Saban dismissed four Alabama players who were arrested


Nick Saban made it official today. Eddie Williams, DJ Pettway, Tyler Hayes and Brent Calloway are no longer associated with the team.

The four players were arrested earlier this month on counts of fraudulent use of debit card to second-degree robbery.

Saban immediately suspended the players indefinitely, but he revealed today they are no longer on the team. And as we’ve grown to learn, indefinite suspensions at Alabama basically mean players are kicked off the team.

Several will make inferences about Alabama oversigning, but Saban had no choice with these four, especially with Eddie Williams, who was charged with both crimes.

Alabama trims their roster from 95 scholarship players to now 91 players after the dismissals.

Here’s a statement from Saban via AL:

“Based on all the information we’ve received and gone through and tried to determine the future of the four guys that got in trouble, those guys are no longer associated with the football program,” Saban said. “Their actions do not reflect the spirit and character that we want our organization to reflect. It’s obviously very disappointing and unacceptable what happened.

“I also think that I’ve been really proud of over the last five years that our team has done a very good job and shown personal responsibility and how they represent the university, what they’ve done in the community, in the classroom, off the field. And they’re going to continue to do as much as we can in personal development, character development in our program with education to try to help guys have a chance to be more successful in life.

“Some people learn by words, some people learn by consequences, some people can’t learn.”

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  • maybe its just me…but isnt this a NO BRAINER ???…what university wants or needs a bunch of thieves playing football for them??????……smdh

  • It does make you wonder what took Saban so long to pull the plug.

    • I honestly think he was waiting to see the result of the University’s judicial review. I think it was just a formality. As in the past, when he indefinitely suspends a player, it becomes a dismissal soon enough.

  • Same kinds of stupid people comment on this. At first it was “Why aren’t they kicked off immediately?” As if being indefinitely suspended made any difference except for the “connotation” they might be reinstated. Now that they are “officially dismissed” everyone is like “They should have done it sooner there is obviously something else going on! Due process doesn’t take that long!” It’s just asinine.

  • I think they will end up playing again at a different university. Talented players, regardless of their actions off the field, usually always play somewhere else. They will guarantee that what they did will never happen again and some Athletic Director will believe them and sign them only to be disappointed down the road. these guys will not change. There off the field actions are their true actions.

  • Mr Cooper,
    In order to oversign, there must be too many players on scholarship. Incoming freshmen are not on scholarship technically speaking until classes begin. Also, it is possible for a player to sign a commitment, but not be on scholarship, i.e., they pay their own way. Since Saban does not release who is on a scholarship and who isn’t, because that would be a violation of the student’s privacy, but since you obviously know the answer, please provide everyone with a list of the names of those who are on scholarship.

    Once the investigation was completed and the policies of the university were followed, the players were “officially” dismissed. Any hasty action prior to that would have opened up the University to lawsuits and technically speaking, Saban could have even been subject to dismissal for not following procedure.

    Some of you writers need to get over the butt-hurt and quit looking for any and every opportunity to bash BAMA.

    • The scholarship numbers were derived from the link at CBSSports’ Oversigning Index in the article, not my numbers. In addition, everyone knows they have to trim the list by the start of fall camp… And bashing any school isn’t on my agenda, nor will it ever be.

    • @3outta4: Haha. You Bama fans are just too sensitive sometimes.

  • Another way for saint nick to work the numbers. I guess he is counting on the 8th grader to early enroll

  • Mr. Cooper didn’t bash Bama at all. He just stated the facts. And as far as Saban taking so long to confirm it, let’s not pretend to know the complete process that takes place when these types of things happen. People always assume the worst.

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