Alabama releases incredible video tour of new football facilities

Note: The video has been removed by the university.

Be sure and check out Oregon’s insane football facilities, as well as Ole Miss’ new locker room. Are Alabama’s facilities the best?



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  • RIDICULOUS! In this time of shrinking university budgets and rising tuition, this is an extravagant and shameful waste of money and resources. I love college football, but this kind of excess is appalling. This is coming from a RABID football fan who also happens to be a university professor who sees what budget cuts are doing to the rest of the school – you know, the academic side of it.

    • The University of Alabama’s Athletic Department is completely self-funded. It took no money away from the rest of the University. Plus, UA is in great financial shape. Football makes UA A LOT of money. This doesn’t hurt them a bit. In fact, it’ll probably help some more. Donations and support at UA are at an all-time high, plus the student body and facilities continue to grow. Academically, UA is also leaping to the upper echelon of American universities. UA already enrolls more National Merit Scholars than any other public school and the other academic numbers speak for themselves.

  • I believe that if you have a football program like the University of Alabama, you deserve to update your facilities as such. BamaAlum1831, you are absolutely correct when you stated the football program is completely self-funded. Mdlee5555, If you are a professor at UA, be thankful that you a part of the winning tradition. Your contribution to student growth is just as important as the lessons learned on the field. Right now, athletic programs are a big factor that attract students to UA. Enjoy this moment because there will be a time when we experience the late 90’s again..

    Roll Tide
    “If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride- and never quit-you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards.”
    Bear Bryant

  • I know this is an SEC football blog, but the McKay center for the USC Trojan athletic department isn’t too shabby either.

    Love your blog, btw

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