SEC Football News on Saturday Down South

AP Top 25 Week 3: Four SEC teams ranked in top 10, Ole Miss breaks into top 25

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The third AP Top 25 was released today. You can view last week’s top 25 here.

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Alabama remains the top team in the country, followed by six other SEC teams in the top 25. Ole Miss debuts at No. 25.

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1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Clemson
4. Ohio State
5. Stanford
6. Texas A&M
7. Louisville
8. LSU
9. Georgia
10. Florida State
11. Michigan
12. Oklahoma State
13. South Carolina
14. Oklahoma
15. Miami
16. UCLA
17. Northwestern
18. Florida
19. Washington
20. Wisconsin
21. Notre Dame
22. Baylor
23. Nebraska
24. TCU
25. Ole Miss

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Comments 16

  1. GO DAWGS! Athens is closest that the cocks will get to Atlanta this year!

  2. thf24
    Commented : 7 months ago

    I must have missed something. What did Ole Miss do to be ranked again?

  3. As big as the Dawgs win was it guarantees nothing yet. UGA lost the last two years to USCe and still made it to Atlanta. USCe could do the same thing. We get LSU this year. They don’t.

    • Exactly Chris. It was a great game and a HUGE win for UGA but the season is still young and the SEC games to come are going to be tough. The UGA/LSU battle will be a classic between the hedges, looking forward to watching it.

  4. Ole Miss had a top recruiting class and beat Vandy…….rankings at this point until a few games are played is still all about potential.

    • thf24
      Commented : 7 months ago

      Does the ranking take into account their potential to get dismantled by the NCAA within a year or two?

      • Ha, I think someone is butt hurt about Ole Miss being better than them or because Ole Miss stole some of their recruits. Stop whining like a little baby, My nine year old daughter knows better than that. She probably knows more about football than you do also.

  5. I’m just waiting to see what happens nest Saturday in College Station. Will Bama get revenge or will TAMU (&JFF) “control the Tide? It should be exciting no matter who you’re for.

  6. I think Ole Miss is going to be the BIG surprise this year. I’m not saying they will win out but I am saying this is the year Ole Miss earns the respect of college football nation.

  7. Why is Tennessee getting no love yet??

  8. This list is going to change dramatically.

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