Seven SEC teams ranked in the final regular season AP Top 25 poll


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The 16th and final regular season AP Poll was just released, and you can view last week’s here.

With #3 Auburn’s win over #5 Missouri and #10 Michigan State’s upset over #2 Ohio State, Auburn slides into the #2 slot just below Florida State. Missouri drops to #9, with Alabama moving up to #3.

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The final BCS rankings come out tonight, along with all the official bowl game announcements.

1. FSU (56)
2. Auburn (4)
3. Alabama
4. Michigan State
5. Stanford
6. Baylor
7. Ohio State
8. South Carolina
9. Missouri
10. Oregon
11. Oklahoma
12. Clemson
13. Oklahoma State
14. LSU
15. UCF
16. Arizona State
17. UCLA
18. Louisville
19. Wisconsin
20. Texas A&M
21. Fresno State
22. Duke
23. Georgia
24. Northern Illinois
25. Notre Dame

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  • Ohio State should have moved out of the top 10. They never should have been #2 in the first place.

  • i understand about Auburn and Alabama, but shouldn’t Missouri be higher than 9?

  • I would move SC & Mizzou up two slots. Put Stanford at #8 & Ohio St at 9

  • Sad to see Auburn getting a shot at the National Championship when they didnt even deserve to be in the SEC Championship. “Winning” via a fluke bounce on a last second prayer and then on a ridiculous return shouldnt be rewarded over teams that actually played and WON games against top teams. For the first time ever I’ll be rooting against an SEC team in the Natty….Go ‘Noles!

    • Didnt deserve to be there?? And you rooting for FSU whos only quality win(and even that has been debated) is Clemson. Comon man. They won, thats all that matters. They beat those teams. If they didnt deserve it then those other teams wouldve won. Theyre werent any calls that gave them the game. Saban got greedy and it screwed him. I hate Auburn but they won their spot in the Natl Champ Game. So many delusional people out there.

    • Should Auburn be apologizing for their “fluke” wins over Mizzou and Texas A&M also? While both of the wins you mentioned did involve some last minute heroics, it’s not like they were just lucky to be hanging around in either of those games. The Auburn running game shredded Alabama. They dominated UGA for 3 quarters. I am fully aware that they could have lost both of those games, but don’t act like they were lucky to be involved.

  • Mizzou really has no business in the top 15 considering they load up with FIVE FCS schools to start their season every year..Then they played Georgia, Vandy, Kentucky, and Tennessee who were all down this season. IF South Carolina(the only complete team Mizzou played all season besides SC had had their starting QB the whole game instead of just the 4th quarter ( He brought them back from a 17 point deficit to win in OT) they’d have exposed Mizzou for the only better than average defensive team they are..In the end, it was Auburn who burned them and exposed them for the REAL weakness’ they have on defense..
    No matter who Mizzou plays in a bowl, and it’s expected to be Okie State, they’ll lose again because Auburn’s defense is not good enough to be playing for a national title and Mizzou’s defense is REALLY pretty suspect..

    • Missouri hung with Auburn most of that game and just got beat by a better team. I think Auburn would have beaten anybody the way their running game was clicking. Mizzou must have beaten your team pretty good for you to be so bitter about them.

  • Mizzou should NOT be a top ten team! They load up with 5 FCS schools to start the season and then win over Kentucky, Vandy, Tennessee, and Florida`all down this year. South Carolina was the first quality team they played and IF SC’s QB had been able to play the whole game(he brought them back in the 4th qrt. from 17 pts down to win in OT) SC wins by 3 td’s!
    As it turns out Auburn exposes their defensive weakness’, and burns Mizzou, while the Mizzou bunch plays conservatively on offense, as they always do..Still Mizzou exposes Auburns weakness’ on defense too, so Auburn is vulnerable, especially against a better passing offense.
    Look for another Mizzou loss in a bowl against another QUALITY team..And fall into the second half of the top 25

    • Screw you. You forget we played SC with our backup QB and best defensive back out too. And Mizzou’s offense is conservative? I don’t know if you’ve actually seen us play…ever. Our non-con was completely comparable to just about every other SEC team. Hell, our SOS is higher than Bama’s. I’ve come to the conclusion that you are an idiot.

  • Mizzou played sc with a redshift freshman backup qb,and as to our “conservative” offense, it seems to me you must have not watched very many Mizzou games,and as for the defense,that was a terrible game last night but this is the team that shut down Texas a&m and pretty much everyone else they played,once again you must not have watched much Mizzou football,but go ahead and hate,Mizzou will just have to keep whooping sec ass next year.

  • I would love to hear anyone explain to me how aTm is ranked higher than UGA. Anyone?

  • unlike Alabama, Missouri has never been a national sports media darling. all that respect that we were playing for was for naught. maybe if we do it again next year any respect earned will be real. I think with Aaron Murray and Connor Shaw gone that those are two key pieces that will allow us to be a viable challenger next year. good luck in your bowl games Eastside

    • SC had the youngest team in the country and we only lose 4 starters. Thompson will be just fine at QB with Davis & Wilds behind him and a solid core of receivers and the defense will only improve even without Clowney.

  • everybody check out this video its one of those hitler reacts videos. hitler is reacting too ohio state losing the B1G Championship its hilarious

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