Tennessee something” up in the locker room for motivation.

  • Why the hate for Mississippi State??? They are 6 & 0, 3&0 in the toughest conference in college football. I’m sure they will not win out but they have come a long way from the doom of Croom. State still has a lot of work to do but they are on the right path. I just don’t understand it ,they win and (they have not played anybody) well who has Bama played?? Ole Miss ,Arkansas and Missouri not quiet top tier teams either. In my opinion yall can all suck on a cowbell!!!!

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