Meet the Wives of SEC West Coaches


Before football season gets started, let’s introduce you to the women behind each of the coaches in the SEC. Here’s the link to meet the wives of the SEC East Coaches.

Below is a brief introduction to each of the wives in in the SEC East. Since things have changed a lot, here’s our 2011 article with wives of the SEC West Coaches. As the saying goes, “behind every good man is a good woman.” James Franklin would even take that a little further

Alabama – Terry Saban

Terri Saban Alabama Coach Nick Saban Wife
Terry Saban describes her and Nick’s marriage as “built by the process”. She is continually working with Saban on his hand motions and media prowess. Terry does great things for the Tuscaloosa community and boasts more coin in her bank account than all the West wives combined.

Arkansas – Diana Smith

Diana Smith Arkansas Football Coach Wife
The newest member of the West wives’ club, Diana Smith, is the one who urged her husband to actually accept the Arkansas head job. Welcome back to the SEC, Diana. Here’s to long-term stability in Fayette-nam.

Auburn – Jonna Chizik

Jonna Chizik Auburn Football Coach Gene Chizik Wife
Jonna Chizik is a classy and elegant West wife who has never really approved of the way Gene dresses. Nonetheless, she does like the black leather jacket because she says Gene can go toe-to-toe with The Fonz.

LSU – Kathy Miles

Kathy Miles LSU Football Coach Les Miles Wife
The woman behind the Hat is Kathy Miles. She was a point guard in college at Central Michigan, and all the Miles’ children got her great athletic ability. She only lets Les graze on one side of the backyard ever since the Bama game.

Miss State – Megan Mullen

Megan Mullen Miss State Football Coach Wife
Megan Mullen played golf in college and is settling in to the StarkVegas area. Dan is one of those coaches who is climbing the ladder rather fast – so maybe she should leave a few boxes packed?

Ole Miss – Jill Freeze

Jill Freeze Ole Miss Football Coach Wife
Jill Freeze is another new member to the West wives’ club, and she often talks about when she and Hugh ate Christmas dinners out of gas stations because she’s dedicated to her man and his job. But she is sure proud of Hugh and his accomplishments. They are a family of strong faith. But she better get settled down in Oxford cause it might take a while to get the program built.

Texas A&M – Charlene Sumlin

Charlene Sumlin TAMU Coach Kevin Sumlin Wife
Charlene Sumlin is a new member of the West wives’ club, too. We don’t know much about Charlene and are looking forward to learning more about her. I know College Station is behind their coach and first lady all the way. Welcome to the SEC, Charlene. Phil Vassar sang it best “Ooh la la la la la Looking good Carlene”.

Who loves what these women do for SEC Football?



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