Alabama fan leaves Auburn server an Iron Bowl-sized ‘tip’ on receipt


Who doesn’t love SEC rivalries?

It’s exactly why we love college football, and why the NFL will never be able to touch it.

The Iron Bowl rivalry runs deep in Alabama, and it extends to everyday life and penetrates several family ties. How could there not be emotions after such an incredible game last Saturday that shook up the entire country and showcased the SEC and two great programs on a national level?

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Below is just another incident in a long line of evidence of an awesome rivalry, but this is not so awesome. Check out the tip this Alabama fan left the Auburn server named ‘Forrest’. You can’t make this stuff up…or maybe anyone can.

Photo Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Typical Bammer mullet head.

  • This is hilarious. I love SEC rivalries.

  • Too many of these tip blogs proven to be FALSE… Until proven different just another lame barner trying to make look BAMA look bad… disgraceful

  • As a lifelong Alabama fan I don’t consider the Harvey Updike type of fan to be largely representative of the group–they are a small yet embarrassing segment of the fan base. There are fans devoid of class that root for every team I assure you. As we were leaving the Iron Bowl my cousin was verbally assaulted by a drunk elderly woman in an Auburn sweater but I don’t hold her behavior against the rest of the fans that behaved themselves appropriately. As fun as it is to maintain a healthy rivalry it’s just a game and one that we aren’t even technically part of so set the bar high and be a good sport whether you’re winning or losing.

    • yeah, i don’t believe that. First y’all poison trees and then this year one girl Updikes another because she wasn’t a good fan. Please!

      • Well said Aaronmayeux. They act like its one person doing all this dumb stuff. You got the tree poisoner, the tea bagger, the murderer, and the lousy tipper. All different oBAMA fans. This is not one person running around doing bogus stuff. A true litmus test to their fan base. Roll Tears Roll!!

        • You should join him under said bridge.

        • Actually, James Hale said “As a lifelong Alabama fan I don’t consider the Harvey Updike type of fan to be largely representative of the group–they are a small yet embarrassing segment of the fan base. There are fans devoid of class that root for every team I assure you.” Nowhere does James say it was one fan. All of this stereotyping of Alabama fans makes you look no better than the group of “fans”, if you can call them that, that are tarnishing the name of the Alabama fan base. As an Alabama fan I am disappointed and disgusted by the people in our fan base that commit these uncalled for and unnecessary attacks on other fan bases.

        • No it is not typical of Bama fan base! You cannot blame or say bad things about all Bama fans because of the actions of a few people! Grow up people, really!

      • Get back under your bridge Troll.

      • First of all, y’all didn’t do anything!! That was an act of a crazy man and I am not proud that a supposedly Bama fan did something that cruel and stupid. Don’t hold all Bama fans responsible for the actions of a few ignorant people!!! All schools have good and bad fans!!!! Get over it and stop all the whineing!!!! Grow up!!!

    • Stop being so serious, so they didn’t tip 2 stinkin dollars..big deal!! There are butt wipes on both sides! People just need to chill out…babies!

    • James Hale I agree with this statement. There are fans of all shapes, sizes, and beliefs in every fan-base. I hate to see them clumped together when something like this happens.

  • Notice that the Updyke paid with a prepaid card. People with bad credit probably would not leave a tip anyway, LOL!

    • In Alabama we use our manners he probably got mad cause the Auburn fan or grad forgot to add Sir when he asked if wanted fries with that order….

      • I lived in the South for 5 years. I know how it works. If you get good service you tip 20% weather someone says sir or buddy. Try to come up with a better response.

  • Hilarious!! Shows how stupid the barn folks can be!! Don’t brag if you want a tip!! ROLL TIDE!!

  • Not a smart move for a waiter to brag about pulling for a team that just beat your customer’s team.

  • They looked at the tape. He actually tipped $0.01.

  • You don’t hear about things like this out of other fan bases because they’re not BAMA fans! When you’re on top people always try to drag you down! A loss doesn’t change the fact that BAMA is still where ever college team wants to be & the fans of that team want them to be! But I assure you there are classless people in all fan bases and if their teams were in the same position as BAMA(on top) you would hear about them. Roll Tide Roll!

    • I agree totally! Roll Tide no matter if they win or lose! Bama is a class act and if people don’t agree that is ok! All teams have good and bad fans!!!

  • Note it is a REGIONS BANK PREPAID CARD. Probably did not have enough $$ to leave a tip anyway… Bama needs to grow up they have not played good all year against cheesy teams. They get a real team and LOSE suck it up! Should have played better as a team! and it was NOT THE Kickers fault! the TEAM should not have gotten in that situation if they were so good!

    • Yes Bama did not play as well as they could have but all teams, no matter how good they are, have bad days. Doesn’t mean that the team that won is the better team. Just means they were on that day!!! All Bama fans are not crying and whineing.

  • It is fake. It is a reprint of a receipt and then written in to make someone or a fan base look bad. People just trying to stir up ill feelings. Do not put stock in it.

    • The @Vaughan_C24 that posted this picture is also trying to garner twitter followers and trying to get publicity. Attempts from the media on confirmation and attempts to get validity are going unanswered or are getting the run around. It is fake. Ridiculous!

  • I have lived in Alabama all my life and have been a faithful Bama fan and I know a lot of Bama fans. I don’t know how you people can say all these bad things about Bama fans. All schools have bad fans but the ones that I know are good sports and do realize that we can’t win them all. We have had a lot of success and do appreciate our success! We don’t cheat, all schools have questionable practices sometimes but you get over it. I don’t condone or agree with how some Bama fans act but I can’t change that. I realize that a lot of people hate Bama but I don’t understand why. It’s just a game! I try and conduct myself with good sportsmanship and class and the Bama fans I know, do to. We are just like all teams, we want to win. I realize that won’t always be the case but I think Bama is a class act and those who don’t think so, you are entitled to your opinion but don’t pretend that you know us, cause you don’t and don’t blame everyone that’s a Bama fan for the actions of a few people!!! I will be a faithful Bama fan no matter if they win or lose and am proud to be that way!!! All Bama fans are not hillbillies or inbred or any of those names used to describe us. As I said before, all schools have their good and bad fans. No one is perfect! I wish any team that goes to championship game good luck!!!! All college kids just want the same thing… to be successful and to do their best!!! Roll Tide always. No we didn’t win this year but that’s ok, we will be back!!!!

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