Proposed bill says Arkansas, ASU football game should happen


Two members of the Arkansas House of Representatives introduced a bill yesterday that would require a game between Arkansas and Arkansas State to be played at War Memorial Stadium.

The Proposed House Bill No. 2274 says the game should happen because it would encourage “economic development, enhanced intrastate collegiate athletics opportunities, and increased community and philanthropic support.” Rep. Harold Copenhaver and Rep. Andy Mayberry were the two members who sponsored the proposal.

This has been a highly contested issue within the state of Arkansas in recent years, and it challenges Arkansas’ policy of not scheduling in-state teams in athletic events. The Hogs and Red Wolves have never played in football, and it’s likely to never happen – at least in the near future.

ASU has everything to gain, whereas Arkansas has everything to lose. From a football standpoint, it makes no sense for Arkansas to engage in such rivalry.

However, the proposed economic benefits do make sense, and if such a bill was ever going to be passed, the argument for economic improvement would be the route to go.

Similarly, a Texas legislator introduced a bill in early January that would require annual Texas-Texas A&M bouts as well.

Aren’t you glad our elected officials are spending their time on meaningful issues?

Photo Credit: Beth Hall-US PRESSWIRE



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