Alabama reportedly prepared to give Nick Saban a hefty raise


Any time your name is thrown around with the Texas job, although not vacated by Mack Brown yet, a raise is usually coming your way.

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CBS Sports reported that Alabama recently approached Nick Saban before the Iron Bowl about reworking his contract and keeping Saban the highest paid coach in college football.

Saban is reportedly making a $5.62 million salary, and senior analyst Gil Brandt was recently told via a source that Saban is in negotiations with Alabama to raise his salary to around the $7 million per year range.

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A report from says that Mack Brown will step down soon, although Brown and the school deny the report. Saban’s name has been linked to Texas for much of the season.

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  • A salary like that is one he has rightfully earned. However, money is not Saban’s motivation, it can’t be. I hope he does not leave as I think he and Malzahn will take us back to the Bear Bryant and Shug Jordan days, but I have a gut feeling he will take to Texas and create yet another legacy.

    Here’s to hoping he will stay!


    • You’re right, money isn’t the objective or goal. Rather it has to be the legacy – what did you do or leave behind? So answer that question in your own mind, what do you think is important? It isn’t number of wins of bowl games won. It has to be uncharted territory, doing what no man/coach has ever done before – and the keys to that legacy lie with Alabama. As long as we don’t let the stupid “fans” run him off. I don’t think he has any interest in Texas (where I’ve lived for the last 17 years BTW), but adding that Bear/Shug element is right up there with the man I believe will be remembered as the greatest college football coach ever. Roll tide and War Eagle – bring the crystal ball back!

  • I think they need to go closer to $10 million to keep him as Texas will offer around that amount. I know it’s a lot of $$$ for Alabama but they make that much every year just from the bowl game they go to not to mention the HUGE amount of interest people have in attending Alabama now and all the exposure he has given the university. I REALLY hope he stays and the university matches or exceeds whatever UT offers. Roll Tide!!!

  • Saban would be a disaster in the Big XII. If his performances against HUNH, spread, option and triple option teams (Texas A&M, Auburn, Georgia Southern, etc.) over the past few years have proven anything, it’s that The Process has it’s limits and the style of offenses prevalent in the Big XII, well, let’s call those The Limit. Great coach, but a bad match for and job in the Big XII.

  • “Saban’s name has been linked to Texas for much of the season.” — Yeah, by sports writers looking to make headlines. The only facts that have come out point to Saban not being linked to Texas at all. So what’s the news here? Saban will continue to make even more money at Bama? Shocking.

  • Kirk Herbstreit on Saban going to Texas: “There’s no chance. No chance of that happening,” Herbstriet told the Dallas Morning News. “Nick Saban will work TV sitting next to us on our set before he’ll be the head coach at Texas … He’ll be at Alabama for another five years, and then he’ll be working TV after that … I know Nick Saban better than anybody. It’s not going to happen.”

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