50 Questions for the 2013 college football season

Photos of Katherine Webb AJ McCarron Girlfriend

Questions abound for the upcoming season. We give you 50 questions to consider as kickoff approaches.

  1. Will Alabama Three-Peat?
  2. Will the SEC Eight-Peat?
  3. How will ESPN College Gameday figure out a way to show Sam Ponder throwing a perfect spiral in heels EVERY week?
  4. Look at their schedule; who is Louisville losing to?
  5. Look at their schedule; who is Ohio State losing to?
  6. Look at their schedule; who is Oregon losing to?
  7. Will the final year of the BCS be the best one ever?
  8. Deep down, don’t you think Urban Meyer is hoping they lose a game so they don’t have to play Alabama or Georgia or A&M?
  9. Will America be impressed by Braxton Miller’s 300 yard rushing game even if it happens against The Ohio College For Blind Ladies in week 2?
  10. Has anyone seen Teddy Bridgewater and Tajh Boyd in the same place at the same time?
  11. Will college football coaches continue to hint that Nick Saban is the Devil?
  12. We’re sure he’s not really the Devil, right?
  13. USC was preseason #1 last season and finished it with a Sun Bowl loss to Georgia Tech and Pat Haden still hasn’t fired Lane Kiffin?
  14. Really?
  15. Will Johnny Manziel win back-to-back Heisman Trophies?
  16. Will the NCAA allow Johnny Manziel to even play the entire season?
  17. Will those stupid little autographed helmets become real collector items after they end Johnny Football’s college career?
  18. Wait, was that the motivation behind the autograph prostitutes leaking out all this information in the first place?
  19. More importantly, what will happen to Uncle Nate’s Instagram page after Johnny Football wises up and kicks his ass to the curb?
  20. Is Oklahoma’s Trevor Knight this season’s Johnny Football?
  21. But isn’t Florida State’s Jameis Winston was supposed to be this season’s Johnny Football?
  22. Will Jeff Driskel become Florida’s next Tim Tebow?
  23. And in an effort to avoid running into racist people, who will be Florida’s next Riley Cooper?
  24. And so we can try to avoid a ton of murders, which Gator will be the next Aaron Hernandez?
  25. Why do people think Texas is supposed to be good again?
  26. Remember when Notre Dame Linebacker Manti Te’o shared with the world that his cancer ridden girlfriend died in a car accident?
  27. Remember that time we all found out she never existed?
  28. Will humans look back thousands of years from now and determine that it was the greatest thing that ever happened?
  29. Will A.J. McCarron emerge from Johnny Football’s shadow?Photos of Katherine Webb AJ McCarron Girlfriend
  30. Will A.J. McCarron emerge from his girlfriend’s shadow?
  31. Will Saban be considered the best coach in the history of Alabama Football after this season?
  32. If A&M beats Alabama again will Saban even be the best coach in the SEC?
  33. On a scale of 1 to 10, how concerned should we be that Jadeveon Clowney actually decapitates somebody?
  34. Will this be Steve Spurrier’s swan song before leaving us for some kind of Big-Lebowski-on-a-golf-course existence?
  35. Is Oregon still Oregon without Chip Kelly?
  36. Isn’t Phil Knight getting a little Jay Gatsbyesque with this endless spending on Oregon thing?
  37. Why would Oregon’s players ever want to leave their facilities to go play in stupid football games?
  38. Will Clemson beat Georgia in week one and finally avoid “Pulling a Clemson”?
  39. This season, will Clemson WR Sammy Watkins have the kind year he was supposed to have last season?
  40. Will Georgia be #1 if they start 4-0?
  41. What happens if they start 1-3?
  42. Remember when Mark Richt ignored Aaron Murray’s request to spike the football in the SEC Championship game and instead called a play that resulted in a short completion that allowed the clock to run out, ending Georgia’s chance at an SEC Title?
  43. Hey, did you know Jen Bielema’s husband is a football coach at Arkansas?
  44. Will society hold a team vote and determine that Les Miles is an insane person?
  45. I quit following the story, but how does Miami still have a team?
  46. Will Ole Miss make me have to actually learn how to pronounce Nkemdiche?
  47. Will anyone notice that Pitt and Syracuse are in the ACC?
  48. Will we see A LOT more of the Manziel family than we ever hoped to see this season?
  49. Can Jim Mora make UCLA cool again?
  50. Will this be the year Alabama decides to start murdering trees again?

