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Photos: Florida removes Aaron Hernandez’s All-American brick, erases all connections

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Florida has removed all images and photos of Aaron Hernandez throughout the football facilities. That was done in June.

This morning, they erased the last remaining – and most public – reminder of Hernandez: his All-American brick.

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[H/T @JQuittner]

The School released the following statement regarding the erasing of Hernandez and Florida:

“We didn’t feel it was appropriate to celebrate Aaron Hernandez. We put together an immediate plan after the initial news broke to remove his likeness and name in various private and public areas in the facility, such as the South Endzone team area, locker room, football offices, Heavener Complex Kornblau Lobby and the brick display entrance to the football facility.

“We were able to implement some of the changes immediately and this [brick removal] was a more complex process to complete with our vendors. The plan was to have everything completed before the end of July.”

Is Florida right to distance the program from Hernandez so quickly? Should they have waited for a final verdict?

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

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Comments 5

  1. I think it was a little early for them to erase is existence from Florida. I mean if you tried him in Florida, he’d probably be found innocent.

  2. It is like something out of a totalitarian regime…all memory of him must be erased!…if he earned it then it is still his no matter what he did after…O.J. is still in the Hall fo Fame, etc…

  3. Go ahead and take Pouncey’s out too. His brick is right there, and we know he likes to stand by his boy.