2013 SEC schedule: Five revenge games


“Revenge is sweet and not fattening” – Alfred Hitchcock.

SDS has ranked the 2013 SEC football strength of schedule, and with that, we have circled five revenge games that could turn into physical affairs – and, oh, how sweet revenge would be for these five teams to taste victory:

1. Alabama at Texas A&M, week 3

Nick Saban’s defense against Johnny Manziel and Kevin Sumlin’s offense is must-watch Saturday programming. Dubbed the biggest game of the season, this game is also all about sweet revenge for the Tide. While the Aggies say they control the Tide, Alabama and Saban are watching film as you read this, sweating profusely at the thought of another 345-total-yard performance and a running quarterback looking like Tom Brady in the fourth quarter. All Alabama has heard about all offseason is no-huddle offenses and Johnny Manziel’s Heisman moment in Tuscaloosa. Yeah, two championships in a row aren’t good enough. Alabama wants to thump the Aggies in College Station in route to a three-peat.

2. South Carolina at Georgia, week 2

The USC-UGA rivalry is full of new-fashioned hate. This rivalry is underrated and it’s real. Steve Spurrier beating Georgia is like watching a fat kid eat cake – that look on his face! Spurrier 2.0, you know the one that traded his high-flying offense for a physical and tough defense, has beaten Georgia three years in a row. And last year’s 35-7 blowout has only fueled the fire. Georgia aims to end that three-game streak in Athens with the most explosive offense in the SEC, but Jadeveon Clowney has caused Aaron Murray to have nightmares. Mark Richt even stoked the ever burning ember last week. Week two can’t get here quickly enough.

3. Florida vs. Georgia, week 10

Will Muschamp has never been on the winning side of a Florida-Georgia game. He was 0-4 as a player and, now, he’s 0-2 as a head coach. Georgia is Florida’s biggest SEC rival in any season, bar none. Toss in the fact that Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer had their way with Georgia, but Muschamp has yet to get one. It can’t get any uglier than last year’s turnover fest, and Florida has this game circled. Georgia has won two straight for the first time since the late 80s, but Muschamp has vowed that streak will end this year.

4. LSU at Alabama, week 11

The struggle between powerhouses LSU and Alabama has made it the ‘it’ game for the last several years. However, LSU has revenge on the brain in 2013, after reliving Alabama’s final drive and touchdown with :51 left in the fourth. In fact, LSU owned the second half, but they couldn’t stop the Tide when it mattered most. The last time the Tigers traveled to Tuscaloosa, they eked out a victory. That’s the plan in 2013. This is usually the most physical game of the season.

5. Vanderbilt at Tennessee, week 13

You want to talk about a developing, heated rivalry? Tennessee won’t even acknowledge that it is a rivalry, but Vanderbilt’s emergence has been fun and very entertaining to watch. James Franklin is trying to take the Commodores to the next step as a program, beat a powerhouse and win 10 games. The Commodores have only beaten the Vols twice in the last 30 years, but the power struggle to regain the state of Tennessee will be heated in 2013. The Dores hammered the Vols last season 41-18 in Nashville. The game returns to Knoxville in ‘13, and the Vols have some revenge on the mind.

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  • So much hype, I understand it. I just don’t see it being that close this year. I could be way off, but Bama’s best game beats A&M’s best game. Manziel’s 345 total yards were impressive, considering almost all of it came from the 1st quarter and two big passes late. McCarron’s stats were pretty good too, throwing for 309. The turnovers were a big blow though, two of them took points off the board. But what’s more likely to happen this year – does A&M and company surprise Bama with their up-tempo offense? And offense that is all the Bama defense heard about for a whole offseason? Or will A&M still have little more than a mediocre defense? Obviously, I’m not psychic, and I’m sure Sumlin is studying film too, as he should be. So we should expect to see some new schemes from both teams, possibly some trickery. I’ll make this clear, anyone can be anyone on any given day, and both teams will have their chances. But with the hype and the upset loss last year, I expect that Alabama will be prepared and focused. And if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll realize the matchups are in Bama’s favor. Even more so if Bama’s offense is better than last season. I expect to see more of a running attack from Bama. I think Jalston Fowler has a lot of rage built up from missing last season. He’s kind of like Javorski Lane, but better. Have fun!

    • It’s definitely the game of the year. A&M will have an even better offense. The O-line will be very, very good (almost as good as last year). While we lost some stud wide outs, we’re bringing a few studs. We’ll have more size, height, and speed then last season. A&M will run some sets where the shortest receiver is 6’5″. Bama will try and contain Manziel and he’ll just pick them apart, taking advantage of size mismatches. In addition, our running game will be better with Brandon Williams (5* transfer from OU) and power back Tre Carson (transfer from Oregon).

      On the defensive side of the ball, A&M may be improved despite the loss of DeMonster and two linebackers. A few Aggies who are more familiar with the guys coming in tell me we will definitely be better by year end. Week 3? Dunno.

      I know the kicking game will be better because there’s nowhere to go but up.

      Bama will be motivated and Saban will be prepared, but don’t forget Sumlin and Snyder out coached Saban & co last year. All of the furor over JFF’s tweets is creating an “us against the world” mentality at Aggieland. Both teams will come to play.

      While Bama gets a bye the week before, A&M plays an FCS school (a really good FCS school, but still an FCS school). Bama will likely reveal more of its play book against Va Tech in their opener than A&M will against Rice or Sam.

  • South Carolina vs Florida? Still really hurt about that one

  • Ole Miss vs. LSU. Punt return TD with about a minute left is what allowed LSU to save face in front of their home crowd in a lucky 6-point win. Can’t wait until they come to Oxford.

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