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  • I would say UGA would deserve the number 1 spot if they start 2-0, much less 4-0 considering only one of those games is pretty much a no brainer. Definitely the toughest opeing slate in the SEC this year.

  • Again, hate to be objective here, but UGA would not deserve to be #1 if they start 4-0. That is, unless they just blow the doors off all 4 teams. Otherwise, in my gritting-my-teeth-as-I-type-this opinion, Bama should be #1 unless and until they lose, whether to UGA or someone else. Bama is the best team right now until proven otherwise.

    • Ok im a Carolina fan and I would even say if you beat 8 6 and 12 (clem scar and lsu) you wake take the number one spot. No other team plays that kind of opening quarter of a season

    • No doubt Bama is the best team to start the year. But if UGA starts 4-0, that will be more impressive than Bama starting 4-0. Bama has one of the easiest schedules in the SEC this year.

      • They play Va Tech., #7 A&M, and Ole Miss in their first 3. I wouldn’t call that easy. Not as hard as Georgia’s opening 4, but certainly not easy. I agree with the Georgia fellow…..until Alabama loses, they are #1. Period…..

        • Va Tech isn’t a legitimate threat at all. They posted an unimpressive 7-6 record in the ACC last year. And bama gets a bye week before the A&M game. I know Ole Miss is on the rise and are making great progress, but the chances of them upsetting bama are a longshot. A&M is the only team that really poses as a big time threat. As to where Clemson, SCAR, and LSU are all a threat to beat Georgia. So Georgia definitely has the tougher slate.

      • There are a lot of if’s in the comments above…nobody wants the DAWGs to be 4-0 more than I do, but the DAWGs rarely have a good start, and it usually shows against decent teams (ie: I remember Boise State). I’ll be on my hands and knees praying for 1-0…

    • I would have to agree, if UGA went 4-0, it would be a much tougher 4-0 than what Bama would accomplish in the same span. Granted, I’m not really wanting to see UGA go 4-0, more like 1-1 after a week 2 loss.

  • I think you need to add South Carolina to #8. They are legitimate national contenders and I guarantee that Urban Meyer would not want to face the ol’ ball coach and the freak in January.

  • If Georgia starts out the season 4-0, there is no reason for them not to be #1. Back in 2008 when the Dawgs were #1 to start the season, they were bumped down each week despite continuing to win games (week 1 – bearing GA Southern 45-21 dropped to #2, week 3 – after beating Central Michigan 56-17 and South Carolina 14-7 dropped to #3). The reasoning was that they weren’t playing “difficult enough” competition. Well, same argument applies here.

    • Y’all weren’t the 2-time defending champion either. Just let it play out. Y’all win your first 13 games this season, you’ll be playing for the title. Don’t worry about week 4 rankings.

      • I dont know that he is worried about it. The guy asked a question in the article and he’s simply stating his opinion on how he thinks it should be. Which is the same opinion I have. Nobody is necessarily right. But if you go on how they’ve done it in years past, UGA would deserve it. Bama winning the past two championships doesn’t earn them #1 this year. New team, new season. So it’s anybody
        s race to win.

  • It is nice to see somebody who writes about football actually bring up the point that Aaron Murray was making the correct call and that Richt fatally vetoed the call the quarterback was making. Roll Tide Roll.

  • UGA, if they go 4-0, still wouldn’t deserve the number one spot until they beat number one. They’ll meet in the dome, they’ll get their chance to be number one.

    • Nobody should be #1 until they earn it. This is a new season. So last season hasn’t earned anyone anything. Georgia at 4-0 given their schedule is more impressive than any other team in the country at 4-0.

  • I’m appreciate the love Georgia is receiving. Usually UGA is behind the shadow of Alabama or Texas A&M. If UGA starts 4-0 we should definitely be ranked number 1. Although given that Alabama is preseason number 1 and the likelihood of them starting 4-0 is very possible, they would remain number 1. Partly because… well the media loves them and given that they were ranked ahead of us preseason. But Hey, lets just get through week one and i’ll be happy. Go Dawgs!

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