AP Top 25 Week 8: SEC sets a record with eight ranked teams


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The eighth AP Top 25 was released today. You can view last week’s top 25 here.

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Alabama remains the top dog in the country, followed by Texas A&M and LSU in the top 10. Missouri moves up to #14, and Georgia falls to #15. Auburn breaks into the top 25 at #24. The SEC became the first conference to have eight ranked teams during a regular season poll.

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Here’s the top 25:

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Clemson
4. Ohio State
5. Florida State
6. LSU
7. Texas A&M
8. Louisville
10. Miami
11. South Carolina
12. Baylor
13. Stanford
14. Missouri
15. Georgia
16. Texas Tech
17. Fresno State
18. Oklahoma
19. Virginia Tech
20. Washington
21. Oklahoma State
22. Florida
23. Northern Illinois
24. Auburn
25. Wisconsin

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  • Right where I figured SC to end up. A little surprised that Mizzou jumped 11 spots with Franklin being done for the season. Had he not gotten hurt, I would think that’s exactly where they should be. Too many questions about the offense until we see it in action next week,

  • I think Texas A&M is slightly too high for the almost upset in oxford. They should’ve either stayed at no9 or dropped a rank or two.

  • I agree with this…though I think #15 for my Dawgs is perhaps out of respect for the hopeful return of Gurley this week. Otherwise, I’m not sure the team we fielded yesterday against Mizzou is even Top 20 worthy…mainly b/c of defense. Sad, b/c we had a great chance to run the table, squeak past the West division winner (most likely Bama again this year…insert ‘rolled eyes’) and finally make it to Pasadena. Very, very frustrating to be a Dawg right now. But the SEC East is still in our sights, and I still believe we’ll get there…as long as we figure something out w/ our D. If we don’t…all this is hot air and we’re finishing 8-4 or even 7-5. Gotta wake up and dig down deep.

  • I think everyone can agree that we really have 9 top 25 SEC teams. While our injuries will probably cost us the game next week, I think if we can go 8-4, then we deserve to be ranked in the top 20-25

    • If you think Georgia and Florida can remain ranked by the end of the season, you’re crazy! Maybe if Ole Miss plays like it did against LSU, we could see a win there. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ole Miss in the top 25 at the end of the season, especially since three of their losses are against currently ranked teams.

      • *like it did against Texas A&M in the LSU game… my bad lol

      • I think that both UGA and Fla have a great chance at being ranked at the end of the year. I have less confidence that Auburn will be ranked. UGA just needs to fix its defensive blunders and Fla just has growing pains at the QB.

        • Georgia simply doesn’t have enough playmakers on offense as they did in the beginning of the season combined with a weak defense. Before last Saturday, everyone would have had Georgia pinned as the SEC East champ, myself included, with a nice chance at the national championship with a victory. With the major injuries they have sustained Georgia will be lucky to be 8-4 by the end of the season. Auburn may not have the perfect balance of offense and defense, but they have a strong offense, with the third best scoring defense in the conference. Their D may not be pretty, but it has averaged less than 19 points a game. Auburn could be 9-3 or 10-2 hopefully if they play their cards right, by the end of the season.

  • Three teams that should not be ranked ahead of Missouri: UCLA because of conference strength and Missouri beat an upper third Pac 12 less than a year ago with it’s second depth chart quarterback….. Miami, because of conference strength and rank….. South Carolina because they have a mutual opponent and Missouri wins that test……

    • Not anywhere close to the Georgia team SC played at the beginning of the season.

    • The win against arizona st last year has no bearing on if ucla should be ranked ahead of mizzou this year or not, weak argument on that case. And if you’re saying mizzou should be ahead of usc cause y’all beat uga and they didn’t then PLEASE. usc played uga at full strength while y’all played a watered down verison of the dawgs.

  • I love the SEC! Keep winning and you’re on the fast track to the NC. This is a MAJOR plus to joining the league. Tougher games, but better BCS chances. Very happy as a Tiger fan to even think and consider such a thing! Congrats again to the Fighting Gary Pinkels, Let’s go Mizzou!

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