Music Video: Alabama Championship Rap Song


Here is the link to their previous Alabama rap song

Update: Here is a video they made in response to some of the comments:



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  • That’s Awful….but she’s kinda cute

  • Lyrics

    OOOOOOHH Snap!
    Bama Championship Rap
    Fighting Irish Number 1
    Crimson Tide Number 2
    Who’s gonna win the game?
    See that may be up to you.
    Leave a Comment down below with Yo score prediction
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    1st Verse

    My name is Nick Fox
    I’m an Alabama Grad I wear Alabama Sox
    Crimson Tide Full of Pride, hit your stride, here we go
    Have you seen my Bama Fan Gangnam Style Video?

    It’s the Irish and The Tide both making big plans
    Shoulda been the battle of the Bandwagon Fans
    Everybody coming with their classy slo-gans

    Catholics VS Cousins
    Gold Domers VS Mobile Homers
    AHHH, yes we see you like jokes
    Well we got 14 and we never gonna choke

    Notre Dame, Notre Lame
    Getting ready to send
    We got Covers for days
    You’re going back to South Bend
    Everybody get ready
    15, go crazy
    Let me introduce you to my girl slim lady

    (Repeat Chorus)

    2nd Verse

    Honea from Grand Bay, I do it eryday
    Bama hits so hard Irish gonna need an X-ray.

    My raps are sick, everybody agree
    Eminem spelled backwards is menime

    I’m just telling you how it is by the word of mouth
    You may have seen my rap on Saturday down south

    My teams real good I can thank coach nick
    Then again it won’t be tough taking on Catholics

    I hear them when the say Irish have all the luck
    But if you’re not in the SEC your team sucks

    Nobody beat Bama that thought they would
    Well, except Johnny Football, that dudes good!

    On January 7th the Irish will punt
    Notre Dame Alabama, it’s Rudy Forrest Gump

    It’s not even the weekend but I feel like bans won
    It’s going down in Miami, run Forrest run!

    Some advice for the Irish before its nationwide
    Wear a diaper, extra padding, goodluck and Roll Tide!


    OOOOOOHH Snap!
    Bama Championship Rap
    Crimson Tide Number 1
    Fighting Irish Number 2
    Bama’s gonna win the game
    Cause you know we got the crew
    Ya boy AJ has a chest tattoo

    Thank you For Watching
    The Championship Rap
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    Like, Favorite and Subscribe!
    We’ll see y’all next season
    And as always

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